It's a very happy Monday morning!!  Becky is here with her weekly edition of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health!  This week, she's going to be using some stability bars.  They are tools to help you balance and hold or they can be used to help you attain levels of lift when making motions too.  If you don't have these tools, you could consider a chair or a bench that you might have around the house, or nothing at all.  The important part're here and ready to go!!  Let's get to it!. 

The second Tuesday of June is Pet Memorisl Day!  Yes, our pets take up so much of or lives and our remember them once they have crossed the rainbow bridge is an important part of healing and once the initial pain of any loss subsides, the idea of the good times had and the memories made are what's important.  Jodi and Paula from Dog Blessed share the experience with you today from Pleasant Hill Farms in Fennville. 

Combing the local group pages on Facebook, I stumbled on what I thought was a small farm store in Moorland Township.  I sent the page a message, and got a reply that said they'd be happy to meet up for a story.  Off to Moorland I go and when I got store.  Only a roadside stand and my first thought was that maybe I didn't read in enough.  Set up the camera, waited for the baby to finish eating and began to tape.  Yes indeed, I didn't read in anywhere near enough...because Ryan and Courtney Lambert are two incredible people and their story doubles that. 

Becky is bustin' out the mediciine ball!  If your minds eye has an image of a big old dusty ball in the corner of the gym, guess again.  A medicine ball today isn't what your daddy knew.  They are sleek, compact and to the point when it comes to adding a little extra resistance to this weeks work out!!  Let's get right to Episode 321 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health on the Muskegon Channel. 

Jodi and Olaf are out adventuring this week and have found a spot in the shade at Stibitz Farm in the White Lake area to pay a visit to.  Since the early 70's the Stibitz family has been tending the land there and providing locally sourced fruits and veggies in season that they grow themselves or someone within a stones throw grew for them.  Fresh and healthy food and helping to support local growers is what this episode is all about as well as Stibitz being pet let's get to it. 

Jodi is here this week with a touching story about a dog and their owner who've proven that a second chance is all that's needed at times to make a vast difference in the lives of one another.  You are going to meet Kim Beck and Little Dude and hear how this incredible pair has beaten the odds and even some of the doctors to become champions in more ways than one. 

We introduced you to Samantha Scott last week through her employers Preferred Employment and Living Supports at the opening of their new retail chalet Downtown Muskegon in a chalet at Western Market.  Samantha and her staff work with people who have unique abilities and show them that they are more than capable to attain certain goals and tasks that they might have otherwise been left out of.  A retail shop and some specialized products within it are an incredible way to prove by example that limits are rapidly diminishing for so many and it's a welcome, and refreshing change.  Samantha has something else up here sleeve though...she's a staunch advocate for mental health and practices it daily with her self and her staff as she sees first hand the drain that can come with her line of work, and she's here to today to share some of that experience and knowledge.

Monday came again and once again, you are being greeted by the one and only Becky Biesiada for Fit and Healthy With Becky Episode 319 utilizing TRX straps.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health!

It's time to pay a visit to our favorite shop for all things pet and pooch!  We're in Grand Haven this week and next at Must Love Dogs with Jodi and Tonya and of course, Olaf and Talco.  This week, the idea is to discuss the importance of learning and practicing as a life long habit.  Dog Blessed is brought to you by Must Love Dogs and Clock Timeless Pets. 

The third year of the Muskegon Pride event is upon us already.  June 1st is a celebration of acceptance, love and inclusion.  The LGBTQ community in Muskegon began this festival 3 years ago now not really sure how things would be received here in the community, but the acceptance, excitement and ability to draw people in to be a part of it continues to grow.  The lifestyle is much less the focus during the event and the message of being who you are and that you are acceptable as you are is the main thought.  In the land of the right to pursue happiness, it should stand to reason that equality is for everyone, and Adam Carlson is here to talk about the event, how it's gone and what to expect on June 1st when Western Ave is once again filled with joy, curiosity, onlookers and passers by.