Becky has her own new private workout studio and with it, she's able to employ all of her bag of magic tricks to help you get the most out of your work out.  We're proud to bring you this weekly service thanks to the sponsorship of Trinity Health.  She's getting out the TRX straps this week and if you're new to these workout routines, you'll see quickly how fun and purposeful these workout tools are. 

It's a game to some and to others, it's a nightmare.  Trying to get a pet to take medication, especially in a pill form.  Never fear!!  Jodi is here with a plethora of ideas to help making necessary medications a lot easier for you and your pet to get down the hatch, and of course, it begins with the proper approach to your pet. 

Monday!!  Feet on the floor and let's get to it!  Becky is not only showing off her NEW private workout space, she's getting that entire body of yours into motion this morning and adding a little kettle bell action to help with some resistance and strenght building.  Trinity Health is the sponsor of Fit and Healthy With Becky and keeping you healthy, well, that's their first order of business! 

Shon Cook is a Family Law Attorney and the Founder of Tabono Law.  This week, our conversation goes into a remarkably difficult area of co-parenting that most might not ever think of.  If a marriage fails, and there are kids with special needs involved, how is the parenting time going to be divided to the satisfaction of all?

Had you told me that one day, amongst all the breweries and distillers that have popped up, pretty much every where, that Muskegon would be home to a cigar shop....with it's own line of hand rolled cigars, I would have laughed at you.  Steven and Rachel Thomas however didn't blink when they had the opportunity to expand their business "up the coast" a little and found a sweet little spot in Lakeside to put down some roots and open Stogies!

It's the way we kick off Monday's and it's a way for you to add in a shot of energy and self care right out of the gate!  Fit and Healthy With Becky brings you a shortened version of a workout that you should repeat 3-4 times through for the maximum effectiveness.  If you have the tools she brings in from time to time, great.  If not, you can usually adapt what you see with common household items to help you attain your goal.

Shon Cook is the Founder of Tabono Law and joins us weekly to try to help make the legal world a little more understandable for the average person on the street. Like any other highly specialized profession, lawyers are able to navigate extremely complicated situations where there is anything at stake from custody of children to splitting up life savings when it comes to family court proceedings.

It's a day of celebration as the continuation of a dream comes back online Downtown Muskegon on September 15th when Cajun Cuisine by US begins operating as it's own restaurant.  The journey that Kaja Thornton has been on has been the kind of story that movies are made of and her time given to us to share every step has been a thread in our features for a few years now. 

You have picked a delightful day to get Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.  You had last week off after three big weeks of some pretty hefty workouts so Becky is easing you back into it some with the necessity of you only bringing what the Good Lord gave ya to the program this week.

19 years and 18 shows.  Yes, we all took a break "that one year".  The Different Strokes Car Club isn't letting off the gas this weekend as the 20 year mark approaches for the Cars for Cancer Benefit Car Show and Cruise is ready to take over the entire end of The Lakes Mall once again to help out the Johnson Center for Cancer Care here in Muskegon. 

We're heading into the final week of "summer".  That's the perception to most anyway.  Becky has been with you all along and sharing great workout routines from places all over the county while continuing to keep you Fit and Healthy.  From Ross Park to Cedar Creek Township, we've enjoyed showing you some of the nicer green spaces we have to share with the community and if you're a weekly viewer, you're probably toned up and ready for the shift of gears to back to school or the fall.