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Ultra Michigan Electric Forest Pre Party Wednesday at Unruly Brewing

Muskegon Metro Area News

So many roads lead to the Forest... Electric Forest that is.  The annual music festival that puts the Lakeshore on the world map for a few days is happening this weekend just north of Muskegon at the Double JJ Ranch and we'll once again see people from every corner of earth join us for music, sun, art, fireworks and more.  It's a festival experience like none other anywhere around here and the demand for tickets is years in advance of even the artists being announced.  It's really become something to be amazed by and if you've never been, I can tell you very personally, you're missing out. 

Not only does Electric Forest bring in a widely eclectic group of concert goers, it attracts media on a world wide scale to cover every aspect of the festival.  From festival fashion, to what the bands played in their set lists...what food is being served, what camping was like...every angle is being covered by someone for a podcast, a "vlog" or a TV show.  Locally, our media does pretty good covering things.  I am sure you'll hear plenty of traffic reports when the festival load in gets under way, and you'll probably see plenty of social media pictures from those around here lucky enough to get tickets!  One of the media outlets covering the show, is fairly new to the scene, but is also the brain child of a long time friend of mine Jeff Brinn. 

Jeff and Benjamin Fredricks founded "Ultra Michigan" not too long ago.  Ultra Michigan is a site to show you things around Michigan going on you might not see otherwise.  Could it be part of the music world like Electric Forest?  Maybe it's some fine art photography of nature.  Maybe they are reporting on a comic convention, found their way into a secret show at a venue, got access to a skate park...they seem to be kind of all over the state with the site so far and are working to add podcasts as well as more multi media experiences and live events as they grow.  

To kind of give a live event a try, Ultra Michigan secured a pair of weekend wrist bands to the 2019 Electric Forest Festival that starts this Thursday.  The are having a pre-festival party at Unruly Brewing in Downtown Muskegon Wednesday night.  It's a fund raiser for the Oceana County Conservation district and not only will they have the Electric Forest Passes to give away, they will have a bunch of other cool prizes, guest dj's and live bands on hand!  It all gets underway at 6p Wednesday night and a $10 cover is all it takes to get you in.

I met up with Jeff and Benjamin to talk about Ultra Michigan and the Invasive Species Party, take a listen.  

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A last ditch effort at a weekend of fun, or a chance to benefit a great cause a county to the north...your call.  Either way, we wish the very best to Jeff and Ben on the launch of Ultra Michigan and we hop too, that the party at Unruly is a huge success not only for the conservation district but for the fans of great music and a great time!  Visit the Ultra Michigan site at https://ultramichigan.com/ .