We're almost at 20 weeks for Fit and Healthy With Becky here on the Muskegon Channel!  It's been an awesome enough endeavor that even Andy O has gotten on board and sees Becky a couple times a week and has "homework" a couple days a week.  Now, if Backy can motivate Andy....she can get you up and moving too!  It's a simple work out, we shoot for about 4 minutes a day and you can do them as often as you like and at your own pace.  If by chance you have missed a week or two, or, liked something you've done in the past, you can always bounce back on the YouTube channel to find them again!

Becky must be good!  She's even gotten her hooks into the most impossible case in all of Muskegon to try a little fitness and wellness out...Andy O.  If you've been following along here on the Muskegon Channel, you are now on week 17!  These workouts are designed to be quick, done at your own pace and you can repeat them more than once daily if you are so moved!  We tape at The Gym in North Muskegon.  It's an awesome place centered around a club feel with all the amenities you'd expect from a much more expensive membership.  Becky is there as a group guru or you can inquire about a one on one plan if you like!  For now!  Get warmed up, get ready to go... here comes week 17!

We had a delay in getting this out.  Please accept our apologies!  Becky is ready to rock your world with week 16 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel.  These are special 4 minute work out's designed to help you tone up, slim down and keep that heart pumping!  Please...make sure you warm up first and before you start this or any exercise program, consult a physician to make sure you are able to handle a work out!

It's a disease we're all becoming more and more familiar with.  It might even be classified with the "unspeakable" diseases like cancer, HIV, heart disease and more.  Alzheimer's Disease is a baffling and progressive disease that really takes no prisoners.  The idea of a loved one slowly losing their memory and functions is one of the most horrific ideas anyone could face.  I watched it happen to my grandfather and I can only imagine what my dad faced when his dad didn't know him anymore.   98-99 years of life all seeming slipped away thanks to a currently incurable and not fully understood disease.  

We're on to week 15 already!  Are you feeling better?  Are your pants looser?  Shirts fitting better?  It's showing and your drive and commitment to stick to it is showing!  Becky is back with some new ideas to change things up and keep you motivated!  We're back at The Gym in North Muskegon.  Shoes on...get your sweat band out and let's get to it!

Becky is back in The Gym in North Muskegon and on her own with ya this week.  She's got another 4 minute work out you can do at your own pace and as often as ya like!  13 weeks in and hopefully you've seen some benefits!  If you're sticking with it, you should be.  If you're in search for a little more attention, Becky is a certified personal trainer and also hosts group work out's here in town.  You can also stop in to The Gym at the 4 Corners in North Muskegon and talk to Mary Switzer.  You might find the small, personal touch they offer there is just what you're looking for.  Either way, you'll find links right below this weeks work out!  Let's get to it!

We're back on the road for episode 12 and Dave is back too for another go around with parnter work out.  We went back to Lake Harbor Park and utilized a strap system to get the job done this time after Dave begged to not run the hill again.  Also, as an added bonus...listen for some commentary from just off camera.  It would seem that someone was watching with a critical eye.

Dave Kaechele is back for another week of abuse, I mean another fine episode of Fit and Healthy with Becky!  This time, they are skipping the sand hill and sticking to a work out a little more focused on something just about anyone can do.  This is the sit down work out.  So, if you are a Sr. citizen, at the beginning stages of a work out program or just wanting something with a little lower impact...this is the work out for you!  Remember....always warm up and always consult a Dr. before you begin this or any work out program.  Here we go with week 11!

In the media biz, there is this thing called cross promoting.  What you do is, yo grab one asset and you pair it with another.  Let's give you an example.  If we were WZZM 13 it would be like having Lauren Stanton who is the morning news anchor make an appearance on the 6 pm news cast to promote what's coming up on the morning show the next day.  Simple concept right.