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It's a disease we're all becoming more and more familiar with.  It might even be classified with the "unspeakable" diseases like cancer, HIV, heart disease and more.  Alzheimer's Disease is a baffling and progressive disease that really takes no prisoners.  The idea of a loved one slowly losing their memory and functions is one of the most horrific ideas anyone could face.  I watched it happen to my grandfather and I can only imagine what my dad faced when his dad didn't know him anymore.   98-99 years of life all seeming slipped away thanks to a currently incurable and not fully understood disease.  

The work continues, world wide.  The disease isn't really concerned with boundaries or boarders.  The medical field strives to understand, while the common folks try to cope and all hope that their family isn't the next one facing the dreaded diagnosis that Alzheimer's has set in.  Where to we begin to understand in terms we can all grasp?  Well, the Alzheimer's Association of Michigan is bringing Dr. Bruno Giordani back to Tanglewood Park August 10th to speak in plain English about the current state of knowledge, research and the future of Alzheimer's.  He spoke last year and it was met with great interest and this year his return is once again set.

I was able to catch up with Kayla Meyers from The Alzheimer's Association at Tanglewood to hear some of the details, take a listen to our chat below.


Information is key, however, I am not quite sure that until there's a cure, the fear will ever be removed.  The fact is that we'll all probably be faced with a loved one or have to face Alzheimer's ourselves one day.  Know what you can, and hear the facts and the up to the minute information from someone who speaks in plain English and makes all the medical jargon easy to understand.  The Alzheimer's Association only asks that you let them know you're coming in advance so they can plan accordingly.  You can reserve a spot by calling 1-800-272-3900