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Mission for Area People is a local outreach that is there to help fill the cracks that some find themselves falling in to.  Maybe it's a little help with medical expenses, food needs or clothing.  M.A.P. is a faith based organization who provides Muskegon County residents with the resources to meet basic needs.  The also help promote self sufficiency and improve quality of life.  The have some sponsors, some donors and like most organizations who need to fill the gaps, they have some fundraisers throughout the year.  It's a very humble and very personal outreach and they run with very little overhead and their work is truly what a helping hand should be. dueling pianos 19Click Here for Tickets to Dueling Pianos

Last year, Music for Meds was the first time that M.A.P. tried the "Dueling Piano's" idea for entertainment and what a night!  Local pianist and all around great guy Billy Ryan called in a favor to Matt Giraud for the night and a packed house at the Folkert Community Hub was entertained for hours with requests, dancing, great food and of course the purpose of helping M.A.P.  

Billy returns this year with Frank McGlynn for the evening on May 9th.  The pianos will be facing off on the stage at the Folkert Community Hub and the fun gets underway at 7p.  If you can request it, chances are they can play it.  If you want to out bid the last guy to get your request played quicker....what are you waiting for?  There will be an auction for a mobility cart as well as some other great items.  You'll find delicious food from Creations Catering and a cash bar to get you in the mood for some dancing and requesting!  

Dianna Stubbs is the Executive Director of Mission for Area People.  She's also one of my all time favorite people, so it's not hard to get me down to M.A.P. to catch up with her to find out what's going on.  Take a listen.


Trust me when I tell ya, you're in for a good time.  Tickets are only $30 bucks or you can get a table for 8 for $225.  It's fun for all ages and some of the stuff you hear requested will amaze you.  It's a night you won't forget and it's a cause that is so vital for those who might otherwise slip through the cracks.  You can visit the M.A.P. site by clicking on their image below.  

map logo

It's that time of year again, you know the one where you get your best girlfriends and head out for a girl's night out. The Women's Division Chamber of Commerce is hosting their 15th annual Fashion and Frolic on May 2nd at the downtown Holliday Inn & Conference Center.
You will have a night packed full good food, shopping and maybe a drink or two. Much like the past years there is going to be a mobile and online silent auction. The online auction is set to start on April 26th which you can access through the events page, just click on the image to the right.   WDCC logo 1
On the link listed above you will also see the full list of vendor marketplace participants as well as the start times for all of the night's events. So, my advice to you would be to contact them at 616-550-6084 to secure your tickets which are $40 each and have an awesome night out.
I had a chance to stop into Sparrow Boutique to visit with Cee Cee Taylor to hear a little more about this years event, take a listen.


It's a really fun time and it's a great cause.  The WDCC helps so many worthy causes in the area, and they know all about throwing a party!  Don't miss Fashion and Frolic on May 2nd.  If you'd like to know more about the WDCC, click on the logo below to visit their website.

wdcc members


We all look for a way to leave an impact on the lives of those around us and, for our own personal satisfaction, we like to see that our knowledge and experience in this world will somehow be passed along to others.  Let's face it, a life time of acquired skill and knowledge ought to be passed along, it's part of the human experience.  We are also bombarded with way's to do that in today's day and age.  It seems that everywhere you turn.  There is a never ending list of chances to be involved in what's important to you, and your community but there are some "golden standards" that have not only built a proven track record of success, they have also gone on to serve generations of people both here on the Lakeshore and all over the country.  One of the biggest is Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  

Nationally, Big Brothers and Big Sisters has been making the lives of young people, and quite honestly, the lives of adults better by pairing up "Bigs and Littles" as matches for one simple purpose, from their national website - "Big Brothers Big Sisters has operated under the belief that inherent in every child is incredible potential. As the nation’s largest donor- and volunteer-supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”), ages 5 through young adulthood in communities across the country. We develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people."  It's not a heavy financial commitment, it's not trying to be better than the "guy down the street" or anything else.  It's about presence.  It's about being there for a young person who might not have that positive role model in their lives and they need someone to hang out with, bounce some things off once in a while and generally, get some stable guidance in the game of life.  Fbbbs logoFollow BBBS Lakeshore on Facebookor those who take on a Little Brother or Sister, the payoff comes in knowing that their gift of being there gave someone a chance to know things are ok.  From anyone I have ever spoken to who's participated, the rewards for the "big" are quite often more than they ever imagined, and the enrichment of their lives is more than any money could buy.

On the Lakeshore, BBBS is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year!!  Quite a milestone!  And, as it works out, they have 50 kids who are waiting to find their match.  They are on the hunt for some people who are willing to spend a little time with a young person, be their guiding hand a little and to be willing to help set a path for their future that will be positive and productive.  A way to leave your mark on this world, yes...for generations to come just by being there.  There are a LOT of activities planned, there are a LOT of opportunities for your to get to know more about BBBS of the Lakeshore and we began by visiting their party at the Lakeshore Fab Lab located at the Muskegon Community College campus in Downtown Muskegon.

We talk first with Suzanne Prell and her little, Shelly Morningstar is a big and, she brings her BFF along, and finally, we'll hear from Lisa Hegenbart who's the Executive Director of the BBBS of The Lakeshore about all of it.  Take a listen!


It's not about how much you can spend, or who's got the coolest this that or the other thing.  BBBS is about making a connection you never even knew you needed.  It's about finding that match that will forever change the lives of 2 people.  It's a little about giving of yourself and finding in return that what you gave, came back 10 fold because you made the difference in a young persons life.  If you'd like to know more about BBBS of the Lakeshore please, click on the image below to visit their website and think about taking that first step.


Truly we are blessed to live in such a magnificent area of the World... West Michigan.... even MORE spectacular?.... That we live near (completely salt free) Lake Michigan.    We recently caught up with our dear friends at Mart Dock... Tanya Gonzalez and Patrick McKee who are gearing up for their first full season with the newly refurbished AQUASTAR!!!! 
aquastar leadClick here for $10 Positively Muskegon Cruise Tickets May 17th
So many fun things already planned for this first season on the lakes.... but even more possibilities that are wide open to anybody who wants to fully enjoy our gorgeous West Michigan waterfront with family and friends.  The AQUASTAR is also available for private outings.  Weddings...Receptions....Reunions...Anniversaries...Employee Parties...Midday cruises...Birthday Party cruises...Sunset cruises....YOU name it!
We here at MUSKEGON CHANNEL couldn't be more thrilled to be hosting the very first CRUISE on Friday, May 17th, The Positively Muskegon Season Opening Cruise....leaving the dock at 7:30pm for an incredible sunset cruise...    Complete with cash bar... Hours d' fun!!!  ONLY $10.. PER PERSON!!    $10 bucks per person!!!!!!!!!
I caught up with Patrick and Tanya to find out a little more about the renovations, the cruises that are planned and how you can book your own cruise!  Take a listen! 
We're so very lucky to have the Aquastar here!  Not only for the great cruises provided to us, but to help show those who visit what Muskegon is really all about.  It's a season of celebration with the newly revitalized Aquastar in Muskegon.   Click on the picture below to visit their website to see all of the fun coming up!!
aquastar 2

   The Muskegon County Board Of Commissioners invited The Muskegon Channel to broadcast the meeting live from the Louis McMurray Transit Center (MATS) in Muskegon Heights. This particular meeting concerns the proposed ending of the lease agreement with Planned Parenthood of Michigan in the county's health department building at 209 E. Apple Ave. Public comments with supporters from both sides lasted over four hours before the commissioners voted on the proposal. In the end The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners voted 6-2 to end their lease agreement with Planned Parenthood of Michigan. Here is the recording of the live video in its entirety.

Muskegon County

Table of Content:

0:00:00 - 0:00:45  Call to Order 
0:00:45 - 0:02:01 Invocation 
0:02:01 - 0:02:20  Pledge Of Allegiance 
0:02:20 - 0:04:25 Approval of Agenda and Minutes 
0:04:25 - 4:38:15 Public Comments 
4:38:15 - 4:40:00  Committee/Board Reports
4:40:00 - 5:09:11 Board Discussion and Vote on the Lease Agreement
5:09:11 - 5:16:10 Other Businesses 
5:16:25 Adjournment 





4-16-19 Muskegon County Commission Meeting
People lined up for hours for public comments at The Louis McMurray Transit Center

It's a really fun night of great food and entertainment for a fantastic cause.  It's Pizza for Paws at the Fricano's Event Center this Saturday and it's put on to help out the pets and people who are at the Muskegon Humane Society.  As we speak, the Humane Society is full.  That means there are plenty of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens all looking for their forever homes and while they wait for their adoption, it takes a little work from all of us to make sure that what they need while they are there is supplied.   pizza for paws 2019Click Here for Tickets to Pizza for Paws

Like so many other organizations, The Muskegon Humane Society relies on the generosity of the community, the help of countless volunteers and the occasional fund raiser to meet the needs of the animals they serve.  One step in the door and the sound of the barking and a couple of meows will tell you that everyone in there that's being taken care of is doing fine, but they would much rather have a nice big yard to play in and a place to call home.  The Humane Society has had some recent building improvements like a new roof added, so that's pretty awesome and of course their day to day needs like food, litter, towels and other essentials for an animal shelter are always welcomed.  

This Saturday at Fricano's you'll find lots of great silent auction items, some really fun games, a photo booth, music, drinks, some of the best pizza, salad and bread-sticks anywhere and of course, some of the furry friends who might be looking to go home with you.  Who says you can't pick up a quality mate at a function like this? 

Alexis Ogborne is the head of the Muskegon Humane Society and we caught up a bit on the fun last year and what to expect this year, take a listen. 


Fun and purpose.  A great night to be had by all and the cause to be championed is one everyone can agree on.  Grab yourself some tickets by clicking on the picture to the right up above and join the fun!  If you'd like to know more about the Muskegon Humane Society, we've added a promotional video they have on YouTube below.  Take a look at the great work they do with, and for animals here in Muskegon.  Enjoy the party Saturday at Fricano's!

We've been following this whole FIRST Robotics competition for a while.  We've followed some of the schools and we've really gotten to know the MARS Rovers who are made up of a number of schools coming together to make a team.  It's a great way to emphasize STEM education with a fun, hands on approach to building a machine to accomplish a task in a competitive environment among peers and mentors alike. wlengthsClick here to Follow the Wavelengths on FB for Links to the Live Show This Weekend

It's also a phenomenal way for business to find top recruits as well.  There are some who just kind of "have the knack" for this kind of thing and to be able to foster that imagination as well as develop the natural ability to work on technical and mechanical endeavors.  The participants of FIRST Robotics are quite often watched and approached by companies looking for their talents and they can move right on into college or other training programs by the merits they have attained in their time competing.  This is all a very exciting and very incredible way to teach, learn and grow.

Locally, we're very fortunate with teams.  They work together to help each other out, but like in racing... "when the green flag drops".... it's game on.  Two of our local teams have quite a little "friendly" battle going on too.  The MARS Rovers and the Mona Shores Wavelenghts have each won a local competition and they are both heading to the State Competitions this weekend..then on to the World Completions in Detroit after that!  As the local "battle" heats up, we paid a quick visit to Mona Shores to visit with the team and let them talk a little "smack".

Meet Grace Hilleary, Ethan Vitek and Wavelengths team adviser Andrew Basse in the workshop for the team at Mona Shores.



We're proud of all of our area teams.  We're also proud to continue to show you the progress of the competition as the State and World events come closer.  FIRST Robotics is just an amazing program and if you've got a young person leaning toward these kinds of doings...get them involved!  To learn more about FIRST click on the logo below to visit the main site.

FIRST Vertical RGB

The Muskegon County Airport is a great sponsor of The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon and it's always a fun visit to stop in and hear what's going on and how things continue to get better and better for the airport and it's passengers when it comes to the amenities you are hard pressed to find anywhere else.  Ease, comfort, low stress, low parking costs and above all....a hometown atmosphere that will deliver you to any destination in the world through convenient flights through Chicago at times that make sense for everyone. check mkg firstClick Here For Flight Info

It's all part of the commitment that Jeff Tripp and his staff at the airport have to offer anyone who checks Muskegon first a premium flight experience, sometimes at a lower fare than you'll find anywhere else.  Forget about the costs of hotels and expensive parking at the "big city" airports.  If you factor all those in, plus the added time and stress of getting to can see pretty quick that Muskegon is a no brainer when it comes to your next flight.

They are also adding more fun flights to casino resorts all over the country.  Laughlin Nevada, Biloxi Mississippi and Atlantic City New Jersey are on the short list and the prices for these tours, you can't even drive to one of them let alone a flight, hotel and everything else included.

Jeff and I caught up for a quick chat about all thins Muskegon County Airport.  Take a listen.




Keep it up!  The better the airport does the more flights that will come and we'll have more ways to get more cool places and we won't have to mess around with all the hassle of the big city's.  Thanks to the Muskegon County Airport for their support of our work!!  Remember!  Always check Muskegon first when you fly!

I look forward to only a few annual events...and I couldn't be more excited to be co-hosting one of my favorites this coming Saturday, April 13th... HEELS FOR MEALS to raise funds and awareness for AgeWell Services' Meals On Wheels program. 
Taking place this year again at Bella Maria's Event Center located at 513 West Pontaluna Road in Notion Shores.  Starting at 6pm... Signature Cocktails... Incredible silent auction items... Amazing LIVE Auction items....Greatest Needs Auction... Best Shoes and Style Show...the always fun HEADS or HEELS....and let's not forget about the amazing Dinner & Dessert presented by Bella Maria's Renowned Chefs. heels for meals 19Heels for Meals on Facebook
Such a fun event...but for such an important cause....   Raising the much needed funds to help feed our Seniors in the greater Muskegon, Ottawa and Oceans Counties.  But it's so much more than a's the caring and companionship that forms a bond between people.
I caught up with Greg Sischo to talk about the event a little.  Take a listen.


It's a wonderful night for such an important cause.  

If you're interested in attending or helping in any way please use the contact information below:
HEELS FOR MEALS "Step Up For Hunger" Event
to benefit AgeWell Services' Meals On Wheels 
6pm... Saturday, April 13th, 2019
513 West Pontaluna Road
Tickets $50 each....tables available
Dinner, Dessert, Cash Bar, Live & Silent Auctions, Shoe Style Show Competition and much more
(231) 412-7966
You can also visit AgeWell Services online by clicking below!
AgeWell Logo

We are truly blessed to have such a historic and magnificent library Downtown Muskegon like the Hackley Library.  The ornate exterior and the vast amount of history inside and knowledge of the history of Muskegon held in there is hard to be compared to anywhere else.  Inside too, not only will you find the incredible historic resources but you will also find every modern this that library's are tending to now a days.  Music, art, culture, speakers and more.  As we have shown here on The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon the days of yesteryear at the library have given way to the modern multi-media experience and multi-platform essentials that are required to meet the demands of content seekers in 2019.  But....yes....when it comes right down to it, there are still books....lot's of books and sometimes, an abundance of books which leads to our story. book sale 2019 leadVisit the Friends of the Hackley Library Online

The Friends of the Hackley Library hosts an annual sale to directly benefit the library!  This year, the sale runs from April 11th- April 14th and it's your opportunity to build up your book collection, or movie collection, or cd's or what have you while you're helping the Friends of the Library support our historic gem.  Annually the Friends of the Hackley Library commit to raising $20,000 for the library and they do it with a multitude of events like the Book Sale, "The Bling Thing" and more.  It's a commitment of love and passion by people who are truly proud of the Hackley Library and all it represents in Muskegon. 

You have a chance to go to the advance evening Thursday April 11th, if you're a member of the "Friends", and f you're can join right there at the door.  After the members only event it's a public sale Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday, it's a chance to fill a bag with books and walk out for only $3 bucks!

I had a chance to catch up with my dear friend Barb Klingenmaier of the Friends of the Hackley Library and she brought along the new Director of the Library Joe Zappacosta for an introduction to our viewers of The Muskegon Channel.  Take a listen.


If you need some Summer reading material or maybe you just want to pitch in and help out with the historic Hackley Library, make sure you check out the book sale! It's an easy way to do a little something for such an essential and historic part of all things Muskegon!  You can click on the photo below to visit the Hackley Library website!

Hackley Library 317

Paternity issues are difficult.  They are especially difficult when child support gets behind and the Family Court has to take steps to try and bring matters up to current status and, sometimes penalties are issued like arrest warrants, or suspension of a drivers license or some other assessment that only adds to the problem.  It's hard enough to make things current, especially when you already don't have the money to pay in the first do you manage to pay fines?  How can you manage to make money if you can't get to work without a drivers license?  It's a whirl wind of problems and they only get bigger and they continue to complicate things like family togetherness, parenting time and relationships. Not to mention that you have to keep looking over your shoulder and wonder if you're going to get picked up and taken in. mkg county logoFollow Muskegon Family Court on Facebook

How about a chance to make things right, at a fraction of the cost and no chance of being arrested?  The Muskegon County Family Court is offering just that.  From Monday March 25th until Thursday March 28th they are offering an opportunity for anyone behind to come in and meet to make arrangements to get back on track.  It's an opportunity to avoid the worry and clear up the penalties at a fraction of the cost.

According to Jason Walker who I met with to talk about this program, the Muskegon Family Court isn't "your fathers "friend of the court" any more.  They are working on innovative ways to help those they serve make sure that they can tend to the most important thing...which is family.  It's true, that sometimes relationships don't work out, but, the additional mounting pressure of fines, warrants and suspensions of driving privileges add to the over all problem and while they can't necessarily "go away" they can work to find innovative ways to help set things straight and hopefully get things back on track.

Jason and I sat down to talk about this program, take a listen.



It's a pretty good deal.  Don't let the fear of repercussions come between you and your kids.  Take advantage of this opportunity offered through the Muskegon Family Court and take the first step to some more stability in your life and your kids.  It's not easy, that's understood but compared to missing out on all that is there while kids are growing up, this is a chance to put an end to that and get back on track.  Full details are in the photo below.  

family court 

It's always a special treat for me to hang out and chat with my dear friend Mary Suarez from THE HOPE PROJECT of Muskegon County....   and even more special this particular visit because she invited Cameron Clint to join us.    Cameron is a Junior at North Muskegon High School and is proudly a member of her schools activism club.  Her club has chosen THE HOPE PROJECT as their focal charity for the past 2 years... Beautifying the front lawn of Muskegon's HOPE PROJECT office last Spring....and their super fun DONKEY BASKETBALL game last year was so successful, they've decided to hold another one this coming April 18th, 2019. 
It's truly amazing to see such conscientious, ambitious young students giving back to their community the way these North Muskegon High School students are.   It also is wonderful to know that the "sister activism" program at Spring Lake High School will be joining North Muskegon in hosting this year's DONKEY BASKETBALL event at the North Muskegon HS Gymnasium.
Students and faculty from both high schools will be playing in the game.... Plus members of THE HOPE PROJECT of MUSKEGON will be playing as well.   All proceeds from the ticket sales, the 50/50 raffle and other contributions will go directly to THE HOPE PROJECT programs....funding counseling for human sex trafficking victims, gas cards and bus cards for them to attend counseling, work and school while recovering from their ordeal, the victims also receive ongoing supportive mentoring and more.
hope project 3



All are invited and encouraged to attend THE HOPE PROJECT DONKEY BASKETBALL event....North Muskegon High School gymnasium on Thursday, April 18th at 6pm to 8:30pm. For more information about THE HOPE PROJECT, ways to support human trafficking victims, ticket sales for the game or any general information about the upcoming event please search the links and phone number below:

Thursday, April 18, 2019....6 - 8:30pm
North Muskegon High School Gymnasium
1600 Mills Avenue, North Muskegon, MI 49445
(231) 719-4100


       Watch the feature length Muskegon Robotic Special here

  A FIRST Robotics Michigan District Competition was hosted at Orchard View High School - Muskegon MI on Saturday. This year's theme is Destination: Deep Space. Dozens of teams from all over Michigan were there for the two day competition. At the end it was down to two teams (alliance) from a total of six high schools competing against each other. Team Red consisted of 6090 Wildcats - Wayland, 3572 Wavelengths - Norton Shores and 6097 Bobcats from Brethren. Team Blue consisted of  3546 Buc'n'Gears - Grand Haven, 4004 M.A.R.S. Rover - Muskegon and 3468 Code Blue of Holland. Team Blue won the Final 2-1. Here we've complied the final matches for you cut directly from our live broadcast.


Stay tune for a Full length special feature of this event coming in the near future.


FIRST Robotics 2019

Click here for more information on
FIRST in Michgain
FIRST Robotics Competition




The Muskegon Central Dispatch Authority is once again coming to voters and asking for a surcharge on phones in order to replace an obsolete 911 system that is failing fast and going to be rendered inoperable in a short amount of time.  As it stands, the 911 system in Muskegon is being held together by parts that are only available on Ebay and the technology currently in use, if not upgraded will leave Muskegon County unable to communicate with any surrounding communities should we need to put in a call for mutual aid.  911Follow Muskegon Central Dispatch on Facebook

It's so much more than just some new walkie-talkies.  This is a complete revamp of the entire system.  It will require new radio towers strategically placed across the county.  It will also be upgrades to the computers in responders vehicles, servers in the Central Dispatch handhelds and everything in the chain to keep those in the field in contact with the support they need in life and death situations.  This is a critical and necessary time to make the upgrade. 

When asked last November, voters passed on the idea, but the Central Dispatch Authority is back with the ask again.  They have revamped the language, they have also capped the term for the surcharge and hopefully this time the message will get through the negativity that was put out by those opposing the surcharge.  No one is all for paying more for something, but the can can no longer be kicked down the road on this issue and it's got to be fixed. 

We brought together three of the top authorities on the subject, Shawn Grabinski of Muskegon Central Dispatch, Police Chief Roger Squires of Whitehall and Muskegon Heights Fire Chief Christopher Dean.  Take a listen to the conversation.  This in no way is a bait and switch to fund anything but the necessary upgrades to the communications system.  Please take a listen to the call from an officer in the field to dispatch as well, it's embedded in the interview so you can hear first hand what's going on.


As Chief Dean pointed out, it's less than a cup of coffee of a Big Gulp.  Everything is expensive and it seems to be coming from every direction, but if you take a look at the cost/risk factor here, it seems to be pretty clear that this is an essential need we have to come together on.  Please, follow the link below and get the facts on why we're being asked to help fund the new system and then ask yourself "what if".  What if it was you in need of the service and it wasn't working?  What if it was a family member? 

mcd logo

It's early March and we all know what that means.... Its reading month. Over at Orchard View they are kicking off the month right with some very special gusts and a big assembly. Both schools were visited but Miss Michigan and the early elementary had the one and only Cat in the Hat drop in to read some books as well. 
I was able to steal Emily away for a few minutes between books to have a quick chat. I am sure that you are all aware of the “Beauty” pageants but did you know that there is Scholarship pageants as well? I had asked Emily to explain the difference between the two as she holds the crown in a scholarship pageant. In Emily’s words “So a lot of people think about beauty pageants they think you start young, toddlers and tiaras they know about. But the Miss America Pageant is the largest Scholarship pageant in the world. I myself have won over $30,000 since I began competing 5 years ago. Through that we have on stage question, evening gown, a private interview and talent so it’s not just necessarily about beauty it’s about all of the things that make you beautiful like your intelligence and your skills.”
Like I said March 1st is the kick off to Marches reading month and being able to read to kids throughout Michigan in one of the biggest things Miss Michigan has the privilege of doing. Emily said that one of her favorite parts of the visit is knowing that she gets to share a story that might have an impact on a child as well as all of the questions that she gets to answer.
We enjoyed having Miss Michigan (Emily Sioma) share her time with us at Orchard View Elementary and Early elementary. Walking through the halls with her you could really see the awe in the children's eyes they really thought that she was a true princess.  You can visit the Miss Michigan website by clicking on Emily's picture below.
emily sioma

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