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We welcomed a new sponsor this year, the West Michigan Business and Craft Fair, which will be happening at the beautiful and centrally located Hackley Park this coming Saturday June 22nd.  It's the 4th year for the event and the 3rd time they have set up in Hackley Park for the occasion.  The event continues to grow and so does the added fun around the event with food vendors, fun drawings, plenty of hand outs and most importantly, exposure to business people who are on the rise, but might quite not be ready for a brick and mortar store front just yet. 

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Look at it like this.  Home based business people do a lot of work, and business in and around Muskeogn.  Their products, crafts and services might not get the exposure that some get...but if you spent a little time on sites like Etsy, or Ebay or did a little hunting on some of the referral sites around, you'd see... there are a lot of very unique artisans and incredibly talented business people out there who offer what you are looking for and the great part of it all is, you're supporting LOCAL small business.  

Could it be a jewlery maker?  Maybe it's a crafter who makes local organic products?  Fun things for kids, artful decor for your home or maybe a service you didn't even know was offered here in town.  That's the objective of this grass roots effort put together by Vanessa Davis and her crew!  Her growing crew I might add.  Along with all of the crafter and vendors, you'll find live music, tasty food and beverage and a community based atmosphere where friends and neighbors meet up to catch up on things going on around town and see what there is to find at the fair!

Vanessa and I had a chance to meet up at Hackley Park.  It was just after Taste of Muskegon wrapped up so as the crews worked behind up to finish up one event, another is getting ready to happen and that's an awesome sign of moving in the right direction.  Take a listen to our chat about this years event.



There is still space for more!  Do you have a product or service from a home based business and want to be a part of this fun and growing event?  Get a hold of Vanessa by visiting the official website for the West Michigan Business and Craft Fair!  This is a great opportunity to show what you do and maybe even make some money while enjoying the company of business owners like yourself and shoppers who are out for something unique and fun that came from Muskegon. 

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