We've worked with The Alzheimer's Association for a while now, because, well, it's one of those things that sooner of later most all of us are going to have to face.  It's like any of our other plagues of the day....cancer, obesity, diabetes..sooner or later, we're all going to know someone who's had to deal with it.  It's a scary disease and unfortunately, there is no way to treat it yet.  But the work goes on.  

Here we are again!  A very warm welcome back and thanks for joining us for the 41st edition of Fit and Healthy With Becky!!  You might be finding yourself starting to slump a little on that New Years Resolution, but Becky is here this week to help keep you on track.  Let's face it.  It's not too far off till we're all back at the beach, out on the boat, up at the cottage....out in the yard....you know...we're going to be out of the caves and out in the public!

40!!  Hard to believe we've done 40 episodes of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel!  It's been a great way to help spread some health and fitness around town and a great way to show folks that a healthier and more active lifestyle doesn't have to come with the drudgery attached to a fitness journey alone.  Becky has found a way to show you what works, keep it fun and bring it right to your living room if you want to use it.  Of course, if it leads to more, great...can't hurt to get out and get in better shape can it?

It's been just shy of a month since we welcomed new sponsor Bluewater Wellness to the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  Dr. Ramona Wallace and Pharmacist Dee Kohley were excited enough to be a part of the work we do they offered me a chance at a little health improvement to go along with the ad, so...I went with it.  It's a sugar thing.  I am a fan...I love sweets.  I like the heavy taste of chocolate...I like the taste of sweet and sour...ice cream....caramel....you name it.  Now, don't get me wrong...all things in moderation are good by me, but...at night...I'd binge.  In my mind, being a 14 year recovering alcoholic, I'd justify it.  "Hey, at least it's not booze", but in the end...it's still a pretty self defeating endeavor and I do have a pretty strong family history of diabetes.  So...how do you address it?  You admit there's an issue and grab for a safety rope. 

The kettle bell!  You can no longer say "I've never heard of one."   It's a small little accessory you can add to the repertoire to give yourself a little boost when it comes to the impact of your work out.  Becky is here this week from The Gym in North Muskegon to show you some of the best practices and uses for the kettle bell!

Time to break out the straps!  To the untrained eye...they might look like restriant devices, but to Becky...a couple of tie down straps with handles are a great way to get a little more out of your workout!  Not only is she going to show you how to use them to your advantage, she's also got a link to them on her website so if you like what you see, you can give her site a click and order yourself some.

We are very pleased to welcome a new sponsor to The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon, Bluewater Wellness of Spring Lake has joined us and they are excited about the new year and new opportunities to share their message about health and wellness from a different perspective than you may find at traditional medical offices. They are also excited too, to have the opportunity to show first hand what they can do by example as they are using one of our own, Andy O as part of a program.He is ready to curb his sugar cravings and away from the current diet and life style.  More on that in a few.  

We're up to episode 34!  Fit and Healthy with Becky from The Gym in North Muskegon.  Becky has worked to show you a multitude of ways to better yourself through simple, effective workouts you can do on your own, with friends, in a group and as often as you like thanks to the compact delivery, ease of viewing on your computer, phone or t.v. and if that's not enough...all of the workout's are archived on YouTube so you can always go back and repeat the work out's you enjoyed!  Whew!