It's episode 161 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on the Muskegon Channel!  We've found yet another beautiful corner of Mona Lake.  We're in Lake Harbor park for a few weeks in Norton Shores.  It's a bright sunshine filled day and Becky's busting out the medicine ball, an 8 pounder to add to the work out!

It's an ongoing series we've got with our fantastic sponsor Shon Cook this Saturdays With Shon Feature.  She spends a little time weekly explaining things from the perspective of an attorney when it comes to a very difficult subject in a very intimidating world, the legal system.  From making sense of the jargon we hear sometimes to applying real life experience to situations she encounters, you get to hear first hand how it works and why.

Ok, we're going to see your piggys!  Let's hope those feet have been taken care of and that your nails are clipped and if need be..... polished accordingly.  Not that it will matter to your workout, but you just never know when a foot beauty pageant might break out and to come in second place in that....we can't have that.

We hear the term all the time - "I'd like to make a motion....".  Movies, TV, all of the news covering court cases and so on sooner or later, someone is filing a motion.  Sometimes, it's a quick decision to "make a motion to drop all charges" in light of something miraculous happening during a trial.  Of course, we are talking movies and TV here at the chances are, that motion is more fantasy than reality.  You also hear the term in situations like governmental meetings, and other formal things.  A "motion" is so much more than just words though.  Shon Cook is here to explain.

How can 3 pounds make a difference?  There's one gal who can show ya and if you've been around a while, you know that Becky can find a way to make just about anything maximize your workout and do it with the most practical and affordable ways!  She's committed to finding you a way to better yourself with diet and exercise equaling fitness and health. 

Is a "prenup" a way of saying you don't completely trust someone even before you get started?  Well, it depends on how you look at it and as Shon will explain today, it can actually be a couple of things including a healthy exercise in transparency and honesty from the very start.  It might not be the most comfortable conversation you will ever introduce when you do, but when you hear what Shon has to say about the subject. you'll see in pretty short order how it can be beneficial for both parties and save a lot of time and grief down the line should the unthinkable happen to "happily ever after".

Muskegon Surgical Associates is very much a valued sponsor of our work at the Muskegon Channel.  Their support for our work, as well as their extended reach into the community to help other organizations that benefit the community is absolutely one of the brightest spots you might have never head about.  The group of surgeons and their support staff do an awful lot of work for organizations quietly, without a lot of fanfare quite often because their mission after all is to better the health of all of us in Muskegon, and that's not always achieved by the use of a scalpel.

It's another week on the beautiful shores of Mona Lake in Muskegon Heights for Fit and Healthy With Becky as she puts a picnic table to work for anything but a picnic.  This isn't to say that the setting at the park at the entrance to Muskegon off Seaway Drive isn't an ideal spot for a nice day out, but as she's shown you over and over through the years, anything can generally be adapted to help you stay Fit and Healthy.

In this weeks edition of Satudays With Shon, we begin with a little confusion.  No one is really sure why Andy immediately assumes the "appeals process" means begging to get yourself our of as much trouble as you can, as fast as you can, but Shon does an incredible job with her calm, and steady hand to assure him that an appeal has a lot more application than just finding your way out of a pinch.

Daily, we're inundated with information on all things medical.  So much so that it might even become part of the "background noise" while we're watching the news or our favorite show or maybe, it's one of those things in our current times that we all just kind of crawl into our shell about because let's face it....on the surface, especially in the social media world...everyone is all of the sudden an expert and to hear the never ending speculation and assertiveness of what's right or wrong, it gets old.  The reality is though, there are still plenty of other things in the medical world that effect all of us daily and in Muskegon, we're so incredibly fortunate to have the world class care we need right here, in our hometown hospitals with amazing physicians and technology you'd find in any other "big city".

TRX Straps!  They could be considered amazing aids to your workout, they could be considered mid-evil torture devices.  It's all in the eye of the beholder, but Becky show's you just how to get the best use out of them this week on the shores of Mona Lake as we visit Mona Lake Park in Muskegon Heights for a few weeks for Fit and Healthy With Becky!

We've been visiting with our sponsor Attorney Shon Cook since way back at the beginning of the year when things shut down, including the courts and there were a lot of people asking about what was to be expected when the courts were to re-open.  It almost seems like a lifetime ago that all of this started, but it's only been a matter of months and in the court system some of the changes that have been implemented and procedures that had to be adapted have moved at lightning pace compared to the reality of things.  Once the safety concerns were met, the digital end of things could be adapted and the work could resume and it's still a bit of a log jam on some things.