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Orchard View Adult Education is A) open B) transforming what "Adult Education" means C) willing to throw in free DRIVERS EDUCATION to qualifying students.  We got your attention now?  At Orchard View Adult Education they are working overtime to make sure that those in need of a GED or some more training can get it, in person or on a virtual platform.  They will work to customize a plan to help people learn at their own pace and they are working double overtime to get rid of the stigma of Adult Education.  It's NEVER a bad time to get the learning you need!

May 3rd proved to be quite a lucky day for a few kids who were born at Mercy Hospital in Muskegon.  Generally one might consider March the lucky month to be born in with St. Patrick's Day and all in there, there's always a little something cool about being a New Years Baby too, but May 3rd?  I mean, even May 4th kinda seems like it's got some play in it when you say "May the Fourth Be With You" right?  Well, 5/3 just happens to be the lucky day for kids being born all over Michigan as Fifth Third Bank is getting them off to a an amazing start with $1053 in a 529 savings account as a special welcome to the work gift.  Scott Stenstrom from Fifth Third Bank joins to talk about this program and how many lucky kids got this amazing start. 

Our sponsor and dear friend Shon Cook spends her Saturday mornings talking with all of us about the legal field and how she strives for the best outcome for all of her clients. She talks for a living and knows a thing or two about proper decorum and how people should address one another on a number of levels both personally and I professionally.

You thought April was just going to slip on by without a little something handed out for the greater good in Muskegon in the "Step it Up Muskegon" segment didn't ya?  HA!  Fooled you!  It's still April and we've teamed with with Shon Cook Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon to send a little something over toward Broadway Street in Muskegon Heights where you'll find Read Muskegon.

Muskegon Lakes Mall has a new and prosperous visionary who sees a golden opportunity to help entrepreneurs get a good jump start on starting their own business.

There's an old joke floating around, you probably heard it.....Why are divorce lawyers so expensive?  Because they are worth it. Truth of the matter is that attorney fees are high because a lot more goes into what goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye.  You've got assistants, paralegals, filing, discovery, time, litigation, mediation it's endless.  But like anything Shon touches, the desire is to find the best outcome for her client so the payment is essential. Shon's got the word, take a listen.

All too often anymore, all you see are advertisements for banks that barely have branches.  Do you really want to walk up to a kiosk in the mall to discuss major financial dealings like mortgages, other loans or significant withdrawals or transfers?  Or worse yet, bank on the phone with someone who can barely speak English?  These are sensitive subjects and deserve the attention that come alone with major financial dealings.

We partnered up with Schrderl Sales and Technology of Muskegon this year to spread a little good around town with the Step it Up Program shared with Attorney Shon Cook.  The idea is that monthly, we'll be helping out a local 501c3 with a little finical boost, and we'll also sow you some of what goes on at a world wide leader in manufacturing at Scherdel.  Scherdel is a place that has a company philosophy of no matter where you begin, the sky is the limit and Jeremy Skroupa is just that.

Beginning his career at Scherdel sweeping up over night, then running a machine, then multiple machines and eventually business development medical.  Jeremy is living proof of the opportunity for advancement in the global leader of manufacturing.  Take a listen to Jeremy's story. 


Some of the repeating terms, teamwork, culture and opportunity keep popping up.  Schedrdel is on the hunt for great candidates to fill positions that will help you grow as a person as well as a leader with excellent pay and benefits.  If you'd like to know what Scherdel has open locally, click  on there logo below.  Can't promise Jeremy will have the owl with him but, you never know.


-scherdel career hiring

We missed on last year due to COVID but it's time again to start to look over the house for any unused, expired or unknown medications you may have around the house.  From their website - "The Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program (MAMDP) is a collaborative of several community organizations that have come together so that residents of Muskegon County and surrounding communities would have a place to safely dispose of unused and expired medications and sharps.

Lawyers hold themselves highly accountable in a number of ways both ethically and as a group.  There are ideals that have to be maintained both in and out of the courtroom. One of those things is attorney client privacy.

The Muskegon County Airport (KMKG), now professionally managed by F3 Airport announced an additional flight will be serving the airport during the summer travel season.

We were fortunate enough to be invited today to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the brand new VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center in the heart of Downtown Muskegon.  It's been a project decades in the planning and years in construction and it's ready to go for the first event this weekend, the Home, Garden and Boat show brought to you by the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce.  Today however, there were a few shelf guided tours before the ceremonies and we used the time to catch up with some of the key players in getting this done.

We've been through an awful lot as a community, nation and as individuals and there's no skirting the issue that mental health and addiction are on the forefronts of the minds of many just as much, and to some, even more so than the pandemic.  Isolation, boredom, too much time to get back into old habits and for those who never left those habits, all of the above only adds fuel to the fire and a second pandemic of dependency follows the virus.  We look back to over a year ago now, when they were sending the message that we were in "Unprecedented Times".  We all hoped and prayed they would only be a few weeks, but it seems that it was few lifetimes ago with all we've endured.  We are all worn out but yet the fight will have to continue on multiple fronts.

What inspires us can sometimes make a world of difference not only in the way our lives are led, but in how we can take what we've learned and help others with it.  In some cases there might just be a niche to be filled when it comes to what's needed to help the inspirations come true.  Such is the case of Eric Sobczak who's opened a store and eatery on Harvey Street in Norton Shores called Healthy Done Better.  We'll bounce back to Eric's story momentarily, it's a good one.

It's a great discussion this week with Attorney Shon Cook about what she does and the people she serves.  When people are in any stage of a divorce, they are in a very difficult time of life.  No one ever plans the happily ever after to come crashing down and when it does, both parties are in some state of mental distress.   As we've seen over the last year, even those we think are capable of the most monumental feats when it comes to mental dexterity have limits and it's exhausting, defeating and when you are placed in a heightened circumstance like the end of a marriage, the mental weight can become too much.

It was a week ago or so.  We were out filming to help Every Woman's Place with their virtual "Cheers and Chocolate" event this year and one of their sponsors was Benson Drug, kinda tucked away on Spring Street just off Apple Ave in Downtown Muskegon.  We did all that was needed for the clip for Every Woman's Place but there was just something about the visit that begged for "more" and there was a sense of history too hiding in the owner of the store Randy Dahlquist.   "Hey Randy, would you mind if we came back next week and learned a little more?"  "Sure, that would be fine".  So plans were made and back we went, and none of it was a disappointment.

The legal profession is big.  Some would go as far as to call it a vast universe of endless specialties that are difficult for even the most polished and knowledgeable in the field to get a complete grasp on.  Any number of legality specialties are a good starting point to begin a specific search for an attorney that can help you out depending on what you need, but there are some other nuances to selecting an attorney that should be key factors in your decision before you lock in and get to work.

Well, while we're still not really able to congregate in big groups just yet, what do we do best in Muskegon?  We improvise, adapt and overcome. This year, Cheers and Chocolate will be taking on a little different spin! Cheers and Chocolate Community Crawl Benefiting Every Woman's Place Muskegon is happening in the month of April 2021.

A couple of months ago, we introduced Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon to you and they were gracious enough to come on board with the Muskegon Channel to help out in our push called Step It Up Muskegon where we find 501c3 charitable organizations and give them a little boost financially as well as some recognition for the work they do and the people they serve.  Part of our agreement with Scherdel for this incredibly generous give is that we in turn help you get to know what goes on at Scherdel and how you might just find your way into a global company with endless advancement opportunities without even leaving Muskegon.  The best part about this partnership is that EVERYONE wins.  Charity get's a little help, Scherdel gets a recruiting platform and we get unprecedented access to what happens at this incredible company!

This week, our time with Shon focuses on some parental rights you probably don't stop and consider much, but you need to especially if you are an unwed father of a new born.  In Michigan, things are a little tricky and having a highly qualified Family Law Attorney on your side like Shon is essential not only in the immediacy of the situation, but for the long term as well, because in Michigan without some legal action on behalf of the father of a child, they are basically a non issue when it comes to everything unless your ducks are in a row.

March is Reading Month and it's being observed in a number of ways in Muskegon County.  Through the United Way you might see some of our area notable's growing their beards out for books through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  You may have seen some familiar faces reading to kids in class over Zoom.  Maybe you have a bigger stack of books coming home for kids to read or maybe it's already commonplace where you are, one thing we all know is that reading is a HUGE part of everything for the development of young minds and effects pretty much everything for the rest of life.

We've it's been about a year now with our sponsor and friend Shon Cook who's been gracious enough to help our audience understand some of the in's and out's of the legal world which can quite honestly be confusing and intimidating at times.  When we need to employ the assistance of a lawyer, let's be honest, it's generally not at the time when things are sailing along with no problems to report and we're all managing to keep our heads above water.  Generally, if attorneys are needed, we're in over out heads a teeny tiny little bit and their specialty is worth it's weight in gold. 

In December Shon Cook had the idea of extending a hand to 501c3 organizations who've been impacted over the last year due to all we've been through with the pandemic and the shutdowns and re-opens, and the shut downs and on and on.  It was an idea that we hoped took off and Shon even backed it up with $500 of her own dollars to help the cause and it kind of primed things to get going.  For the first couple of months, we were able to match it with what we had left over and it was a thrill to be able to help a little too.  Then as suspected, the idea grabbed some legs and Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon stepped up and said they wanted in too, so after we did a little talking, they joined not only to share the chance to benefit some great organizations, but to spread the word that they are seriously looking for some help at their place and are hiring!  Are you seeing how local media in action works.  We're kinda downright proud of that!

As we've talked before with Attorney Shon Cook, who's also a mediator, the belief from Shon is that mediation is an incredible way for disputing parties to work together to come to the best resolution for a situation and help keep control of a final decision that could be made impartially by a judge.  It's a cut and dry decision by an un attached party at that point and you may like the outcome, you may not.  Using a mediator as tough as it can be can help control decisions that will last for years, if not a lifetime in some circumstances.  There are some very important things to know about the function of a mediator however, and Shon's going to explain them today.

As you may recall, last July in the height of all we've been dealing with, the Michigan laws changed when it comes to auto insurance and what's required to be carried.  It was a sweeping change that quite honestly, this author doesn't completely understand so, the safe assumption is that there's a few more questions out there still from others as well.  Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance on the other hand knows his stuff and he's able to explain it in terms that anyone can understand.   

You roll up on to 3rd Street in Muskegon on a Saturday morning when the thaw is beginning and you get a chance to see, and quite honestly smell, all that's been going on the the newly named "Midtown" area of the city and it's a sure sign of a couple of things.  First, that Spring is definitely coming and second, that despite all we've been through the business up and down the newly renovated corridor are still chugging away and that through all the difficult times, they reflect our grit, drive and flat out refusal to give up.  There is one thing that's more of a fleeting sight though as miracles rarely stick around once they happen.  This is a reminder about one of those miracles and a chance for all of us to give back what's already been paid forward.

So you're in a dispute and there are a few different ways things can go.  Like always, when working for her clients, Shon Cook looks for the best outcome.  In the matter of the legal world, there are a few ways to get to that outcome and as we've discussed a few times trying to maintain control of how that outcome arrives is the best way of managing things as opposed to leaving a decision to a judge, who really has no stake in the game, they just make a decision.

Anytime you can involve the prowess of facial hair and a fundraiser....why wouldn't you?  It's an idea that pops up a few times over the course of a year here or there and it's generally a good time for a great cause and with the Beards for Books event with the United Way of the Lakeshore it takes on an educational flare as well bringing the amazing gift of early reading to kids all across the Lakeshore as well as something a little more fun, let's explain.

Muskegon has been making head way when it comes uplifting our youth. More and more we are discovering young entrepreneurs and apprentice. It's amazing, the talent that's right here in our very own communities. Ranging from the free spirited hearts to the highly motivated entrepreneurs. I love it when I get to introduce young people such as this. A young man who's love for food has sparked the interest of one of Muskegon Heights’ very own Soul Food Chefs.
DaRice Brown is well on his way of becoming the next up and coming local soul food culinary artist.

Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance joins us again this week to talk about some of the things you may not always have come to the top of your mind when it comes to insurance.  Yes, with insurance we all tend to know we have to have it, we all look for the best deal on it and then we all like to just put it on the back burner and make the payment.  Jason brings in a view point that's a little more broad and explains why some things in his world need to be discussed on a more regular basis because, let's face it, insurance is for what's not planned.  When it's all on the back burner, we're not planning.

It's time for a good old fashioned celebration and time too for a moment of truth from the author.  Navarro's Mexican Take Out has been a local, family run business since 1978 located just off Sherman on 8th in Muskegon Heights.  They specialize in traditional, authentic Mexican food and the celebration is of the grand re-opening is a part of the story for sure, but there's that moment of truth thing too...43 years in business, and I have never been there.  I almost lost out on something incredible even though I only live a couple miles away from it simply because I roam around in my own little bubble most of the time.  Well, after reading the story a little on Facebook I figured it was time to break that bubble and get to the bottom of this and what a story!

Shon Cook is an awesome sponsor of what we do and she's also all about an outreach to help people understand the legal world in simple terms that are easily understandable for the common person.  Legal speak can be very difficult to understand and for an attorney of Shon's caliber to understand that helping clients know what's going on, it's a resource that is worth it's weight in gold.  We're always thankful for our visits with Shon.

Muskegon - we have some know it all's, and yes, I thought I was one of them.  I thought I had a pretty good grip on what kind of business were here, what kind of things they do and who worked there.  After all, we're a big enough town that we've got most everything we need, and small enough that we all pretty much know about who's doing what, right?  Well, I am driving along Norton one day and rounding the corner and I see a small sign that says "Scherdel Muskegon is Hiring".  My first reaction?  What's Scherdel?

It was back in July, and it was HOT!  We were at the very beginning stages of a beautiful new development of a complete neighborhood in Norton Shores called Atwater Springs.  We had all the primaries on hand for the beginning.  The developer, the realtor, the home builder and off in the distance, you could hear the sound of the large, heavy equipment all working to bring the first phase of this awe inspiring new development to life.  Well, we have managed to pick right back up when it comes to weather extremes, because for our second visit, it's COLD!

We're super proud today!  We began the Step it Up Muskegon program back in December when our sponsor Shon Cook said she'd like to do something that could help some of our area non profits out with some much needed funding and we decided that we'd jump in, both feet and see what happened.  Shon began by putting down $500 bucks.  Well, it didn't take very long until the idea caught on and we had another area company want to be part of this, Scherdel of Muskegon got a hold of us and said, "It's our turn to help in Muskegon a little and we'd like people to know a little more about us...what do you have?"  Well, we have a great way for you to help....so, we welcome Scherdel Manufacturing to the fold and throughout the rest of the year, it's at least $1000 bucks a month to an area non profit.  Scherdel will be featured more in depth later this week with a full welcome and introduction, and of course, Shon will be along Saturday with her weekly segment!

What would Valentine's Day be without a story from a chocolatier?  Well, it would still be Valentine's Day and all, but if you get word down from one of your most regular places to shoot that something is going on, and someone is down there really putting in overtime making some chocolate, you load up the camera and go.  This is how the story of us meeting Addy Kinziger of NOVA Super. Natural. Bakery. comes about.

Sometimes in life we can work with others and still not realize what they endure at home.  I met Sheik Tyler Sr. while working as a manager for Taco Bell /KFC years ago. Last week I'm scrolling through Facebook as I normally do and I noticed these drawings beautiful sketched. I saw that the caption had read that his son had drawn them. Amazed at Sheik Jr.’s craft, I quickly reached out to his father and began asking questions regarding his son’s drawings.

Sheik Jr. is a 13 year old artist, who attends Timberland Academy. His passion for drawing started when he was just in kindergarten. As he got older his autism developed but that didn't effect his ability to progress as an outstanding artist. As a fifth grader, he received an art award for Best Talent and was able to draw the calendar for the month of April. It is currently being displayed at the Muskegon Hackley Public Library.

During this heartfelt interview, it lead me to the conclusion that sometimes we overlook the talents children have verses the challenges that they may face.  As his grandmother, Vanessa Taylor, was proudly showing me Sheik Jr.’s art work and telling me of all his accomplishments, it suddenly became a very heart warming moment. I must say, that during this interview, it was hard for me to hold back my tears. I have a soft spot for children and this young man’s story is one the most inspiring I've had the pleasure of sharing with everyone.

We should all use this story to reflect on the importance of helping our youth of tomorrow, and helping make their dreams come true.  It matters.  Whether they want to become athletes, doctors, artists, lawyers, police, teachers, or labor workers. Some may even want to become entrepreneurs. Regardless the case, we must encourage all of our youth to be great.  Sheik Jr.’s art work is available for sale and he is also willing to sketch art upon request. His favorite things to draw are cartoon characters, but he can sketch other things as well. We wish him the best of luck as he continues to strive to become one of our communities successful artists.

The arguments have been had.  The mediation was attempted.  The lines have been drawn and it's time to settle things with the filing of a divorce in a court.  As we've talked in just about every one of our Saturdays With Shon episodes that deal with divorce, it wasn't exactly planned for in the happily ever after part of things, but it does happen and this step, well when you actually file the divorce, it's a contract that is for the rest of your life past the marriage.

Allow me to begin this article by saying you may encounter all kinds of bias here, because I am very fortunate to have been a small part of Read Muskegon over the years and have watched the work going on from way back when the organization got started in a couple of rooms in the upstairs of a Downtown Muskegon church.  They have grown in both operating space as well as reach in to the community focusing on how damaging that illiteracy is and how long the effects of it permeate everything in our community.  I was afforded a very heavy focus on reading when I was little and it was maintained all my young life, not everyone gets that. 

Here's a little something that you might not be aware of, State Farm and Rocket Mortgage are partners in home lending and Jason Ryan can help you with the amazing power of both brands to get you a mortgage that will make the house of your dreams a reality.

Shon Cook breaks down the most complicated legal matters every week for us in her feature Saturdays With Shon.  It's an extension of her work for her clients, and the easiest way to reach a big audience?  Find a bigger platform.  We love being able to bring you the expertise and we love the fact too that Shon believes in sharing her knowledge with those who frequent our publishing's.  Everyone wins!  

We welcomed back our longtime sponsor Jason Ryan with State Farm Insurance last week with a great discussion on the program of giving he's involved with called "Quotes for Good".  It's an incredible outreach for communities that's backed by State Farm, but the local agents play a key role in making sure that on the street level, the charitable organizations have a direct connection with them so that if they participate, all the assets are available to them through the local agent and that a highly successful fundraising campaign can be done!  What a kick off to 2021 and what a way to remind all of of of the good that comes of business people like Jason who know that making sure the good of all of us is in their best interest.

It finally happened!  In all of our visits with Shon and her amazing legal advice that's been going on for a while, through all of the complicated legal talk made simple, through all of the daily grind that Shon makes interesting, through all the confusion cut through and the red tape slashed away....Shon has finally admitted to something that no one in the process of a divorce seems to like when it comes to legalities and that's division of personal property.

We've never made bones about it!  We love it when a new business pops up and what's more, we love it when that business brings something remarkable to our area with an idea that's ripe to grow, focused on the customer's experience and that brings value and expertise right alone with all they do.  It really didn't hurt either that someone directly related to the author of this article is getting a new kitchen soon and when she found out about Kneaded Kitchens, well you get the idea.

With the ongoing problems we're facing with the pandemic happening and all, the needs are great, we all know that.  The ways needs are met too have been facing some monumental hurdles, most of which have all found ways to work around the problems in some way shape or form.  It's been a grueling year to say the very least and to know that some of what we're used to has had to be set aside or postponed, well, the fatigue of it all is settling in on everyone.  We get it, we're feeling it too.  But what about some of those needs that can't be ignored?  Needs like food, clothing and shelter?  The most human of all the needs are what we should worry about the most and to know that our community, Muskegon Michigan finds a way to rise up and meet them, time and time again....that's the kind of thing we're all about sharing!

We've had a long lasting relationship with Jason Ryan at State Farm Insurance.  You'll find the physical location just past 31 on Holton Road, and of course like anything today there are a variety of ways to connect with Jason for insurance purposes with things like online meet ups or safely social distanced stops in to see them.  They have worked their way through all we've had to endure to make sure that everyone they serve has been take care of with the greatest level possible.

It's one of the greatest things we get to do.  We find those who somehow find a way to take the most difficult of situations and shine right through them no matter the hills to climb.  For almost a year now, we've been struggling through an almost unimaginable pandemic where every inch of our being has been tested.  We've seen the overwhelming good time and time again however and even though our darkest times, we help get it done.  The Muskegon YMCA, has quietly hit a major milestone however and it's time for chance to shine a little light on them.

Welcome to our weekly feature Saturdays With Shon.  Attorney Shon Cook joins us weekly to talk about some kind of aspect of her profession Family Law, and while the legal world is sometimes quite complicated, Shon makes things pretty easy to understand with plain English and plain common sense.  She's a remarkable asset to our viewers and we're so thankful for her participation and sponsorship.

Our health care, it's the topic more and more and the cost of health care, especially for those with no insurance or very high deductibles leaves some with the inability to be treated for things that will only worsen with the progression of time or, will add to the long term issues of overall health it's here where Muskegon Surgical Associates has devised a plan that can be better.  It's called Cash Bundled Surgery and what it comes down to is this.  There are a list of surgical procedures, anything from a hemorrhoid to carpal tunnel release and you know going in how much it's going to cost for the entire procedure from consultation to follow up care and that's that.

If only all of life had a referee!  Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have someone throw a flag if a spouse was acting in a way unbecoming of a spouse at a family gathering or formal occasion?  How about someone to make a call if/when your kid tells you that you are the "worst parent ever" and then sends them to a penalty box to think about it with a "5 minute major"?  Life in general doesn't come with referees unless you've got that friend or family member that's willing to cuff you up side the head when needed and say "snap out of it...you're better than this", but the courts....they have referees and in Muskegon, according to Attorney Shon Cook, they are the best in the business. 

We carry on.  We all work to continue to find ways to make what we know and love happen, even when what we're used to isn't going to be the case.  For those in need of the help of our area food pantries, it's been an all hands on deck effort for quite a while now, amplified by the incredible times we've all been living through with the pandemic going on.  Food insecurity is way more prevalent than you might stop and think about and we've seen it playing out more and more because of not only the need, but the fact that some of us have had nothing more to do than sit there and come to the harsh realization that while we are all so busy working when there isn't a pandemic....there's a whole lot of things we might be missing.  Our focus has been shifted a little.

Back about a week ago, Michelle Tyson introduced us all to Sara Wolovlek who lives on 7th Street in Muskegon.  She's a young mom and wife who's decided that doing her part in some small way is what she can do and that if not on the grandest of scales, the mere idea that helping some is better than none, so she got herself a little plastic cabinet.  She took the plastic cabinet and put it out on the corner, with a sign that simply says "Take What you Need, Leave What You Don't" and she gives out food to anyone on the honor system.  There are some more who come by on a regular basis too to help, maybe a pancake breakfast for neighbors with a Blackstone Grill, maybe a donation or two from friends and family...it's an unconditional give and it's what builds community as well as good will.  But there's a little more to it.

It's a voice synonymous with broadcasting in Muskegon and in all of professional hockey, it's one of the most consistent, and enduring names to have ever worked behind the mic.  Terry Ficorelli will be returning to what he loves most as the Muskegon Voyagers Professional Hockey Team debut their COVID shortened season in February. 

Social media in a lot of ways is still kind of the "Wild West" as we have come to the stark realization of over the last year or so.  The amount of information, good and bad, right or wrong, slanted or not and above all nefarious in intent or paid agenda content has been like standing on a corner while someone comes by with a fire truck and sprays the hose at you.  It's a LOT to try and ingest and what's real and what's fake is almost indistinguishable to even the most scholarly of media observers.  It's also delivered at a pace that people who are on social media almost all day can barely keep up with let alone those who check in once in a while.  This is leading to a big problem.

Given the present state that our country is now in we could use some positive youthful inspiration. Nine-year-old Aaliyah Hughes who attends Timberland Academy provides us with just that.  Her innocent smile will bring joy to anyone’s heart. It's not often I have the opportunity to interview a young free spirited entrepreneur who is ready to take the world on by storms.

She created her own company, Lee Lee Kisses, while stuck at home during the pandemic last summer.  Despite the COVID-19 issues in which we are currently facing and the recent governmental issues, this little lady is doing one of the things that she loves the most, which happens to be making lots of money.

It was back in November.  Rick Shaffer walked out to his mailbox and felt a little out of breath.  Didn't think much of it at the time, maybe a little rest and things will be fine.  Pretty safe assumption for the average 61 year old.  He rested, and unfortunately things didn't really improve and he was off for the dreaded COVID test like so many others.  The test led to a hospitalization, which led to a ventilator, which led to a couple of months of the story playing out for Rick like we've all seen time and time again on our nightly news, on our social media, among our friends as we talk and in the back of all of our minds.

Yup.  It's another bunch of big scary bikers doing what they do best.  Yup, they are going above and beyond again to help where they can for the benefit of those in need, and they are doing it in a fun way that doesn't cost much, gives people a chance to rally behind their friends who are willing to participate and in the end, help fund direct assistance to people who need the help in their battle against cancer.

Everyone needs that one person in life who can help them develop a different attitude on managing finances.  Well, Chauncey Williams is just that person. It was a pleasure listening and talking with this young man.

We all start somewhere.  All of what you see here and now on the Muskegon Channel, it began with a GoPro, free blog program and one sponsor who believed in what we were up to.  We were lucky enough to have a little more social media savvy than most, but they were truly the humblest of beginnings and ever since, we've done all we can to make sure that others looking to get started, launch a brand or show the rest of the community, or world what they got there was an affordable way to make it happen.  Yes, we gave away the farm for a little too long and as we grew had to think better financially for all of us, so the freebies had to kinda come to a stop, but we still work pretty hard to find an angle to help get the word out.  This is the case today.

Weekly, Shon Cook joins us for a segment from her family law office in Whitehall to make some of the "tough stuff" in the legal world more easy to understand and cut through the "legal speak" that is quite often intimidating to those who are not involved with the legal system on a regular basis.  It's really one of the most intimidating parts of it all really trying to understand what and why while you are in the middle of a life crisis like a divorce, child custody dispute or something along those lines.  Shon and her staff are simply masters at making sure you are informed, knowledgeable and that you know their work is dedicated to the best outcome for you.  It's the above and beyond that sets Shon a part, like setting aside time weekly to come by and help you understand in advance that is the most invaluable part.

Muskegon, it's known for one thing and that's making sure needs are met no matter the challenge life throws our way.  It might be an economic downturn,  maybe it's a natural problem we can't predict or defend against, or maybe it's a pandemic that only comes along every 100 years that we never thought we'd see.  We know how to circle the wagons and make sure those who can't care for themselves are taken care of the best we can.  It's not that we're an overly affluent community, it's not that we've got the deep pocketed donors who can use the money they make off interest to give back a little...no it's much more than that.  We have people here who genuinely make a sacrifice to take care of each other.  This is the overly wonderful part of "us".  Most of us know what it's like to need a hand to and to give one in return is a payback to what's been given.

Muskegon may be small, but it is filled with lots of people with great big hearts such as Sara Wolovlek. Sara saw the good in which another community was doing for their citizens and decided to take a stand and bring that same process to life here in Muskegon. 

Every week, we spend a few minutes visiting with our sponsor Shon Cook.  She's a Family Law Attorney in Whitehall and her advice, well, simply put it's amazingly helpful because she makes all the legal speak understandable for the average person and she also makes the legal system less intimidating for her clients.  Let's face it, Shon is not generally called upon when everything is smooth sailing and there's nothing to worry about.  Having an attorney that not only works for the very best outcome for you as a client is important, but so are the "soft skills" of the job which Shon is able to share with us here every week to a degree and how she implements them into her practice.