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Muskegon County Senior Millage Podcast - Safe Seniors of West Michigan


We've been through a lot over the last few years.  We've learned a lot too about what kind of information is important here in Muskegon and how people are working to find a way to get connected with it quickly and without having a lot of noise from out of town or highly slanted thought attached.  One of the things we started very early on was a group on social media called "Muskegon County Municipal News".  It was meant to be a place where local officials could share a message with our community if there was an urgent need.  We purposely kept it non political and non commercial on every level.  It's helped spread the word of the pandemic better than anything we know of here in town and while not everyone was happy with the message, it was essential.


From that, we also learned that providing content directly from the County in that particular case was really beneficial and we were asked if we'd partner with them as well on getting the word out about the Muskegon Senior Millage in the same fashion through that group and then on through the other neighborhood groups in our area.  We jumped at the chance as there are a LOT of moving pieces of the Muskegon County Senior Millage and a lot of people wonder how it works and how they can access the multitude of programs offered for our older population.

We're sending these out directly through social media on the first and last Friday of every month, so you can know when to expect something new.  We'll do just like we have with the Public Health segements too, and place them here on our channel when they are out with the appropriate links and contact info.  We hope that it's a great way to make the best use of all of these programs afforded to our senior population via the voters of Muskegon County.

This week, it's a discussion of Safe Seniors with Lisa Tyler and Chris Burnaw.  They talk about measures being taken to help protect older folks in a number of ways from scams to abuse.  Take a listen. 


We're going to be at it all year! We hope that this information is valuable, shareable and useful to you or someone you know.  There is a chance that our senior population isn't as web savvy as some of us, so take what you have learned here and share it with them.  Maybe even bring a mobile device to them to share the story?  This is something that makes Muskegon so very unique and so very fortunate to know that we surround those who have paid it forward with the essential tools to protect them if needed.  You can learn more about Safe Seniors by clicking below.  

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