Build a Gingerbread House at the Greater Muskegon Women's Club Nov 17th-19th

Muskegon Metro Area

Time for a little history lesson as well as some holiday fun!  The Greater Muskegon Women's Club has been operating continuously since 1890!  Over 100 years of work toward a better community, empowerment for women, education, philanthropy, and social functions right in the heart of Muskegon.  Like any club, there have been high points and some where there has been a bit of a struggle, but it's stayed alive and intact all these years and preserved a piece of history in Muskegon that all should be proud of. 

Today, they still thrive at the corner of 2nd and Webster.  They still work on the social pleasantries like tea parties, luncheons, book discussions, dances and other special events.  The still host special events like artisan markets, a fine arts scholarship, honor women of accomplishment and host fun community based events like a gingerbread house building weekend which is coming up November 17th-19th. gingerbread house flyerGingerbread House Building Event on Facebook

It's open to the public and you're encouraged to bring the kids out on Saturday and Sunday for the Fun.  The Friday evening event is set aside for a grown up's only night out.  Hey, if people are willing to go out for a night of painting as a group, why not make it a date night and build a gingerbread house?  It's said that a certain special visitor who's famous for his sleigh and red attire will be in attendance and the cost which is minimal will help fund the work done by the Greater Women's Club of Muskegon. 

Nancy Bierenga invited me down to the "inner sanctum".  :)  I took the chance to pay a visit, not only to see the historic and beautiful insides of the building, but in all honesty, to learn a little more about the club, the history and what they do today.  Take a listen to our chat below.





 Some social fun, some community activisim, some empowerment and some deep history in Muskegon.  As Nancy said, the Greater Muskegon Women's Club may be the oldest in existance in the state.  That's much to be proud of.  If nothing else, take a look at their website.  Click on the picture below to visit.

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