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Up and at 'em on a Monday!  It's out final partner work out for a while.  Yes, Dave Kaechele is back and joins Becky one more time for a buddy work out you can copy at home or in a setting like Lake Harbor Park.

Becky reminds you, make sure you talk to your Dr. before you begin this or any work out regimen, warm up and stretch out first and always drink plenty of water!  On to week 13!  Here we go!

Boom!  Now! Let's remind you...if you are in the market for a little more focus when it comes to getting in shape, Becky is a certified personal trainer and can whip you into shape in no time!  Click on her picture below and get more details!  Come on back next week for another great work out on Fit and Healthy with Becky here on The Muskegon Channel.