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In the media biz, there is this thing called cross promoting.  What you do is, yo grab one asset and you pair it with another.  Let's give you an example.  If we were WZZM 13 it would be like having Lauren Stanton who is the morning news anchor make an appearance on the 6 pm news cast to promote what's coming up on the morning show the next day.  Simple concept right.  

Well, as we grow, we're limited on assets.  Becky Biesiada... major asset.  She's a remarkable health and fitness coach.  She's dedicated to the overall health of Muskegon and our people, great mom, friend to many and brings her signature energy and style to all of us here on The Muskegon Channel.  We also have Dave Kaechele. :)

We paired up the two for week 10 of Fit and Healthy with Becky and took the show on the road the beautiful Lake Harbor Park in Norton Shores....let's get our work out going!

Whew!!  He survived the sand hill and the work out!  In fact, so much fun was had... they are teaming up again next week for another one!  Think you could use a little help being a better you?