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We're proud to have the United Way of The Lakeshore as a sponsor and partner in the work we do.  We're also proud to support the work that goes on with the United Way to help SO many in our community.  The 100th Anniversary celebration continues this year and as we get closer to the kick off of their campaign, so too approaches the Day of Caring.  It's a remarkable day where individuals and groups come together to get some jobs done around town that might otherwise not get taken care of for people who could use a hand, but might not otherwise ask.  It's community building at it's finest and it's been going on for 25 years in Muskegon. 

uwlsLearn More About the Day of CarinFirst off, let's talk about groups.  Area business will dedicate the day as a community service day.  Yes, it's a break from the desk or the work station for employees to change things up a bit.  They get to take a break from the "norm" and do something for the greater good.  You may find some civic groups participating as well.  It's a team building endeavor as much as it is a chance to let employees see that their actions can make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.  It's not always a big check or a giant sacrifice that makes a difference, it's a chance to help around the house or the yard.  Maybe tackle a painting job that needs to be done or some small home repairs that have been put off far too long.  Some business will send the entire team, some will send what they can spare, but...their collective efforts will impact the lives of those who need a hand and have been selected by the United Way for the chance to get one.  Individuals are also encouraged to participate.  You don't need anything more than the willingness to show up, put some elbow grease in on a project and do your part to help better the life of someone.

That someone?  This year, area veterans have been chosen the beneficiaries of the program.  Those who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for all of us will be getting the hand.  The United Way worked hand in hand with The Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs to find a list of candidates.  The day kicks off with breakfast at the United Way, the work assignments begin and then there's a wrap up lunch for those who helped to follow.  It all leads right into the seasonal campaign for the United Way.  It's a great kick off!

I met up with Christine Robere and Dominique Bunker at the United Way to talk about the event and how you can be involved.  Take a listen.

Hundreds of people coming together to help.  A day spent "out of the box" and doing something for someone who may never be able to repay the deed.  Those are the kind of days that are truly rewarding.  The United Way's Day of Caring is a great way to participate, but it doesn't have to end there.  If you know of a neighbor that needs a hand, offer it.  If you see an area that needs to be picked up, do it.  It's the small things that add up to what the United Way works for every building.  Stay tuned to the Muskegon Channel for a full recap of the events of the Day of Caring.  Our Derek Wong will be out following along and we'll show ya what got done!