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20 Weeks!!  Whoop Whoop!  You're doing amazing things!  You know though, sometimes you might have an issue that keeps you from getting your full potential in.  Let's say you have a pulled muscle, or maybe some shoulder or knee pain?  Hey, happens to the best of us.  

This week, Becky takes into consideration the possibility of a hurt shoulder.  She's custom built some special things to show you some work around's and ways to get the boo boo back in shape and you up to speed in no time! Here's a toast to week 20!

See!  No quitting!!  Becky's got the way to keep you moving and motivated!!  Want more?  She's a certified personal trainer.  She takes on private clients, and she also teaches classes at The Gym in North Muskegon located at The 4 Corners.  Stop in and see for yourself just how inviting a health club can be!  Mary Switzer and her staff would love to show you around the place and you'll find plenty of great friends and neighbors that will make you feel right at home!