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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Muskegon Channel TV?

The Muskegon Channel is an online station
- accessible with any internet enabled devices with a web browser, including computer, phones, tablets and smart TVs.
- download our free on demand channels on ROKU or Amazon Fire TV streaming devices.
- with our iOS + Android App.
- selected programs also appears on our sister channel 96 Muskegon Public TV's cable network weekly.
- Live Streams are only available on MuskegonChannel.com website, replay available on ROKU or Fire-TV later.


How Do You Get Muskegon Channel Radio?

- Say Hey Google / Siri / Alexa - Play Muskegon Channel Radio to your favorite Intelligent personal assistants.
- accessible with any internet enabled devices with a web browser, including computer, phones, tablets and smart TVs directly at MuskegonChannelRadio.com .
- also with our iOS + Android App
- via TuneIn and it's supported platforms

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About Us

2014 - Founded as Lakeshore Creative Services in Muskegon, Michigan by radio veteran Andy O’Riley, Producing radio spots for out of market radio stations and voice over work for local television.
2015 - Positively Muskegon - a blog style website with the primary focus to be on the news in Muskegon that was often forgotten. The idea was to find news makers that made a good impact on their community no matter how big or small.
2017 - The Muskegon Channel - following the idea of Positively Muskegon with a wider variety of stories. New team members were introduced and their first on location live show was broadcasted online in July 2017 at the Muskegon Rock Stock. Following by countless community-oriented news content.
2018 - The Muskegon Channel Radio – Bringing back local radio in the new age, with Andy O’Riley back on “air” via the internet. An app was released shortly after to compliment the Radio, positively Muskegon and the Muskegon Channel.
2019 - Channel 96 Muskegon PEG - O’Riley Media Group will be taking on the challenge of bringing back community access programming to the City of Muskegon via Comcast Muskegon 96 and Channel96Muskegon.com

The Muskegon Channel is a part of O'Riley Media Group , where we thrive to bring you local contents.