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Both Sides of the Story - The Docks Project in Muskegon

Muskegon Metro Area News

At the Muskegon Channel, we work very hard to bring you the "good news" about what's going on around town.  We think that there are plenty of other organizations that focus on what divides us and their focus tends to pick scabs and continues to pit neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and might even tend to muddy the waters between citizens and the municipalities that serve them.  We're not blind to the fact that not everything everywhere is all "peaches and cream" but to keep pushing what divides us isn't really a part of the long term solution so when we find out about a dust up we try a little different approach to sharing the story.


Today, "Both Sides of the Story" focuses on the proposed development of "The Docks".  It's a residential area that has been proposed for the area up in the Bluffton Neighborhood right on Muskegon Lake.  I was first approached by the group in Bluffton who is opposed to the idea.  Their concerns are increased traffic, both on land and the water.  The preservation of the dune land is a priority to them as well as the disruption of their neighborhood in both the short and long term.  

On the other side of the coin.  The Docks is being built on private property by a developer.  From the City of Muskegon's point of view, it's additional residents to help rebuild from those who have moved out over the last couple of decades and it's growth in a positive direction.  

There will be a City of Muskegon Planning Commission Meeting June 13th, held at the Beardsley Theater to hear from residents who have concerns and those who support the project.  It's an open meeting so anyone can attend. 

For today, Ben Evans was chosen to speak for the Bluffton Neighbors and LeighAnn Miksell from the City of Muskegon joined me to share their side of this.  Take a listen and decide for yourself.  We're not here putting any kind of spin or slant, we just want you to hear "Both Sides if the Story"


Thanks to both Ben and LeighAnn for their time in sharing the separate view points. We are happy to share the platform with both and keep it as a conversation. Not everything needs to be finger pointing and name calling ya know.  If you have an opinion you'd like heard, make sure you are at the meeting at the Beardsley on June 13th and take part in the discussion.