We're visiting Shon Cook this week at Tabono Law to learn a little more about the practice.  We spend these times weekly helping people understand some of the complexities of the legal world or letting you know a little more about the available resources that are out there like mediation and other ways to help settle matters outside of a court appearance.  This week, however Shon wants to kind of share some more thoughts about her evolving practice and other areas of focus they value in our community. 

Like many others who have come to us from far away, Pastor David Celeskey from the Unity Reformed Church in Norton Shores came to Muskegon a few years ago after his growing up in the U.P. and finding his way into the ministry after "filling in" from his Youth Pastor role.  Everyone around him had all the traditional "red flags".  "Are you sure you want to go THERE?"  He came and saw for himself and realized what we all see.  A place that's filled with remarkable beauty both in it's people and it's nature and while there might be a dent or two to iron out, well, that's the job of any pastor, right?  Packed up the U-Haul and stayed a "Youper" but settled in amongst the "trolls" that live below the bridge.  It's a Michigan thing if you are reading this from afar.  There's no shame in either title, just some friendly finger pointing. 

A long time ago, No More Sidelines asked if I'd host their annual gala along with Dave Kaechele to help raise some funds for their organization.  Taken a back a little wondering how they wanted us, we agreed and became part of an organization that gave us far more than we could ever give them.  Some of the original families that began the org became better friends over the years and those original "kids" are now young adults.  You're going to hear just how far the time lapse happens in today's story with Nicole Kary who's here to share some thoughts on ableism. 

Welcome to it!  Monday has arrived once again, and it's yours ro make of what you wish!  Becky would like to have some say in that...if you are game for it, it's time to get your crackers out of that bed, grab yourself a big drink of water and limber up!  Here comes episode 308 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health. 

Episode 307!  It's amazing how Becky can continue to find ways week in and week out to stimulate, motivate, inspire and improve the lives of those who keep coming back for more of her workout routines. Becky is an outstanding Certified Personal Trainer and works here with us and is accepting new clients for one on one or small groups in her private studio!  This week, she's focusing on your shoulders and it's the beginning of 4 weeks of some rather high intensity workouts, brought to you by Trinity Health. 

As we've built and grown, we added a new page recently called Muskegon, Better!  The idea behind the page is that we're bringing in new content creators with fresh ideas and outlooks on things that are improving the quality of life for all of us in the Muskegon area.  It might be in big ways, it might be small but there's so much going on tipping the scales to the "good" we thought it best to give it all it's own space!  It's also a great spot to bring yoga back into our weekly publications and when life presents the opportunity it did for us with Swenja Tanner, you grab it quick.

Any situation that an attorney is needed is a priority.  Shon Cook of Tabono Law is here regularly to help explain various scenarios that can lead to the necessity for legal help and that at Tabono Law, any client, is treated equally the same no matter what's involved.  There are some cases though that do require some different approaches.  Custody is one of them.  Any time kids are involved, it's a big deal.  There are also some divorces that are "high asset" divorces and while division of any assets need to be fair....there are some special circumstances for those cases where larger amounts are involved.  Learn what is required. 

It's "that day".  The wick is going to get turned up a little this week and Becky is going to strengthen and tone your core with a workout that will feel a little more intense than you might otherwise expect, BUT!  (yes, we're working to help you make that a smaller butt), BUT when you're done this week, you'll see you had more in you than you thought!  Welcome to episode 306 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health. 

We had a question pop up this week from a viewer of the Saturdays With Shon program.  It's not the first, but it has been a while and it's an idea that we encourage as the complexity of the legal world isn't exactly defined by what we can dream up to talk about.  People find themselves in legal situations all the time and they are all unique.  This weeks question is a great one and it covers some ground for a lot of people that might wonder what role marital infidelity plays in the judgement of divorce.