We have a long standing relationship with our municipalities and their Public Safety Departments when it comes to their need to spread the word about requests for some help when they need it.  Fruitport Township is in need of a millage increase for the Police and Fire Departments and Public Safety Director Brian Michelli joins us to explain the needs.  

We were on hand today to hear from Muskegon County Leadership about the damages caused by the storms that hit us a week ago.  There is also going to be a gathering of local agencies who can connect those in need of help to the places that can offer it on Monday, July 15th from 2p-7p.  We will have a fill detailed report on that resource event on Friday for you here on the Muskegon Channel as they are finishing up gathering the participants that will be on hand to assist those in need. 

It's an amazing place to be in when you have sponsors that believe in giving back to the community and using the time they could have promoting their own interests to uplift organizations that help others realize their dreams, or maybe assist people who cannot help themselves.  We have Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology with us on The Muskegon Channel and the philanthropic efforts since the Step it Up Muskegon program began have reached $36,000 to date by our calculations.  This month, we're giving a hand to the Muskegon Civic Theater and their Performing Arts School.  We're joined by Erin Sharpe.

John Foss is one of the greatest assets in Muskegon. He’s a 30 year veteran at Trinity Health and in his role as a Physician’s Assistant, he’s found his way into administration of hospitals and in his career path and growth he’s earned the trust and dedication of his teams as well as patients. One of his patients especially who’s got fist hand knowledge of his incredible bedside manner and great presence among care givers.

Today, from out of the blue the phone rings and I am asked if I am doing anything specific and if there was a chance that I could come down to the Muskegon County Emergency Operations Center to help out for a while and to learn and observe just how this endeavor works and come back to share it with everyone. Needless to say, whatever else was scheduled got rescheduled and off I went. To say that this operation is amazing is an understatement. To know too that in the newest and rapidly improving Emergency Operations Center, that’s not quite even finished yet….we’ve hit a milestone in how this community will handle emergencies of scale.

Let you in on a secret?  One of the greatest benefits of doing what we do is the ability to see the seedling of an idea come along.  It begins usually with a note, or a message asking if we'd be interested in covering an upstart event and helping spread the word.  We generally give it a little kick off because local media should be a conduit for such an adventuresome endeavor and then it's up to the organization to continue to make it happen.  It's hard.  It's a difficult task to bring a need forward.  It's hard to find sponsors, funding, activities and an audience to come back time and time again.  When it all falls together perfectly however, the world begins to change for the better.  Such is the story of Natasha Heykoop and the Lighthouse for Veterans.  

To help those who work to serve our Veteran community has always been a priority for us.  The dedication of the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces is a lifelong commitment and when their time of active duty is over, to be able to assist them through any need possible is the debt we all pay in return.  It's a difficult system to navigate at times for Veterans and their families and it's even more complicated to aging Veterans who are not tech savvy and may struggle with online or mobile phone options.  In Muskegon, we are a community committed to making sure our Veterans are honored and cared for the best we can.  This Thursday, June 27th 2024 from 10a-1p, Veterans and families are invited to the USS Sliversides Museum for a Resource Fair.  Teresa Folkmier joined us today to talk about the event. 

We were very fortunate today to be invited to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the brand new VA Clinic on Apple Avenue.  It's been a project in the works for a long time and there were some delays that mired the timeline, but on June 21st 2024 the community gathered to see the opening of the clinic and hear from some of the hard working people that will bring it to life.  The clinic by the airport saw patients until 12n today and then at 1pm the dedication ceremony happened with close to 300 guests in attendance from Muskegon and all over the State.  

We're very fortunate to have a sponsor like Trinity Health and their willingness to share their incredible Dr.'s with us when it comes to our health care.  From speaking with some of the best in the business when it comes to specialty practice and innovative surgical procedures, to the Primary Care Physician that you should have on your team to help navigate health, our access is second to none.  Today, we're going to visit with a Primary Care Physician who's pretty close to home for me, he's the partner in my Dr.'s office, Dr. George Neros.

It's been a bit since the announcement of the solar farm at the Muskegon Resource Recovery Center.  Consumers Energy is investing heavily in Muskegon County as they move to switch from coal produced power to renewable sources and work toward net zero emissions which includes wind and solar.  We waited to meet up with Rich Houtteman who is the Lakeshore Community Affairs Manager to talk about this amazing opportunity for our county and to help dispel some of the rumors that are attached.

Muskegon is very fortunate to have the MATS Public Transit System.  No, it's not perfect, nothing is, however, public transportation in a community this size is an essential part of life and while the "big cities" are much more in tune with public transit than we are, some assurance of getting people around is a very big part of making any community stronger, and to have kept an organization going for half a century, well, that's a reason to mark an occasion. 

We're back at the Citi Boi Corp in North Muskegon to talk about this summers events that are being planned to bring the community together for some food, fun and fellowship.  They are an agency based on helping people make ends meet that was formed in the pandemic when they realized that food insecurity was going to be an issue for a lot of parents that relied on the 2 meals a day that the schools provided and that kids would be going without.  As their work spread, as did the word about it, so did the scope of people they serve...and post pandemic, they are still doing more every day to better the lives of others.