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Wings of Mercy Care Affaire Saturday June 8th at Executive Air in Muskegon

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It's a story I look forward to every year.  Why?  Well, let's go over what goes on at the Wings of Mercy Care Affaire happening at Executive Air.  Starts off with a 5K run...(that I have nothing to do with) then it's a pancake breakfast put on by the Lions Club (at this point...I am all in).  They have a classic car show going on, the Chris Boes Memorial Run for those who like to ride.  There will be plenty of static airplane displays, maybe even some helicopter rides and more.  It's a really big and busy day that continues to grow and grow every year because the lives touched by Wings of Mercy, well, they continue to grow yearly as well.  Let's give you the quick story.

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Let's say you or a loved one is diagnosed with a rare disease.  One that is not only nearly impossible to fight, but locally...there isn't the technology or the proper specialists to get in there and really go after it.  You have to seek out treatment at The Mayo Clinic or Duke University or some place where advances practices are every day occurrences and could be your only hope.  Scary right?  Combine that with the cost of the treatments and the travel to the designated treatment centers...you can see fairly quickly that some may just have to give up on seeking the treatment they need.  Talk about a defeat.

Well, this is where Wings of Mercy steps in.  Wings of Mercy has volunteer pilots who donate their time, and talents and treasure to make sure that those patients get the flight they need to the providers that can help make a difference and Wings of Mercy steps in to coordinate the flights and families and helps pay for the expenses of the endeavor like fuel for the plane.  Amazing givers who step in when so many feel "all is lost" and restore hope in those who are suffering not only for themselves, but for humanity in general.

Grace Spelde has become one of my all time favorite guests.  I guess, why not.  Her job is making all this happen.  In essence, she facilitates miracles and she's exudes happiness and rightly so.  If you spent all day helping make this kind of thing happen...you'd be pretty happy too.  Take a listen to our chat from this morning at Executive Air.


If you're all about the cause or you're just all about the fun, Saturday is looking like an AWESOME day for everything outdoors and to include the Wings Of Mercy Care Affaire in your plans...couldn't get much better. Head out for a few and enjoy the sights and sounds of everything at the event. Maybe surprise your kids with an airplane ride... and if that's a little out of your budget, at very least, enjoy the pancake breakfast and let the proceeds help Wings of Mercy.  An amazing organization with an incredible purpose.  For more about them, visit their website by clicking below.

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