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Muskegon's Powerboat Weekend 2019

Muskegon Metro Area News
Today I had the pleasure of talking with Roger Zuidema is the president of West Michigan Offshore about Muskegon’s Powerboat weekend. The fun gets started on Friday June 14th 2019, when they will be getting a police escort to 3rd street downtown Muskegon next to Hackley Park for the taste of Muskegon. You will be able to come up close to the boats and take pictures if you would like. The GVSU dance team will also be there for you to meet, talk to and take photos with as well. (if they are not preforming that is)  
Saturday June 15th, Roger and the rest of West Michigan Offshore would like to invite you to come on down to the Aquastar around 10-10:30am. You will be able to board the Aquastar at 11am for the price of a donation but it is first come first receive a seat as they are limited. The money that is raised for your donations will be going to the Make A Wish foundation. While you are on the boat you will have an up-close view of all of the powerboats that will be following behind. Even if you don’t receive a seat on the Aquastar you are still welcome to join in down at the Muskegon channel to view the parade of power as all of the boats come through the channel.

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Visit https://www.westmichiganoffshore.com/ for more information.