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Lakeshore Art Festival July 5th and 6th in Muskegon - Gaberielle Butterfield Reports

Muskegon Metro Area News
This is the time of year that I look forward to every year. The sweet smells of all the fresh blooming flowers, fresh cut grass, children are out of school and all of the different types of festivals are happening. If you have been following the stories here on the Muskegon Channel you will have already seen our stories about some major happenings around town. Well I have one more for you, The Lakeshore Art Festival is back and bigger than before. 
laf 2019Lakeshore Art Festival on Facebook
The goal and theme this year for the Lakeshore Art Festival as well as for many of us here in Muskegon is to bring life and color back into downtown as Muskegon as a whole. One of the ways that Carla and her team have come up with is to partner with the Nuveen center. With this partnership they had local students paint canvases as well as have a community Create a canvas on 3rd and western. All of these canvases will go up for auction and all of the money raised will go toward future art education and the Nuveen center in White Lake. Other Fun changes are the mural created by Kelsey Montague that is on the side of the Frauenthal Center for you to view and take pictures with. There will also be kayaks in the children's lain painted in the butterfly theme as well as on in the park that will be painted in the constellation theme. These Kayaks will also be up for auctions as well with the proceeds going back to local organizations. Also new in the children's lain this year, John Ball Zoo will be here talking about the lifecycle of the butterfly and Weesies Brothers Garden Center will be handing out milkweed seeds for the butterflies.
All of the fun, friends and feasting starts on July 5th &6th from 10am-6pm this year. As I had mentioned this year is bigger and better than before. I was able to get all of the details from Carla Flanders from the Chamber of Commerce. Carla shared with me that Clay Ave and 2nd Ave will have more vendor booths for you to visit. This expansion will also help blend everything together to make a nice loop through downtown.
All of this and so much more is going to be happening downtown on July 5th and 6th this year. If you have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) head on down to join in the fun. I hope to see you there. You can even stop me and say hi, I love meeting new people.  Check out the Lakeshore Art Festival online by clicking on the photo below!
laf crowd