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It's been a busy summer at the Boys and Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore.  Lot's or programs have been implemented, lot's of kids are being impacted by the work that countless volunteers from our community and around the country have all been pitching in on and better futures are in store for these kids as well as Muskegon. bg muskegon 1Boys and Girls Club of Muskegon Lakeshore Online

It's been a summer of recreation, education, experiences and understanding.  We should throw in some life skills, sports, health, arts, character and leadership skills.  All foundations of what the Boys and Girls Club is all about.  Some have even called it... The Best Summer Ever.  But, it is back to school time and like any grand summer, it's got to come to an end and as the kids prepare to head back to the books the Boys and Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore didn't want it to go out without a bang.

Friday August 18th the kids were treated to a bass like no other.  Burgers and dogs prepared by Chef Jack Page who also took the summer to make sure daily lunch was prepared for the kids, there were dunk tanks, arts and crafts, back to school kits field activities and a host of partner agencies on hand that help the Boys and Girls Club out on a number of different levels.  As I was setting up to tape the story, the grill was just getting going, the kids were gathering and beginning to get rowdy and the party was just about to kick off!

I grabbed Molly Kristofferson and Brian Rivera just as it was about to pop for a quick chat... take a listen. 

It's a quick switch over into after school mode from the summer programs into the after school mode and what a way to go out of the summer of 2017.  Our thanks to the Boys and Girls for their tireless work and building the futures of our young people to be brighter and better tomorrow.  


We're always happy to hear about a new spot in town.  It's also nice to see something pop up on Main Street in Muskegon Heights and see that growth is not exclusive to one neighborhood or another here in town.  Mayor Kim Simms declared "The New Normal" a year or so ago and part of that includes making the effort to revitalize the Broadway Avenue portion of Muskegon Heights.  The Muskegon Heights Farmers Market is a great attraction, Read Muskegon has recently moved their center to the block, Rowan Park is home to movies in the park and what was promised is becoming reality.   sisters fbSisters Gifts and More on Facebook

I got a message from Eve Zwolinski not long ago asking me if I had heard of the shop and what they did, which I hadn't and since it's been a bit since we've ventured into the Heights for a story, I headed down to see what's going on.  Located at 46 E. Broadway this unique boutique shop offers hand made gifts, custom one of a kind jewelry they carry the Eve's Organic Essentials line of products and they also offer an aray of classes on lots of skills that might be getting lost in the shuffle of modern life.   Crochet, sewing, painting are all valuable skills and at risk of being lost to video games, snap chats twitters and more.  They teach all of them in the back.

One thing they didn't get into in the video.. the compassion offered.  They have things like a prayer bear, they have a small ministry, they have a wish jar.... they have a gentle approach to togetherness and healing and they strive to bring settlement to peoples minds.  It's a slice of small town America right in the "inner city" which in reality, is just that...small town America.

Take a listen to our talk below!




It's a new day dawning, all over the area.  What a pleasure to see a one of a kind shop, with locally made items putting down roots in a once "forgotten" area.  Take a few minutes out and stop in.  Better yet, if you'd like to learn some of the skills they teach or possibliy consign some items you make, talk to the gals at Sisters Gifts and More and help be part of the revitalization of Downtown Muskegon Heights!  All of our neighborhoods are better off in good health.  

The Summer of 2017 has been spectacular and it's not even close to being over!  September 2nd marks 12 years that Shoreline Vision has been putting on the Run for Sight which is a 5k run or walk, however you choose and the focus of the event is to benefit those who need a hand when it comes to the car of their eyes.  Shoreline Vision is a remarkable group of physicians.  As they have grown and the services they offer expanded, they have also kept sight on the fact that being a good community steward is important and that lending a hand to an organization like the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI) is not only the right thing to do, it's good business and a caring approach to help others in the profession of eye care.  abviVisit the AVBI of Michigan Online

100% of the proceeds of the Run for Sight go to benefit the ABVI.  ABVI goes beyond just vision care too.  They help people who are learning to cope with vision loss with support groups, clinics, daily living skills, vision aids and appliances, youth programs and counselling.  It's got to be quite a frightening thing to be in the beginning stages of vision loss and ABVI is there to support those who need the helping hand.  It's a remarkable outreach and Shoreline Vision is proud to support their work.

Back to the run.  Are you up for a competitive chipped 5k?  Maybe you'd like to enjoy the scenic beauty of Pere Marquette?  Maybe it's a first or maybe it's the run you wrap up the Summer with.  No matter what you like, be a part of a fun day with a great purpose and an amazing way to ease into Fall on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Shawn Cook joined me to talk about the event from the Shoreline Vision Surgical Center.  Take a listen to our talk about the event!

It's an affordale run/walk and it's something everyone can get behind to support those who are experiencing vision loss.  It's also a chance to invite friends and family out from all over the area to come and enjoy a cool September morninig on the shores of our beautiful lake!  If you'd like to reserve your spot, please do before the August 14th deadline and save yourself a few bucks!  Click on the photo below and you'll go direct to the Run for Sight registration page.  Hats off to Shoreline Vision for their commitment to Muskegon and all of our vision!

run for sight 5k 1


Earlier this Spring, Positively Muskegon visited Dan Gentz as Great Lakes Fresh Market was just taking hold in Muskegon in the former Plumbs locations.  We spent a little time getting to know Dan and learning his philosophy about being a local grocer in a world of giants, and so far, from the looks of things, Great Lakes Fresh Markets have been doing a pretty good job holding their own while keeping an eye on what the area needs and wants when it comes to quality, affordability and customer service.  glfm shermanFollow Great Lakes Fresh Market on Facebook

On our first visit, the future of the Norton Shores location was still up in the air.  The new company wasn't sure if they were going to re-open the old store at 1663 W. Sherman and the comments from readers of the Positively Muskegon Blog were all hopeful that they would someday return.  Well, the news broke today that in fact Great Lakes Fresh Market would be re-opening the store on Sherman and in time, their offices would be moving there too from their current location at the Colby Road location in Whitehall.   

I owed Dan Gentz another visit anyway to see how things were settling in for him here in Muskegon and like anyone else, he and his family are loving it.  The sunsets, the people, the community and the opportunities are all amazing.  They have found a great way to give back by partnering with Kids Food Basket and you'll begin seeing them more and more in the community in a number of ways in the days to come.  Dan and I sat down for a quick talk, hear from him directly about the timeline for the Sherman store and believe it or not...what's being thought of even past that..I promise you this, there is no moss growing under the feet of The Gentz family or Great Lakes Fresh Market...take a listen.




EVEN HIS PARENTS are moving here!  Ladies and gents.....can you say boom town?  I love it!  We'll continue to follow the success and growth of Great Lakes Fresh Market here in Muskegon.  To be honest, to know that we're not the only one's that don't mind taking on the "big guys" when it comes to local stuff...kind of makes us feel pretty good.  Work will be getting underway at the Sherman location soon and if all goes to plan, by November you'll see a great shopping option in Norton Shores run by a local family with your friends and neighbors working there to make your shopping experience that comfortable neighborhood feeling you love.  To visit Great Lakes Fresh Market online click on the photo below.


We're honored to welcome The Muskegon Polish Festival to the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon as a sponsor.  We like to celebrate all of our new partners with a welcome honestly as our work is a reflection of the work of so many others here in town who make things happen.  The Muskegon Polish Festival Happened for the first time last year and boy, did it ever happen.  Almost too much happening....but let's take a step back a second. mpf fb leadMuskegon Polish Festival on Facebook

First off, you may or may not know this, but Muskegon is truly a hot spot for polka music.  Tom Sanocki has kept his Polka Melodies show going for 21 years now on the radio and trust me when I tell you this, his audience is fiercely loyal.  You may remember, I have some previous experience in the field and know what it's like to have an audience like his.  His fans drop everything when the show comes on and that's what's going to be the entertainment.  Second, we've got some great Polish halls.  Never been to an area hall?  Cheap drinks, friendly people, affordable rental space and a comfortable atmosphere.  Hard to top.  Finally, Muskegon is all about festivals...right about now...you should be starting to see why the first Muskegon Polish Festival was such a hit.  A perfect storm was brewing for a party.  7000 people showed up.  :)

Year two, well they have had a chance to plan a little better, add a few things and get ready to go on Labor Day weekend.  It kicks off with a lunch time free admission.  Yes, head to Hackley Park for a great lunch with a Polish flare and you'll get a wrist band good to get you back in for later that night.  They have polka bands lined up to go all day, they have food, imported Polish beer, kielbasa, kapusta...(do keep in mind...a good part of my youth was spent on the west side of Grand Rapids...I am slobbering all over the keyboard).  That's day 1.

Tom Sanocki joined me at the corner of 4th and Western to talk about the event a little and we'll continue to keep you updated as it draws near.  We're excited and honored to be a part of the fun and to watch yet another new, fun festival get off the ground is a great thing for all of Muskegon.  Take a listen.

Here we go!  Mark the calendar for Labor Day weekend and make sure you stop in to Hackley Park to roll out the barrel!  It's a dream come true to watch so many things continue to grow here and more over, it's amazing to watch how an idea can explode like it did last year with the Polish Festival.  To me, it tells me that Muskegon's rebound is strong and true. It tells me too that our belief in ourselves is getting stronger every day and our sustainability...it's growing!  If you'd like to know more about the Muskegon Polish Festival, click on their image below.

MPF poster 752x238lead


A couple of weeks ago, we visited the Dalton Township Fire Department to talk about a much needed millage vote coming up and while we were there, they gave me a sneak peek at a new apparatus they were just about to complete for training of fire fighters in a number of scenarios.  As promised, we headed back for the dedication of the structure as well as a demonstration of some of the techniques they will practice on this device. IMG 8185

Inspired by the loss of two fire fighters, sadly this is how most innovation happens, what now stands in Dalton Township will be open to for departments all over the area to work with.  In fact, they are already getting requests from fire departments state wide for the blueprints for the Saving Our Own prop.  Imagine that?  Dalton Township is taking the lead state wide in innovation and protection of our first responders. 

It took some work to get this done.  There were plenty of donations as well as volunteer hours spent to build the structure and of course some planning and consideration to be done by the Dalton Township board, but in the end it all came together to provide a much needed way to add some training options for our local fire departments.  On top, the floor has a removable panel to simulate a second floor collapse.  It also has a window for fire fighters to practice rescuing people from a structure on a ladder.  You'll see it in practice in the video.  The lower level, you'll find a very narrow couple of hallway simulations as well as a breach wall where fire fighters practice going right through the wall.  Did you ever imagine that they would have to not only punch their way through the wall, but also avoid getting tangled up in all the wires hidden in the wall?  Crazy and remarkably dangerous.  

Fire Chief Alan Styles was my guest this time to talk about the structure in more detail  Take a listen to our talk about this really cool "prop" as he calls it.

As mentioned a week or so ago, we focus an awful lot on the immediate Muskegon area, but Fruitport to Montague is what "Muskegon" is to us.  We're proud to help showcase the great things in all of our communities and the Dalton Township FD is really doing what they can to not only improve their department, but offer others the chance too.  Their outreach continues to area schools grows, their commitment to protecting the area residents is resolute and their excitement and pride over the Saving Our Own Devise is contagious.  Our thanks to the Dalton Township FD for letting us debut this awesome tool!! 

It's been a busy few weeks, but we're getting back on pace with programming here and that includes another visit with Chef Char at Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market!

Since it's blueberry season, and Char knows that I have a sweet tooth, she brought up the idea of doing a strudel.  Little did I know that she cut her teeth cooking making strudels up at the Cherry Pointe Market in Sliver Lake!  Not a bad first job huh?  Without further adieu let's get cooking!

Chef Char is a rock star in the kitchen and she's also got an awesome website you outta take a look at, if you click on her photo below, it will take you directly there and you can learn more about her, the classes she offers and her other media appearances!  Our most sincere thanks to Char for making time for the Muskegon Channel.  The recipe for the strudel is below!

cc mkg channel

The Recipe - 

Chef Char’s Blueberry Pie Filling



5 pound bag

IQF blueberries, thawed and drained (reserve juices)

3/4 cup

corn starch

2 cups

reserved juices from fruit

3 cups

granulated sugar

1/2 cup

lemon juice

1 tsp


2 Tbls

almond extract

(makes 10 cups)



Dissolve corn starch in reserved juices in pan before heating.

When most of the corn starch is dissolved into the juice, start to cook the slurry over medium heat while stirring.

Add sugar, lemon juice, salt and extract and stir until all ingredients are dissolved.

Bring sauce to a boil and shut off heat.  Pour sauce over drained fruit in a large bowl.

Stir so that all fruit is coated in sauce.  Allow sauce to cool before adding to crusts.

To make a strudel, thaw four puff pastry sheets.  Once thawed, roll pastry sheets a few times to stretch the dough slightly.  Cut slices on each side, one third of the way across the pastry sheet.  Place about 2 cups of filling down the center of the pastry sheet.  Braid the strudel with the cut pieces of pastry dough by weaving each side over and under.  Fold the bottom braid and bake in a preheated oven at 375 for 20-25 minutes or until crust is flaky and brown with filling boiling out slightly. 

Allow to cool and coat with a lemon glaze (2 cups powdered sugar, 1/3 cup water, 2 Tbls fresh squeezed lemon juice) and garnish with toasted almonds.

This recipe makes enough filling for two 9” fruit pies or four strudel pastries.  The blueberry filling is also delicious served over pancakes, waffles or ice cream.  

The Muskegon Chapter of The American Red Cross is looking for a few good men or women who can help!  It's a simple request and it doesn't involve needles this time, although do keep in mind that The Red Cross is always in need of blood to maintain the supply here in town.  No, this time they are asking for outgoing people who have a good driving record and the willingness to grab the wheel of a Red Cross vehicle and take patients who need medical treatment to their appointments.  Simple as that. red crossRed Cross Online

It's a matter of a few hours once or twice a week, or if you can spare more, that's fine too.  You go through a simple background check and driving record check then...you hit the streets.  One day, you may be picking someone up who needs a trip to dialysis, the next...chemo therapy.  It might be a routine doctor visit or maybe a check up at the clinic, but the important part is you're taking an active role in helping someone out who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it to their appointments.  

In all honesty too, what harm can come of being able to provide a ride to someone?  You give them some time out of the house, a little company they might not otherwise have and the important thing you're helping make sure that the treatment they need is fulfilled.  You may find that the rewards are greater than anything by establishing a connection with someone who you would have otherwise probably never met.  

I met up with Mark Evans of the American Red Cross of Muskegon to talk about the need for some more hands on deck when it comes to drivers.  They actually have a waiting list of people who are in need of transportation, so take a listen to our chat and see if you can carve an hour or two out a week to help.

Not much to it, but the impact you can have is enormus. Mark even gave me a direct line for you to call if you are interested in helping out.  231-720-4254.  It's a community building thing, taking care of those who can't take care of themselves is essential.  We show our compassion by assiting those in need.  Consider a few hours a week or a month to help and think about how cool you'll look hot roddin' around town in one of those awesome Red Cross vehicles.


To get me to head in to the air conditioned comfort of the Muskegon Area District Library was not much of a fight. They asked if we'd come talk about some of the fantastic programming they had going on over the summer months to not only keep young minds working during a little downtime from school, but to also give area families a little something to do that doesn't involve snap chats and video games and you tubes and on and on and on.  Yes, you hear me saying it now...the importance of stimulating little minds..and your own is second to none.  Today's offerings in the world of digital entertainment are beyond anything I could have ever imagined growing up, but, the basics...like reading...writing, arts, crafts and inspiration all need to be fostered in young peoples minds. MADL 061517MADL on Facebook

The summer is when the Muskegon Area District Library kicks everything into high gear.  The events calendar on their website is a staggering collection of things to do, see and learn across all of their 10 branches located all across Muskegon county.  Recently, the MADL had asked voters to approve a millage request and from the looks of the amount of work that's going on to engage and enlighten, that millage passing was put to incredible use.  Everything from family story times to movie showings, t-shirt paintings to country music shows, flower and botany contests, computer training, used book sales...it doesn't end.  There is literally a flurry of activity every day, all summer long.  The best part it...it all focuses on making sure that minds stay active and don't lose the edge over the vacation break.

If all of that isn't enough...let's talk about the entire online arm of the MADL.  Foreign language learning services, Hoopla, which is all your favorite entertainment options like movies, albums, TV episodes and more, Databases (because who doesn't love a good database), foreign television programming, English as a second language courses...you could literally get lost in the digital end of things alone.  It's a pretty remarkable library system we're sporting here in Muskegon.

I met up with Alison Purgiel who is the Librarian of the Norton Shores branch of the MADL to talk about the goings on, she's really got her finger on the pulse of it all.  Take a listen to our chat below.



Our community might not be the richest, but..let's be honest here.  we can get just as much out of what we have as any other.  We have got an amazing library system that we all agreed by vote should be preserved and used for generations to come.  It's always a great pleasure to stop in to any of our area library branches.  It's equally a pleasure to talk to Alison.  She's so passionate about her job and her community.  To have the MADL on as a sponsor here and Positively Muskegon is truly a nod to us too saying that we're getting it right.  It's a great partnership.  If you'd like to know more about all that's going on at the Muskegon Area District Library, click on the photo below to go to their website!


10 branches

We spend an awful lot of time right in town with stories, but as I have said a million times, Muskegon to me is from about Fruitport to Montague...it's our area.  So, I was happy to get an invite up to the Dalton Fire Department to learn a little about their staff and some things coming up in that neck of the woods.  

First off, I got a peek at something you'll see in a couple of weeks.  It's not quite ready for the big unveiling yet, but right up there in little old Dalton, they have an incredible training apparatus that is already being talked about statewide to be used or duplicated for other fire departments to train their staff on.  Imagine that?  They are coming from all over Michigan to train in Dalton!  More on that in a couple of weeks. dfdDalton Fire Department on Facebook

As we sat down today, it was more about a millage vote coming up.  Ya, a millage vote.  Dalton needs a new fire truck as their current one is about to turn 20.  Its in perfectly good shape, but here's the rub.  There's this thing called an "ISO" rating.  I don't know a whole lot about them but, in order to maintain insurance rates on peoples homes the ISO rating has to be a certain score and part of that is how current the equipment of the local municipalities is. In a nut shell, Dalton is asking it's residents for about $37 bucks a year for the new truck as opposed to a little more than double that in increased insurance costs should their ISO rating change.  About as simple as I can put it.

I had a chance to sit down with Fire Chief Al Styles and Dalton Township Supervisor Tony Barnes to discuss this millage request and learn a little more about the Dalton FD.  It's truly a remarkable team of dedicated people, most of which not only balance the rigors of being on the fire department, but also keep full time jobs in other fields too.  It's a fire department as modern as any other, but it's also got a very small town home grown feel to it and yes, every fantasy you ever had about being a fireman as a kid comes bursting back into mind.  Take a listen to our chat below.


Like we said in the video, not asking you to vote one way or another, but the need is real, and the cost is pretty low to maintain the effectiveness that the Dalton Fire Department prides themselves on so very much.  We all tend to focus on what goes on right in Muskegon, I know I am one of them,  but our county is vast and the Dalton area sees an awful lot of activity year round and is home to a lot of our residents.  The thing I took away from Al and Tony was they are out to save their residents a few bucks and make sure the essential equipment is on hand.  Thanks to Al and Tony for the visit and check back in a couple weeks when we show you that new piece of training gear.  It's pretty awesome to have right here in Muskegon.


Stand Up for the Cure.  What an event in Muskegon!  Can you imagine anywhere else that such an amazing event can take place for such a tremendous cause?  Wait....what?  You need to know more?  Ok.

Stand Up for the Cure is an event centered around the water that benefits Susan G. Komen of Michigan.  From their website - "Komen Michigan is an independent, local non-profit organization that is dedicated to combating breast cancer, saving lives and reducing breast cancer mortality in Michigan. There are barriers that prevent women from getting screened and receiving treatment including financial, cultural and language barriers, transportation issues and a lack of knowledge. With the help of our patient-centered network of nonprofits and community support, we are overcoming these barriers through innovative education programs, screenings, diagnostics, transportation, survivor programs and cutting-edge research.Through Komen Michigan, money raised here stays here to fund life-saving programs and research. Komen Michigan has funded more than $12 million in local breast health programs over the last 20 years, filling the gap for much-needed services across the region." suftc1 origStand Up For the Cure on Facebook

Last year, Stand Up For the Cure of Muskegon Raised over $75,000.  That's a big chunk of money for such a great cause and in 2017 they hope to do just a little better.  Well, ok, a lot better.  You'll find a chance to try the stand up paddle boards, great food with your lunch provided, music, free breast cancer and melanoma screenings, a happy hour, fun events for beginners experts and fun for the whole family. 

I was joined by Dianne Hoofman and Shawn Taylor at Harbor Towne Beach where this years event will happen on July 8th.  Take a listen to our talk about all things SUFTC and Komen.  Betten Baker and the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce, Spectrum Health Cancer Center, Mercy Health, Shape, Arconic, KL Outdoor, The Muskegon Airport, The Lighthouse Group, Quality Tool and Stamping, Century Foundry, Tyler Sales, Meijer, Port City Group, Restoration Services, Devoursney LLC and West Wind Construction are the great sponsors behind this event.

You can't miss out on the fun!  You can't miss out on the cause and more importantly, you can't miss out on the rest of your life.  Early detection is the key and the ability for all women to receive equal treatment is vital.  Susan G Komen works to make sure that access is provided for all women and all women come together to make this a remarkable organization.  Men, let's be honest...we'd be lost without the women, so we're equally indebted to help the cause.  Mom's, grandma's, wives, daughters...the women in our lives are so very important.  Help Komen assure that they all have access to the same care that will keep them here with us for a long time to come.  For registration info, click on the image below.

stand uplead


It's time Muskegon goes to the dogs. The dog park that is, with the help of many contributors Muskegon is getting its first public dog park. You will be able to bring your four-legged family member to the downtown Muskegon PetSafe Bark Park at the end of summer or beginning of fall. dogsgo1Pet Safe Bark Park on Facebook
This amazing off leash dog park will be located on the corner of West Western Avenue and Shoreline Drive. The Michigan Economic Development Corp is leading the funding groups along with PetSafe, the Muskegon Kennel Club, Community Foundation for Muskegon County and Downtown Muskegon Now. All of the help of these businesses along with dog enthusiasts throughout the community have helped raise money totaling $110,000 through the crowdfunding campaign last year. 
I caught up with Dave Alexander and Sara Sass right out in front of the entrance where construction is just underway to talk more about the park.  Take a listen.
Whether you have a small dog or a large dog each will have their own area at the Bark Park. There will be a large fence around the whole area and a fence in between for small and large dogs to be separated. You will find a watering hole for the pets and their humans along with picnic tables and other fun activities for the whole family. I can't wait to see you and all of your four-legged furry family members at the dog park!

Like most anyone, I have had to roll with the punches when it comes to my working life.  I started off in radio, and would have been very content in doing just that for a few hours a day, along with helping find ways to help others out with the proper use of it.  Creativity, inspiration, drive, passion and yes, a few minutes in the spotlight all played into the career I built and was taught by so many good and truly talented people.  It's evolved some, and the internet is the main platform now, and I can't hide behind the microphone anymore....sorry....I wish the host of this show was better looking, but at the end of the day, way deep down I am still a radio geek.  I scan the AM dial in the night...I have a CB I take on out of state trips...I long for the days when that companion voice was there to keep you company.

Now, let's change the conversation a little.  Today, it's all online.  We get our music, info, entertainment all from a stream for the most part and in as much as the choices are vast, there are still some things to consider when it comes to the web.  What if the internet crashes?  What if there is false information?  What if the power is out?  What if what it what if???  There is still a whole lot of "wild west" when it comes to the internet.  Luckily, in Muskegon, we have a group of dedicated radio operators that can handle information in any emergency situation, and they would like to meet you. mkg am radioMuskegon Amateur Radio Council On Facebook

The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council is a group of radio operators who communicate with others across the area, the state, nation and world on different bands of radio called short wave.  We're used to AM and FM for the most part, but the radio frequency spectrum is wide...and it's always getting wider....wait....radio geek coming out....I'll slow down some.  To simplify, they operate 2 way communications and have been since long before cell phones came along.  The are weather spotters, they are emergency contacts, disaster reporters and they operate radio for reasons far more important than getting back stage passes to all the concerts.  

Amateur radio is something I have always wanted to get in to.  I am sincerely going to someday.  But for now, there are people like Ron Minzey here in town who handle the job and are not only dedicated to the passion of radio operation, but the safety of all of us with their love of the craft.  The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council will be hosting their annual field day June 24th-25th at Margret Drake Elliot Park down by the Muskegon Channel and you're invited to come an meet them and learn a little more about thier endeavors.  Take a listen to our chat below.






As my career has gone....it's always remained rooted in the fascination of that voice coming out of that little speaker.  Sure, some times the speakers were huge and sometimes, they fit right in your ear...but the ability to be that voice....you never lose the need for it once you have the bug.  If fact, today most of the things you hear from me are written, but they are written in the hopes that you hear me speaking in the tone you are used to.  I hope to be among the Muskegon Amateur Radio Operators some day soon.  I hope too that you appreciate them for the work they do and the safety they provide all of us.  Stop down and see them near the channel this weekend, and rest well knowing they are tuned in for you. 

radio listener




It's time once again to get out and enjoy the festival like atmosphere at the Muskegon Farmers Market as the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce presents Downtown Dancing this summer!  It's a give back to Muskegon as a thanks for all the being part of all the other great events they do, and let's be honest.  There ar some big events over the course of the year.  There is Trinkets and Treasures, They have Fashion and Frolic and of course the big one, Dancing with the Local Stars. WDCC logoWDCC Online

All of their work is done for the benefit of Muskegon and places in need.  Local food pantries get filled, a good time is had by many and Muskeogn is better off thanks to the hard work of the WDCC.  They also provide scholarships, they do an adopt a senior program, they make hats mittens and scarves for Every Woman's Place, and they create civic consciousnesses through unity and coordination of activities.  

This year, you'll see bands like Yard Sale Underwear, Sliverado, Carl Webb Band, and Lakeshore Big Band.  You'll enjoy free admission and plenty of great food form local vendors.  I was joined by Sue Lumley and Jackie Engel at the Muskegon Farmers Market to find out all the details, take a listen below.



Fun for the whole family and the price it right!  Spend some time out enjoying Downtown Muskegon.  Keep in mind, it's growing by leaps and bounds.  There are the new Shops on Western, plenty pf great restaurants, brewereies and a great sense of community to be enjoyed.  You'll hear top notch acts and you'll see first hand the awesome things happening.  Many thanks to the WDCC for the work they do around town, show your appreciation by grabbing the lawn chairs and heading down for a night or tow of fun.  The full schedule is listen below!

Downtown Dancing 2017

Do you remember Bike to Work Week? Are you wondering why you didn’t hear anything about it this year? Well, it has evolved into Smart Commute to Work Week and encompasses all forms of transportation including; walking, running, ride sharing, and utilizing public transportation via the MATS bus. smart commute mkgSmart Commute Muskegon on Facebook

This is the first year for Smart Commute to Work Week and it has seen a healthy interest from those in Muskegon County. Some of the organizers joined the Muskegon Channel to discuss the week long initiative, the really cool events and incentives, and how people can adopt the Smart Commute to Work Week concepts all year long.

Tom Lindrup and Scott Blease met me at the Muskegon Farmers Market to talk about the week long event, take a listen to our talk below.





It's a new day in Muskegon.  Get out and enjoy it.  Oil up that bike chain.  Buddy up for a ride to work, try MATS.  Take just a littl bit away from your carbon foot print and add a little bit back to your over all good health.  You'll be glad you did!  For more info, click on the logo below for the Muskegon Smart Commute Week website.

mkg smart commute week

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