Hopefully, you've been enjoying and benefitting from Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel for a while!  Heck, tomorrow marks the 48th episode that will be coming out, but there are also some people out there who enjoy fitness in a group setting and Becky has just the thing for you!

Happy Monday!!  A Bosu Ball!  What is it?  Glad you asked!  It's half of a stability ball that's on a base and it's used in a variety of ways, which Becky is about to show you in today's episode!  A multi purpose devise, you'll be able to use what you learn in today's show for some strength, endurance and balance!  It might require a little investment in the equipment, but in the long term, it will pay off as you use it over and over.

If you take a look at Andy O the first thing that comes to mind is probably "health nut" right?  Ok, maybe not but then again, not everything to do with great health is always visible from the surface.  Some of what might be making you not feel so good might be hiding beneath the surface and you won't know a thing about it until it's too late.  Well, Bluewater Wellness has a program that can help you learn a little more and can show some early warning signs in a painless and non invasive way that's as simple as a quick scan of your neck and Andy went in to try it out to show you how it's done.

You're going to be working your arms a litle this go around.  Becky Biesiada broke out the dumbbells for this one and you'll be getting toned up for spring.  Let's face it...suns out, guns out right?  After a weekend like we had with the sunshine and blue skies everyone has the itch!

8 Weeks ago, we introduced you to Dee Kohley and Dr. Ramona Wallace as they came on to sponsor The Muskegon Channel and the Positively Muskegon blog.  The operate Bluewater Wellness on Vanwagoner Road and as we talked about their sponsorship, they asked if there was anything they offered I'd like to try and I said that a sugar cessation program, if available would be of interest.  I kind of got a smile out of them and they said "Ya, we think we can help."