It's one of the biggest topics of conversation anywhere today, the over prescribing of meds in America.  It's said that there are enough opioid  prescriptions in Michigan that every single resident could have one.  That's just the opiates.  The really dangerous stuff.  We seem to have pills for just about everything now a days, and in as much as it's a great thing for some of what ales us, sometimes we have medications that we can't use.  You know the ones that have a laundry list of side effects that rival a near death experience?  Hey, look..we're not here to scare you off from needed medications but sometimes there are things prescribed you can't take, don't need anymore or they have just been sitting around and the expiration date has past and you have to get rid of them.  Same goes for over the counter medications.  When the time is up, the proper disposal of them is essential. meds and sharpsMeds and Sharps Collection Online

Believe it or not, flushing them down the toilet is not the recommended procedure.  Nor is down the drain or in the trash.  There are plenty of station around town that you can drop them off.  They are lock boxes in police and fire stations and it's recommended that is you do clean out the cupboard or medicine chest you take them there.  If you'd like a little more focus on a date and time to get rid of them, may we suggest October 28th?  There will be a medication disposal event at the Muskegon Fire Department from 9a-1p.

It's being put on by The Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program and their belief is that proper disposal of unused medications promotes a healthy community bu reducing the risk of burglary and medication misuse.  Over the past 7 years, get this... the MAMDP has collected 12.5 TONS of unused medications.  TONS! 

There will be no questions asked, so if you're dropping off a bunch of grandma's old pills you've been wondering what to do with, you're safe.  It will be a cool experience, because you'll get to drive right through the fire truck bay and drop off your meds and properly contained sharps and at the end, you'll have one less thing to worry about in your home.  It's a smart thing to do.

Carrie Uthe joined me out in front of the Muskegon Fire Department to talk about the statistics and the event, take a listen.

It's a simple way to secure your home and make sure that meds that could be dangerous don't get into the wrong hands.  If you watched the video, you heard personal testimony that if there's a will, there's a way, so please...take the time to properly dispose of the medications in your home that are no longer being used.  My thanks to Carrie for taking a few minutes to talk about the event, and thanks too to The Health Project of Mercy Health for their support of our work and Muskegon as a whole.


It's a big deal, and it's a bigger deal because it's a peer to peer award in the communities that are served by the Celebration Cinema family of theaters in West Michigan.  Celebration Cinema strives to make sure that your move going experience it second to none.  It's reflected in everything from the moment you walk in the door, to the great concessions, the premium seating...state of the art sound and projection and recently added things like D-Box, 3-D and more.  You are immersed in the experience of "the movies" the entire time you are there.  I have been going to Celebration Cinema almost exclusively my entire life and to have watch them grow and thrive and to have maintained the working relationship I have with them all these years, well, it tells me that I am doing something right, because I am meeting their standards for a business partnership, and I am very thankful. cinema carouselVisit Cinema Carousel Online For Shows and Show Times

They decided years ago, that they would encourage other business in the communities they serve to set the standards equally high for customers service and they offered the Celebrated Service Award as an incentive.  The idea being, you don't know who it might be, but someone from the theater could leave a tag for a business, a nomination, and from there they could advance on to become a finalist where there is a cash prize involved and more importantly, there is a years worth of exposure to the vast audience that comes to the theater for a movie.  Yes, every show begins with a recognition for the Celebrated Service Award winner in their city!  The amount of promotional value is staggering and in a time where advertising companies are demanding more and more....Celebration Cinema has turned the tables and said "how can we help".  That speaks volumes of their company culture. 

The voting begins soon, and in Muskegon the list on nominees is a who's who of awesome places to visit.  Wonder who they are?  Well, that's what Tom Bitson is here for!  We teamed up at Cinema Carousel to talk about this year nominees and we even chat up some of the big new releases coming this Fall and holiday season.  Take a listen and see if your favorite spot in town is in the running for the Celebrated Service Award.

There they are!!  Voting begins soon!!  November 8th is the date you can begin voting!!  Make sure you take a minute to vote for these incredible business that have been nominated.  I have had the chance to talk to some of the winners in the past, like this years current champ the Getty Street Grill and it's so much more than the generous cash award, it's the recognition of a job well done in a world where the "little guy" is having a harder and harder time being seen and heard.  It's truly a one of a kind give back from the Celebration Cinema family of theaters and we're very proud to have been able to bring you this years nominees!!  Right below, you'll find the link!  Make sure you take the time to vote November 8th!!


It's a topic that is very prominent at the moment, sex trafficking and sexual abuse.  Harvey Weinstein and his years of misbehavior in Hollywood have not only gotten him banished from his company and industry, it's brought new attention to the entire issue of our national outlook on what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to harassment and actions.

Years ago, I met Anny Donewald when I was still on the radio.  She had started out as a dancer in college to keep the bills paid and in a short time, she found herself in the trafficking industry.  She has gone on from there to form an organization called Eve's Angels.  They are a nationally know organization who help women who find themselves in the same spot Anny once did to escape from being trafficked and then to get away from those who held them captive while they heal in a safe environment.  She's written a best selling book called "Dancing for the Devil" telling her tale of what it was like being in what is modern day slavery and she speaks regularly to groups about trafficking and advocates for women who are trapped in the business.  daning for the devil
Dancing for the Devil on Amazon

Only a couple months ago we had Connie Nesbary on The Muskegon Channel to discuss her radio documentary "Criminal Sexual Conduct - What Needs to Change". A radio documentary that was produced in Muskegon and is now going to nationwide release.  It's a 4 hour documentary that explores the different dynamics of CSC, who offenders are and what the effects are short and long term.  Connie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Limited Licensed Psychologist in Michigan and speaks and consults with organizations on best practices in post trauma recovery.  When I met Connie to do the story about her radio documentary, I said "you really should meet my friend Anny".....and that was the beginning of this.

Connie Nesbary Biz photo 2014 retouched small
Connie Nesbary Online

The two got together and immediately found common ground both in cause and purpose and in no time flat, along came the subject at hand, a panel discussion to happen Monday October 30th at Muskegon Community College about sex trafficking called "The Real Face of Sex Trafficking - Athletics, Law Enforcement and the Hidden Agenda".  Joining these women will be Senator Judy Emmons who's an advocate to stop sex trafficking, Professor David Manville from Eastern Michigan University who teaches the only course on sex trafficking in Michigan and myself as the panel moderator.  It's going to be an open and honest discussion about trafficking in the sports industry and more.  It will be free and open to the public to attend at Collegiate Hall and it begins at 7pm

 I met up with Anny and Connie at MCC to talk a little about the upcoming panel and learn a little more in advance.  Take a listen to our talk below.

It's a tough subject.  It's taboo to many, but it's important too to get to the root of this trafficking issue and end it.'s alive and well and it's being practiced on women right here in our area and all over the country.  We had the good fortune of putting two very powerful advocates together here on The Muskegon Channel and you are welcome to hear them speak at Muskegon Community College on October 30th at 7pm at Collegiate Hall.

real face  

It's all about the proper way to stretch things out this week!  Becky is here from The Gym in North Muskegon to show you how to make sure you are limbered up and stretched out properly to avoid any injury.  Let's get flexible!

It's all about a better you!  If you'd like to know more or get going on a personalized program, stop into The Gym in North Muskegon and meet Becky and get to it!  You'll be glad you did!

It's something that touches everyone sooner or later, cancer of some form or another.  Commonly it seems that it's breast cancer and it's one of those scourges we all wish there was an answer for but yet it eludes us.  We hear the reminders.  We see the TV talk shows on the subject.  We see the magazine ads, the posters on the wall in the doctors office....the list goes on and on.  The problem isn't going away and quite often, people just throw their hands up in the air and say "what are we going to do".  Then, you have the other side of the story, those who have seen everything we all have, some who have been touched personally and said "it's time to do something".  Well, that group of "do-er's" has been at it here in Muskegon since 1996.  tt plateFind Tempting Tables on Facebook

Originally started in the Torrent House, Tempting Tables is an artistic and exquisite display of elaborate table settings that is put on bi-annually by a group of over 300 volunteers in Muskegon.  Every table has a theme and if you are a fan of fine art, maybe Art Prize suits your fancy, or maybe you'd just like to stroll thru the gallery of artistic designs and know that your donation will go to fund breast cancer research... 100% of it.....well, this is an event you just can't miss.

There are a few different ways you can be a part of this great event.  There is the Patron Celebration on October 18th from 3p-7p.   You'll be one of the first to see the dazzling display and your admission will also get you in for the rest of the weekend as well.  You can also enjoy the gallery from 10a-7p Thursday October 19th and Friday October 20th and from 10a-6p on Saturday October 21st. 

This is a very grass roots effort.  Everyone involved not only lends their skills and talents to the show, they also contribute financially as a show of solidarity to the mission to help fund the research that the proceeds go to, and over the 21 years this event has been going on, those proceeds have totaled over half a million dollars.  It's a big contribution from a group of very determined people. 

Marlene Delong joined me at the Holiday Inn Downtown Muskegon to talk about this event, which she has been a part of since day one, take a listen to our chat below. 

 If you want to be a part of the grand affair on Wednesday night, or you'd like to just stroll the scene and see what kind of beautiful inspirations have come around this year to help fund the research being done, please, be a part of Tempting Tables.  This is one of the truly unique events that makes Muskegon so special and the people who put it on take nothing from it other than the satisfaction of knowing that they did something great for someone who they might never get to meet.  To learn more or, to get tickets, you can visit the Tempting Tables website below.  My many thanks to Marlene and her 300 plus who help put this great event on!

tt 2017 

We all would love to see a generation of non smokers.  Most of us too are old enough to remember when smoking was glorified by actors in glamorous ways in commercials or in their movie roles and we know now too, that for a long long time, the dangers of smoking were downplayed and that today, one in every five deaths in America comes from a smoking related health issue.  Here's the thing though, every day, people as young as 13 grab that first cigarette and get started. 

Is it a way to fit in?  Is it a stress reliever?  Is it a way to rebel against "the man"?  For whatever the reason, young people still pick up on it and the fight continues to try and get them to quit.  They fight from every angle too.  Tough talk, the photo's of lungs all blackened by tar, parents putting the clamps on it, peer groups trying their best to discourage it.... it continues on.  

In Muskegon The Health Project part of Mercy Health works with the Knowsmoke Muskegon County Tobacco Reduction Coalition to get that message out anyway they can.  One of the biggest events they hold annually is the Knowsmoke Zombie Walk in Downtown Muskegon.  It's an event designed with youth in mind and to help them understand the dangers while providing a place that they can have some fun and get the facts about tobacco and the dangers of it.  There is an entire website dedicated to it in fact you'll find that linked below! knowsmokeKnowsmoke Muskegon on Facebook

Last year, there were a seris of videos done to help you get in the spirit of things.  They are still some great advise and if you take a look at the Knowsmoke Muskegon Facebook page, you'll be able to see how to make a fun and affordable costume to participate in the walk this coming Saturday.  You can click on the Knowsmoke Muskegon Link to the right to access the videos and while you're there, give their page a like.  

One of the driving forces behind the Knowsmoke Zombie Walk in Muskegon has been Rachel McCoy from The Health Project at Mercy Health.  We met up at Hackley Park to talk about the event, the cause and the reason that kids should be participating and learning about the dangers of early tobacco use.  Take a listen to our chat below.





 This is a free event and it's open to all young people.  If you'd like to be a part of it, please, click on the image below to visit the Knowsmoke Eventbrite Page and get registered!

ks zombie


 If you'd like to know more abou the Knowsmoke Muskegon Organization and mission, please, click on the image below for more details!


ks muskegon

Up and at 'em!!  Time for a new envigorating workout with Becky Biesiada from The Gym.  It's a weekly series deigned to get you moving at your own pace and it's here for you to use any time you'd like.  You can do it when you like, you can do it more than once a day and you are also welcome to grab the link and share it with friends!

Here's another thought, you are welcome to use it as a free sample.  If you like what's going on and want to continue, stop out to The Gym in North Muskegon, located right on the 4 Corners and see what Becky can do for you one on one or in a group!  For now, let's get to week 23! 

Whoop there it is!  Great job!!  Keep up the great work and if you'd like to take it to the next level, click on the link below to visit The Gym online or just stop in to see them sometime! 


It's getting to be that time of year again, people are in the mood for a little spooky fun and with the crisp Fall air and the leaves rustling about the haunted attractions are all ramping up for your attention.  How about adding a little more history and a little less haunt to the journey this year?  Not to say that you should skip the super scary destinations, but add in a visit to something very unique and a great way to get in touch with a little more of Muskegon that what you can pick up by reading a brochure.

City of the Dead Muskegon is back for it's 8th annual performance and it's a family friendly way for you to learn a little more about the people who've made our town what it is today.  From those who were captains of industry to those who barely have a record of their lives here in town, the Evergreen Cemetery is where you'll find the characters of our past "coming to life" next to their grave sites to tell the tale of their life and times here in Muskegon.  What life was like for them in their time here, how they impacted this community and what their contributions added to our lives today.  city of the deadMuskegon City of the Dead on Facebook

The roles have been carefully researched and the actors portrayals are done with excitement and enthusiasm for our history and the people who made it.  You'll find some facts, you'll find some'll know more about names like Hackley, Hume, Walker and Lee.  You'll see true to time period costumes and you won't find anyone jumping out of the bushes to startle you. 

This years event will be held October 14th beginning at 5p and 15th  beginning at 2.  It's a $5 admission and kids under 6 are free.  Do plan to dress warm and there could be a line as the guided tour wants to assure everyone gets a chance to hear and see the information at every stop.

I had a chance to catch up with some of the cast members.  Carolyn Holmes is Maggie Frasier who was laid to rest in "Potters Field", Tim Hamlin who makes his return as Captain Jonathan Walker who freed slaves and, Jackie Engel who plays Kitty Lee who's got quite a story of her own while her husband was out sailing the Great Lakes.  Take a listen to our chat for more!

Take a chance to learn a little more about where you're from.  We are so much more than here and now.  What we have today is great, but the storied history if Muskegon is one of our greatest treasures and as we move forward, knowing where we came from is essential.  Take your family out to Muskegon City of the Dead not only to support a great cause, but to enrich their life with some knowledge as to where we came from.  It's an event you won't regret attending and you'll walk away a little wiser from for being there.  You can click on the photo below to visit the Muskegon City of the Dead website.




Have you ever heard of Preferred Employment and Living Supports?  I had not until I got an invitation from Amanda Tague to learn a little more about the company and the services they offer.  Add to that, they have a new location and they are celebrating a 4 year anniversary so I loaded up the camera and went for a visit.  preferredFind Preferred Employment and Living on Facebook

Preferred Employment and Living Supports mission is simple, "To empower individuals faced with employment and life barriers to live higher quality and more independent lives through customized, relationship based and goal centered supports."  What that boils down to is they are there to help individuals who might need a hand keeping their home safe and clean, making medical appointments, time management, behavioral therapy, resume and job assistance, mobility and transportation, nursing services, relationship building and more.  A lot of the things that people take for granted in the day to day of life, others might find remarkably overwhelming and might cause them to isolate themselves.  

Preferred Employment and Living Supports also partners with some pretty big organizations like the Michigan Department of Community Health, The Brain Injury Association of Michigan and the National Rehabilitation Association to find the people who can best use their services and expertise.  I was able to sit down with Deb Tober, Dave Betlejewski and Samantha Scott who are partners in the company to learn a little more, and find out a little about the open house coming up.  Take a listen

If you'd care to join them for the open house, their new location is 1205 Peck Street in Muskegon.  The event is happening October 2nd from 4p-6p with a ribbon cutting at 4:30.  Some light refreshment will be served and you'll have an opportunity to meet the staff and learn more for yourself about what they do.  If it's a way for people in Muskegon to live better lives, we're glad to help share the story.  Our best wishes to Preferred Employment and Living Services!  You can visit their website by clicking below. 


This is a little new for the Muskegon Channel, I am here sharing some information and some opinion with you as I have seen a LOT of social media commentary that is very negative about the proposed millage that will be on the ballot coming up this November about the Youth Family and Community.  I was invited down to a meeting held by former Sheriff Bob Carter with a panel of people to speak on the millage and what it's really requesting.  yes for fam fbYes for Families on Facebook

For me, the key as in this is about our young people who get into trouble.  Currently, they are sent out of state to take corrective measures and while they are often taken care of for the short term, upon their return home, they come back to the same environment they left and become repeat and even more troublesome offenders.  It's a vicious cycle and one that needs to be taken care of here within our own community.  If we have the ability to not only help the offender, but to help the family so that when the time is served, we can truly begin to fix the issues we face.  If we can't get to the root of the problem, we'll continue to repeat what isn't working, expecting different results.  

I know it seems like a lot to ask.  I know too that there are those out there who'd like you to think that this is some kind of diversion for the jail to get paid for.  It's not.  The jail will have to be paid for one way or another should this millage pass or not.  I am asking that you listen to this panel of speakers with an open mind and consider what this can do for our kids....and our community

I encourage you to learn more.  I encourage you to get out and vote.  If your house is worth $100k it will cost you $6.25 per month.  I know from personal experience, that when life changes drastically, returning to what was is a wide open door to repeat behavior.  We need to focus on making sure that when we take the time and resources to invest in a young person to correct something that it's a change that will last a lifetime and that they can in turn be the provider of that kind of guidance for future generations here in Muskegon.  To visit the website for more information. click below.

yes for families


Time for some girl power!  And acoustic music and art, and poetry and more.  It's a day long festival designed to celebrate and empower "femms" from the Lakeshore area and give them a chance to showcase their art and everyone else a chance to see and hear what they are doing.  

It all got underway last year in Grand Haven and went well enough to bring year two about with a change to Muskegon for location and the addition of more than one venue for the event.  This year, things get underway at 2p on Saturday September 30th at Jackson Hill and carry on through out the evening to the Pigeon Hill Brewing Company and then to Unruly Brewing in Downtown Muskegon.  This event is free for people to attend, but there will be donations accepted and the proceeds will go to help Planned Parenthood.   ladyfest 2Ladyfest at the Lakeshore on Facebook

What will you see?  Well, there will be lots of performances! 18 of them if my count is correct and they will vary in their artistic styling's, so if one's not quite your cup of tea...stick around for the next, they might be right up your alley.  They also have a pretty defined statement, from their Facebook page - "We believe that the voices of women need to be heard, empowered, and connected. Ladyfest at the Lakeshore is our way of creating this catalyst in our very own community."  Strength in words!  

The schedule is as follows: 

Venue: Jackson House

2:00 PM - Opening words / PP & Committee
2:30 PM - Maggie May (Olivia Tatreau) 
3:00 PM - Brianne Ross 
3:30 PM - Molly Schaub
4:00 PM - Sand

Venue: Pigeon Hill Brewing Company
500 W Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

5:00 PM - Doors Open
5:30 PM - Maddie Jackson
6:00 PM - Lady Ace Boogie 
6:30 PM - Speaker from PP 
6:40 PM - Ana Elle
7:20 PM - Jessica in The Rainbow
8:00 PM - Libby DeCamp
8:45 PM - Speaker from PP

Venue: Unruly Brewing
360 W Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

9:00 PM - Doors Open
9:30 PM - Leah Kristene
10:00 PM - reggie
10:40 PM - Van Lente
11:20 PM - Bermudas

I was able to catch a few minutes with Leah Kristene at the Coffee Factory in Muskegon to talk about this event, the inspiration behind it and some of what you can expect to see this Saturday if you attend.  I can tell you this too, she's a spark.  It's awesome to have some one with so much passion behind her cause come on to talk about a fledgling event that has the potential to grow and has found the right place to grow in... Muskegon!  Take a listen to our chat below.

Many thanks to Leah for finding a few minutes in the final week of preparations before the festival to talk with us.  We're big on the idea of finding ways to help great festivals and organizations put down roots in Muskegon and given them a place to flourish.  After all, we work to be inclusive...everyone's contributions add up to make Muskegon a town that is heading in the right direction and able to attract more in the future.  Saturday... stop out to any of the locations listed above and enjoy some great music and more at Ladyfest on the Lakeshore!  



We are on to week 21 of Fit and Healthy with Becky!  If you are here to tone up or build up your cardio, you're in the right spot.  These short work out's are designed to get you moving, they can be done at your own pace and you can do them more than once a day to suit your personal fitness level.  

We tape these shows at The Gym in North Muskegon and if you think you'd like to take your work out to the next level stop in there and see them!  You can even set up a time to join one of Becky's classes of a one on one training program with her!  On to week 21!

Well done!  Come on back next week!!  We've got a special episode planned for you in lieu of hunting season opening up.  If you'd like to know more about some one on one training visit Becky's website below! 


It was a grand affair.  The Muskegon Channel was invited to broadcast live at the Frauenthal Center on Wednesday September 20th for their season premiere open house.  Hundreds from Muskegon and beyond were in attendance as some of the upcoming shows and presentations were on hand to talk about their upcoming events and all were invited to drop in on the live broadcast to join Andy O to talk about their show. 

We had guests on to talk about everything from Shakespeare to the Symphony and spiritual services to historic presentations.  I can tell you's going to be a season FULL of things to do and see at the Frauenthal Center. 

We'll let the video do the talking on this one, and hey... if you were one of the guests, all means, share this article and let it help spread the word about what you've got coming up at Muskegon's historic theater!  

Our Many thanks to the staff of the Frauenthal Center for having us out to talk about the upcoming season and if anything in the video sounded like something you'd be interested in, use the link below to head to the Frauenthal's site and learn a little more!

Frauenthal Center Logo


For me, it's hard to imagine that 38 years ago was 1980.  Yes... I was 10 and that's about the time that things start popping into memory for me.  When I was 21 and a camp counselor, the kids told me that they were born in 1980 and I just about fell off my chair because I had to face the fact that I remembered vividly what the world was they were born into.  1980 was also the first year that Muskegon jumped on board with the CROP walk to help end hunger and it's gone on ever since. 2015 crop walk POSTER 190x284aCROP Walk on Facebook

This year, the CROP Walk will be held October 1st and it kicks off at the Central United Methodist Church on Second Street in Downtown Muskegon.  Over the 38 years, Muskegon has raised over a million dollars to help beat out hunger both at home and on a global level.  Imagine the money raised here in our little corner of the world spreading out to over 40 countries all over the planet....all doing something for someone who will most likely never have the chance to pay us back, but..that's beside the point.  The point is, that we're a good and giving community and our outreach doesn't need payback.  That's not to say that a good portion of the proceeds don't go to work right here at home too, there are 4 local beneficiaries as well as some of the money going to help victims of this years hurricanes and the subsequent flooding that has occurred.  It's a pretty remarkable way for you to have an impact without a ton of effort.   

Dianna Wright Stubbs is the Executive Director of Mission for Area People, they are one of the local beneficiaries of the CROP Walk in Muskegon this year.  I was at MAP filming a story with her about the 50th anniversary they are celebrating and we figured we'd get in a talk about the CROP Walk too, take a listen.



38 years...they must be doing something right!  Get yourself in on the action and get your sneakers shined up and ready for the walk October 1st.  It's a great way to raise a few bucks and a great way to know your time and dedication went a little further.  If you'd like to know more, you can click on the image below to go to the CROP Walk page and learn more about the Muskegon CROP walk.

crop logo



We do our best to keep you up to date on the goings on in Muskegon, especially when it comes to the things that sooner or later will most likely effect our lives one way or another, and sadly, Alzheimer's Disease is one of those facts that we all will most likely have some interaction with in our time here.  It's a frightening thing to think that a friend or relative, or worse yet...a parent or ourselves will face the day that our physical memory will begin to just let go and with the loss of that memory will certainly follow the loss of other brain functions due to a dreaded disease called Alzheimer's.  

Personally, watching my dad having to deal with it in my grandfather was horrible.  Grandpa said to my dad, "I'm looking for Bill and Pete", Bill being my uncle and Pete being my dad, and my dad said "I'm Pete...I am right here" and grandpa said "No...Pete's just a little guy...have you seen him?"  I asked my dad what he did...and he said that he sat there and cried.  On one hand, I wished I was there for him, on the other...I just don't know if I could have bared it.  Grant it, my grandfather was 98 at the it was a pretty dang good run before things started going wrong...but it happens all too often, and in some much earlier in life.  I'll just go ahead and say it... it sucks. walk fb pageWalk to End Alzheimer's Muskegon on Facebook

As the work continues, so does the hope.  We all do what we can and we all hope for a break through and continue to support the efforts of the Alzheimer's Association with events that they put on to help in the research and treatment of this awful disease.  They have brought speakers in to town to talk about the advancements in detection and treatment, and coming up this Saturday, they are having their big Walk to End Alzheimer's in Muskegon at Heritage Landing with the pre walk activities getting underway at 9 and the walk itself happening at 10:30.  They have a goal of raising $56,000 dollars this year for the Muskegon walk.  Kayla Myers is the point person for the Muskegon event...and a few more for that matter, and we met up outside Tanglewood to talk a little about the walk, the latest on Alzheimer's and if there is still room for you to participate this year if you'd like.  Take a listen!


It's tough to think that something like Alzheimer's Disease has had to become part of our daily language.  But like cancer, or obesity, diabetes, it's one of the diseases that we'll have to contend with until they find a cure.  As time goes on too, more and more will have to come to grips with it.  Scary and frustrating for sure, but the work will continue and so will the hope.  If you're in need of something to do Saturday morning, Heritage Landing is a great location to be to support those who are out to walk to end Alzheimer's.   

walk to end alz


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