Friends of the Hackley Library Book Sale April 11th-14th Downtown Muskegon

Muskegon Metro Area

We are truly blessed to have such a historic and magnificent library Downtown Muskegon like the Hackley Library.  The ornate exterior and the vast amount of history inside and knowledge of the history of Muskegon held in there is hard to be compared to anywhere else.  Inside too, not only will you find the incredible historic resources but you will also find every modern this that library's are tending to now a days.  Music, art, culture, speakers and more.  As we have shown here on The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon the days of yesteryear at the library have given way to the modern multi-media experience and multi-platform essentials that are required to meet the demands of content seekers in 2019.  But....yes....when it comes right down to it, there are still books....lot's of books and sometimes, an abundance of books which leads to our story. book sale 2019 leadVisit the Friends of the Hackley Library Online

The Friends of the Hackley Library hosts an annual sale to directly benefit the library!  This year, the sale runs from April 11th- April 14th and it's your opportunity to build up your book collection, or movie collection, or cd's or what have you while you're helping the Friends of the Library support our historic gem.  Annually the Friends of the Hackley Library commit to raising $20,000 for the library and they do it with a multitude of events like the Book Sale, "The Bling Thing" and more.  It's a commitment of love and passion by people who are truly proud of the Hackley Library and all it represents in Muskegon. 

You have a chance to go to the advance evening Thursday April 11th, if you're a member of the "Friends", and f you're can join right there at the door.  After the members only event it's a public sale Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday, it's a chance to fill a bag with books and walk out for only $3 bucks!

I had a chance to catch up with my dear friend Barb Klingenmaier of the Friends of the Hackley Library and she brought along the new Director of the Library Joe Zappacosta for an introduction to our viewers of The Muskegon Channel.  Take a listen.


If you need some Summer reading material or maybe you just want to pitch in and help out with the historic Hackley Library, make sure you check out the book sale! It's an easy way to do a little something for such an essential and historic part of all things Muskegon!  You can click on the photo below to visit the Hackley Library website!

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