Shon Cook is the founder of Tabono Law and a great sponsor of our work and weekly contributor of some really sound advice in the legal world on Saturdays With Shon.  We are always appreciative of her ability to explain some of the most technical and trying legal stuff in a way that people can easily understand and make sense of.  Her time and dedication to this endeavor is unparalleled and her commitment to her clients and the overall knowledge of those seeking legal advice, is second to none.

We're catching up on our commitment to the Step it Up Muskegon program.  February is a short month and busy is good, but we're sticking to our commitment of making sure that we're helping out those who are doing something remarkable for someone who's doing more than their part with partners Tabono Law and Scherdel Manufacturing and Sales.  Our $1000 recipient for February is Project Hero Hugs!

Shon Cook is the Founder of Tabono Law and this week, she's back to discuss what happens is a "settlement" is at the one yard line and it all seems like a done deal....and then all the sudden, it's not.  A settlement is the goal of any proceeding in the legal field really, especially when it's pre trial and an amazing way to get things decided when you don't have to leave the decisions up to a judge.

We're very excited to welcome Bob Scolnik to the fold here at the Muskegon Channel.  If you're from the Muskegon Area, chances are you are more than familiar with Bob and his career, his philanthropy and his approach to life which is a treasured outlook of wisdom and generational kindness.  If you are not from the Muskegon area, Bob is a self made man who's built and grown business in his time here, was married to his beloved wife Merle for 50 years, served in local politics for 30 and with his success, he's returned his good fortune and continues to do so in more ways than most will ever know.  Bob "retired" at 78 but we thought...not so fast.  How about a ride off into the sunset.  Bob graciously agreed.

Got your attention didn't we!  Who doesn't want a chance to go to the bar?  But, it is a Monday morning and this show does publish at 6am may be a bit of a misleading headline.  Gotta do what it takes to grab some attention now a days.  Fit and Healthy is all about giving you a way to slip in a workout at your pace, in your space and with the assurance that a Certified Personal Trainer is designing a program for you.  It's brought to you by Trinity Health!

It was a nice week off's time to get back into it and up on it!  Fit and Healthy with Becky is the weekly workout program brought to you by Trinity Health that condenses things down into a short and easy to use format that you can take with you anywhere, so any time and gives you to freedom to pick where you'd like to view from, be it your phone, your computer or if you have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV device, you can participate from your big screen if you have the Muskegon Channel app.

One of the greatest things we are able to do with out platforms is use them for the greater good for a lot of different organizations as well as people.  Well, they really are one in the same because after all, and organization is only as strong as the people who form it, right?  Today, we're going a little bit further than our normal reach of Muskegon and the surrounding West Michigan area and we're doing so in the hopes that we are able to raise a little awareness for a fairly new national organization, with some pretty close heart strings.

We in Muskegon know about one thing....pitching in.  We kinda have to.  It's a combination of our close knit community as we all the fact that sometimes we just need volunteers to get things done.  We've written the book on it and no one can compete. Well, today, you are going to get a first peek a a chance to be a part of something remarkable and you can not only help save a life, you will get a skill that will carry on for years.

We're going to maximize the gains this week!  Becky is focusing on the arms and upper body...while not neglecting the rest of ya.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health and is the weekly kick off on the Muskegon Channel and it's brought to you by Trinity Health.

Status Quo - By definition "the existing state of affairs".  Simply put, keep doing what you are doing.  In the case of a divorce, it's a term placed to keep either party doing what they are doing until a decision can be made to help resolve the case by a judge and the final decisions are set.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well...Shon Cook from Tabono Law has seen more than her fair share of things over the years where the idea of "sticking to the plan" during a divorce may have "veered" and this week, she's sharing some thoughts.

We're back in the private kitchen of LaKisha Harris and her sister Destinee this week for another swing at some Soul Filled deliciousness.  One of the things that LaKisha has been just incredible with in her show on the Muskegon Channel is sharing the screen time with others to give them a chance to shine and show off their abilities.  Her sister Destinee comes from the same crew who all learned cooking while the moms and grandma's did the cooking,  she just goes a little slower with her Asperger's Syndrome and working at home is much more comfortable.  BUT!  She's doing it!