The advice week in and week out is the same - "Warm up, stretch out and consult your Dr. to make sure if you're ready for this or any other workout".  It's the boiler plate line for any workout program but what is proper stretching?  Becky will show you in episode 135 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel. 

You get to a new week and you hear HOLD IT!, first thing!  No, it's not an easy way out for a start to a Monday, it's actually a call to action for a way to get a work out in by holding a pose for a few minutes and giving those muscles a few minutes to think about what they are doing! 

Time to renew your love of dumbbells.  Not necessarily friends or family members, but for the small handheld weights that add a little resistance to your work out and help tone up the arms and body parts that could use a little toning.  Might be your legs, might be your back might be your'd be surprised just how much Becky can get out of a dumbbell.  

New week and Becky is upping the offerings from The Gym in North Muskegon.  It's time to add a little strength and cardio to what you've been up to and in Episode 132 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel, Becky is going to show you just how to do it!

131 episodes in and going strong...and stronger!!  Fit and Healthy With Becky continues to give you a great workout that's efficient, a great introduction to taking better care of you and the do you beat that?  It's our commitment to you to offer a way to focus on yourself and a way to interact with us weekly!

Welcome to episode 130 of Fit and Healthy Becky on the Muskegon Channel!  If you have been here for all 130 of Becky's shows or this is your first visit, the idea is simple.  Becky shows you some basic exercise practices and you can follow along anytime!  The work out's are quick, easy to do for anyone from beginner to advanced and available here on the website, or you can also see them on the Muskegon Channel if you have the free download for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device!  Both are free in your channel store!

Hopefully, you enjoyed your week off.  It was an early break in the new year but Becky is back with a new work out to get you moving and remain motivated as the temps fall and we get locked into the doldrums of Winter.  Hey, what better way to pass the time than to work to be a better you with Becky showing you the way every week here on the Muskegon Channel?

It's a drag race to the finish!  We thought it best to take a moment to say thank you to the incredibly loyal audience that follows Becky week in and week out!  Her dedication to your fitness and your coming back week after week are a win/win for everyone! From Becky and all of us here at the Muskegon Channel....THANK YOU for your dedicated viewing! 

You survived the 12 Days of Christmas Workout last week, Becky waits all year to way lay you with that one.  This week it's going to be plenty chaotic enough so you'll want to maintain a workout but you'll also want to keep a few minutes to yourself.  After all, fit and healthy is so much more than defined arms and abs. 

While often known for their picking on one another for any number of things, Andy O'Riley and and Bob Scolnick have formed a pretty unique friendship in Muskegon, because Muskegon, is one of the places on earth where a friendship like this can form.  

10?  12?  15?  Hey, take your pick but get your dumbbells out and let's get to it!  We're rounding 3rd in the bottom of the 9th as far as 2019 goes and there will be no letting up!!  Becky is all fired up and ready to help you out even though you might be thinking it's time to wind down.