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 Love Lives Here!  We work to show you that day in and day out!  Muskegon is a great place filled with good people who strive to make a difference.  It came to be last year that a level of hate was sweeping across the country and Rotary of Muskegon decided that it was time to add another voice saying that here in Muskegon, we wouldn't take it.  It was a local incident that sparked the need for a gathering as you may recall, or, you may not...and honestly, that's fine.  Why should a cowardly act of hate be brought back out into the light?  Carry that positive vibe forward and let those who try to tread on it wallow in their own misery. 

rotary muskegon logoVisit Muskegon Rotary OnlineThis year, Love Lives Here was celebrated once again at Hackley Park on Monday September 17th and the gathering attracted a key note speaker in Molly Barker who is the founder of Girls on the Run and went on to found The Red Boot Way working on teaching intentional communication where self awareness, connections and trust grow.  Molly shared some thoughts with the attendees, and our Derek Wong was on hand to catch her message.... take a listen.

 VIDEO - Molly Barker


Love does live here!  Work to be a part of it.  This is our community after all and we are stewards of it. We have a new day dawning in Muskegon and a clean slate in front of us. Let love grow.