It's been a couple of weeks since we visited with Attorney Shon Cook.  She's an amazing sponsor and contributor to our work as she explains some of the incredibly technical legal stuff in a way that's understandable for everyone.  Like any specialized field, when it gets to be too complicated with the jargon and language that those in the industry use, people are easily intimidated.  To make it understandable is the goal weekly with Shon.

Remember a week ago when it was sunny and warm?  Well, we were outside in Roosevelt Park recording Fit and Healthy With Becky and enjoying the last of the rust on the trees.  We also figured that it was time for a few weeks of workouts that were a little less strenuous for older adults or, off we went.  We'd like to thank Roosevelt Park for the heaping helping of hospitality!

We're continuing in Roosevelt Park with the lower impact series for beginners or older people who enjoy Becky's workouts!  Trinity Health is behind the idea that keeping you Fit and Healthy is better than having to fix what's broken so they proudly bring you the show every week!

If the happily ever never comes and let's just say along the way to the unplanned finish line, a critter or two has come along....well, chances are there will be some child support involved and since Shon Cook is a highly qualified Family Attorney and our great sponsor and contributor.....we're going to let her share some thoughts.

We're back in the center of Roosevelt Park and enjoying the crisp fall air as well as the sun's glare in the southern sky.  Becky is slowing things down a little for a few weeks in the hopes that older adults and beginners get a chance to jump on board and enjoy the fitness routines she provides courtesy of Trinity Health!

There's an old joke that is passed around.  "Why are lawyers so expensive? Because they are worth it!"  (Ba-doom tis!)  The reality is though, that is 100% an accurate statement.  Sure, the joke is that you're getting out of something you probably shouldn't have gotten in to to begin with and now, the attorney will use their expertise to help you get out of it.  We hear week in and week out with Shon however though just how much education is needed, as well as continuing education and support staff.  Getting you out of the pickle is only part of the price. 

It's a new week and we are deep in the October rust of Michigan.  We're in the center of Roosevelt Park's beautiful play ground area and Becky is shifting in to a 4 week session of slower, lower impact workout routines that would be great for older adults, beginners or those who are just not into really getting after it.

It's been an amazing few weeks at the Andy Blair Sports Complex inside the Folkert Community Hub in Norton Shores and we're really thankful they gave us the chance to show you the space!  Like anything else in the home of No More Sidelines, it's an amazingly well appointed first class facility and it's open for use outside of the times that the families of the No More Sidelines organization are using it, so if you have a rec league or a group that likes physical activity, stopping in to see them on Seminole Road is a great first step!

Shon Cook is a Family Law Attorney and weekly she spends a little time with us talking legalities and helping people understand the importance of her work and understanding why finding a qualified and compassionate attorney is so vital.  Litigation is sometimes necessary, but it's also not the only option and as we talked last week, her firm is changing names in the near future to reflect that.  Tabano Law will be the same compassionate legal team but they will work to find solutions based on every case with option like mediation and more.  Finding a resolution through litigation leaves the final decision in the hands of a judge.

We want to roll you back a bit this week on Fit and Healthy With Becky.  We are here to celebrate her 250th episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  Our first episode premiered in 2017 and was seen by 267 people.  We ran the numbers back as far as our video server would let us.....