Gouleese - Almost a Year Later - Let's Revisit!

Muskegon Metro Area

  Almost a year ago, we stopped into a new restaurant in a familiar spot.  The old West Side Inn sat empty for quite a while on Beidler street in Muskegon after 65 years of being the neighborhood watering hole.  Three years or so passed and some eyes took another look at the location and the opportunity and rethought what the building could be inspired by his passion for unique food and a taste that couldn't be found anywhere else in Muskegon...or anywhere near for that matter!  Gouleese was born serving specialized goulash dishes from all over the world!  Mexican, Hungarian, Czech, Italian American...served as a platter or in some sample plates or maybe a cone...it was a culinary experience unique to the quaint setting and renewed decor in the neighborhood.  gouleeseFollow Gouleese on Facebook

  Now, what made Gouleese special to us was what happened when we published the story.  We can't really explain how or why, but the story took off like an Atlas Rocket.  To date, it's the most viewed story on The Muskegon Channel other than the Andy and Dave Daily which gets an update 5 days a week.  We sat and watched the view count grow and were just amazed!  We were very thankful for the hand in gaining some exposure for the new site and as we helped spread the word about the new restaurant, those who were excited about a new dining experience helped share the fact that we were here ready to share the news how we saw it.  To us, that's what a local media company should do.

  In the past "almost year" The Muskegon Channel has grown as has Gouleese.  They have new menu options, they have added beer and wine to the menu for those who'd like to enjoy a local brew or fine win along with their meal.  They dropped in a pool table as well as some games.  They have kept the family setting and have even put in some $6 specials for lunch!  All supported by groups who come in together, families who are looking to try something unique or maybe just the individual who's looking for a quick bite and wants to support a local business.  

  We stopped back in to see Tim Painter.  He's the managing partner behind it all to catch up on the "almost year" and find out how it's gone!  Take a listen!


  New menu options....same delicious goulash to try from all over the world, unique and quaint location and a re-imagined and reborn step in the right direction for a Muskegon neighborhood.  If you've not tried Gouleese yet....do it....if you've not been there in a while, head back. Exciting times for everyone at the restaurant as their 1 year anniversary approaches.  For a complete look at the menu, business hours and more, visit Gouleese website below!