We're back in the private kitchen of LaKisha Harris and her sister Destinee this week for another swing at some Soul Filled deliciousness.  One of the things that LaKisha has been just incredible with in her show on the Muskegon Channel is sharing the screen time with others to give them a chance to shine and show off their abilities.  Her sister Destinee comes from the same crew who all learned cooking while the moms and grandma's did the cooking,  she just goes a little slower with her Asperger's Syndrome and working at home is much more comfortable.  BUT!  She's doing it!

Like clockwork, it's time to move.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is your Monday morning motivator to help you get up and get going no matter where you are in the world of a fitness journey.  We condense the episode down to a few short minutes and you run through it three or for times when it's best for you in the privacy of your home at your pace and beginner or expert, you are making the moves!

Like any super specialized field, there are those who think that they know a thing or two and that what they were able to pick up online is an adequate lesson and what they have heard some friends talking about could be applicable because they "know a lot of things".  Well....luckily we have Shon Cook, Founder of Tabono Law here weekly to share some true thoughts on what's often heard and what can easily become a myth if it's been going around long enough about the legal world.

LaKisha Harris joins us for a very special few episodes from her very humble home kitchen with a special purpose!  We have a guest chef with her this week who also happens to be her sister Destinee!  Two sisters that can cook?  Probably not the most shocking thing to learn as we all know that LaKisha is from a culinary family.  Destinee has Asperger's Syndrome and is joining Lakisha to show off some of her recipes, she's in the game to say that she's got the goods too! 

Monday!  It's that time and you are more than ready!!  It's Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health and this week at the temporary home of the Neal Fitness Center Becky is enlisting the help of the Bose Ball!

Tabono Law is a Family Law practice founded by Attorney Shon Cook.  It's a symbol of strength for their clients in the world of litigation or mediation to help find the best outcome for life's toughest situations.  She and her dedicated team put in hours of work to make sure that the help needed is the best that can be provided.  Shon also joins us here to help people understand some of the intricacies of the legal world in a way that's a lot easier to understand.

You got last week off!  It was super nice and everything and we hope the rest was well received.  This week however, the stability ball is coming out and Becky is back at the temporary home of the Neal Fitness Center inside the Fresh Coast Alliance in Muskegon and we're going to get your blood pumping, some sweat rolling and your week off on the right foot.

We're rolling in to 2023 with the energy of the new year and the excitement of the Tabono Law name change from Shon Cook Law is being received well.  At the firm, the idea is growth and service working to assist their clients in more ways with the things that matter most.  From litigation to mediation, if you are in need of the help of a talented and dedicated legal team who's commitment is second to none, you've found the right place.  Combine that with Shon's willingness to reach right out and address the topics she does with us, just to show you how it works?  It's a win for everyone.

Here it is.  The doldrums of winter begin in earnest as we send the last of the rug rats back to school, the trips to Florida and Alabama are complete and we begin to look ahead to Valentines Day wistfully.  That is unless of course you're in a store where Valentines Day is staring you in the face with all of the chocolaty goodness and conversation hearts that you can possibly imagine.  Luckily, by next week, they will all be on clearance and St. Patrick's Day will be here and that means spring. 

We are so proud to welcome Tabono Law on for 2023 as a partner and contributor.  The name is new but the advice and welcoming discussion that makes some of the more difficult things in the legal world a lot easier to understand with Attorney Shon Cook.  Shon and her staff are transition to the new name to expand and grow to offer a broader scope of services to those who are in need of Family Law help.  The range of experience is vast and if you need mediation or litigation, Tabono Law is the first call in West Michigan.

The rest is over and the time to get back to the swing of things, well...it's now.  Welcome to 2023 and not only do you have to wrap your head around writing 2023 on all of your checks now, you have to reclaim your spot in the front of the class with Becky here on Fit and Healthy.