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About a year ago, I was asked to be an emcee at the Alzheimer's Association's walk that takes place annually down at Heritage Landing.  I have emceed an event or two, and like so many more, I have had a brush or two with Alzheimer's.  My first came when my dad was telling me of his trying to cope with my grandfathers late stages of life....suffering from dementia and on a visit one day asking my dad, "Where's Pete"?  "Dad, I'm Pete...I am right here."  "No, Pete's just a little guy...he's probably 3 or 4....I can't find him".  Just unimaginable.  Next, my wife and I...her kids lost their paternal grandfather to the disease and I saw first hand how they struggled and how they were inspired to do something about it too.  So, for matter the definition....I agreed to join in. 

I met with a volunteer from the organization and got the specifics.  It was a nice initial meeting over some Mexican food and I had no idea who had found me or why.  More on that to come.  Last years event went well, and as the page turned, the Alzheimer's Association came back this year and asked me to be their official spokesman for Muskegon in 2019.  So, humbly...I agreed. 

As we work toward the Walk to End Alzheimer's on September 21st.  We hope you'll follow the Muskegon Channel for a few things.  One, details on how you can be involved.  You can do a multitude of things as simple as donating a little online.  You can form a team and participate in the Walk itself.  You can attend some pretty eye opening seminars focused on what's being done to treat and cure those with Alzheimer's Disease that will be presented in "real talk" without a bunch of jargon and medical speak that's hard to understand and, you'll be invited to follow a series we are going to do here walking you through living life with Alzheimer's from the point of view of a care giver.  

You know about the Walk on the 21st of September.  Now, let's talk about the informational seminar.  Dr. Bruno Giordani will be speaking once again in Muskegon at Tanglewood Park on August 22nd to talk about the most current research that's going on and where things stand in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.  Finally, our series.  You are going to meet Kelly DeVos who's dad is currently living with Alzheimer's and she's agreed to help share the story of their journey together while they fight.  It will be a 4 part series here on the Muskegon Channel and we're very excited about Kelly's strength and courage in sharing their story.  

I caught up with Erin Murphy of the Alzheimer's Association to kind of get the ball rolling with some info as we work our way toward the final push toward September.  Take a listen.  

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There is a lot more to come, but now is the time for action if you'd like to participate.  No matter your reason, it's an all hands on deck call for a great turn out and successful fundraiser.  Much like cancer, sooner or later, everyone will know someone effected by Alzheimer's Disease.  Please...over the next couple of months, follow along.  Form a team.  If you have the ability to be an event sponsor, join in.  To be asked to be a spokesman for such an organization is a great honor for me to say the least, but more's a testament to what we stand for and what we believe in at the Muskegon Channel.  The belief in all of us...the belief that Muskegon does more....and the belief that being behind what is truly a great cause is why we're in business and why we want to use all of our resources to show you every angle we can of such an important battle.  For more on the Alzheimer's Association, click on their logo below.