We share thoughts and insights for you weekly with Attorney Shon Cook about her field and how she works to help assure the best outcome her her clients.  The hope is that with her engagement here you are a smarter and more savvy consumer should you need the assistance of an Attorney.  Shon's focus is family law, but this weeks discussion covers some general thoughts and is applicable to not only those who need the courts and attorneys to help them, but it's also to benefit her colleagues in the field.

Welcome to an article that I can write from first hand experience!  Obstructive sleep apnea has been something I have been dealing with since I can't even tell you when.  I know of my history with it.  When I was an active alcoholic it was a highly pronounced problem with me stopping breathing so dramatically every night, I'd gasp and rise.  It's been a long time since I was an "active" alcoholic and I had thought that the issue subsided and that since the dramatic choking and gasping for air had stopped, I was over it.  Well, not so fast.

It's another visit with Attorney Shon Cook on our weekly segment and this time it's live from one of our partner sponsors Scherdel Sales and Technology where we met up to film our discussion and help celebrate their 25th Anniversary in Muskegon.  It was a remarakble day where the employees were treated to a wonderful lunch, fun and games, prizes galore and the adoration of the company they work so hard for.  Scherdel being one of the primary components of our Step it Up program with Shon we wanted to be there together to thank the staff for providing to date $20,000 for area non profit organizations.  In the heart of the pandemic, it was Shon who began the program, Scherdel come in and it continues to grow.  We're honored, proud and thankful.

Welcome to a new start to a new week and the endless possibilities offered.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is designed for anyone from advanced to beginner to jump right in and be a part of a workout that can be custom tailored to where you are on the fitness journey.  Trinity Health brings you the show week in and week out because the idea behind the sponsorship is to keep you fit and healthy enough that you don't need to visit.  Great approach huh?  Put health first!

Weekly, Attorney Shon Cook comes by and shares some thoughts about the often very complicated profession she handles with amazing grace.  So much plays into family law when it's needed that hearing more about different situations over time, when the pressure isn't on is kind of what this series is about.  That way, should a necessity pop up where you need the assistance of Shon or another attorney, it all won't seem so intimidating.

One of the best things we've found about not having a studio outside of most of our houses is that the ability to get out into the area and film to show the rest of the world just how splendid the area really is has been one of our biggest advantages.  Fitness can happen anywhere. It can also happen with little or no commitment from you with a membership to a gym, a bunch or expensive equipment or anything more than the motivation and some direction from Becky on what to do.  This is why Trinity Health brings you this show weekly.

I have been saying it more and more lately it seems, no one rolls up hill.  I am talking about aging of course and here in the early 50's outside of some forgetfulness and bones beginning to creek, I don't really think the impact of aging has really begun.  However, like anyone else in their 50's who's still incredibly blessed to have their parents, the harsh reality is that some of the signs of slipping and slowing down are starting to show up, and even at 50, that's closer in life than it is far away.  What happens when decisions have to be made in care for older parents when they can't do it themselves any more?

One of the very best things about Fit and Healthy With Becky is that more often than not, nothing is required to make the workout happen!  This week, she's going to show you that if you can find a bench or a picnic table in a park, you really have all you need to work out your arms, legs core and get a little cardio in too!