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We're on to week 15 already!  Are you feeling better?  Are your pants looser?  Shirts fitting better?  It's showing and your drive and commitment to stick to it is showing!  Becky is back with some new ideas to change things up and keep you motivated!  We're back at The Gym in North Muskegon.  Shoes on...get your sweat band out and let's get to it!


Whew!!  You did it yet again!!  Nice job!  Want more?  Stop into The Gym at the 4 corners in North Muskegon!  Take a tour, meet the staff and see what a great atmosphere they have!  It's easier in groups to get things done.  Becky is a certified personal trainer that you can connect with at The Gym if you need some guidance!  We'll be back with week 16 next Monday!