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Thu, May

Lily's Flower Truck - Brightening Muskegon's Day Wherever it Stops

Muskegon Metro Area News

If you have been down town lately, chances are you have seen an adorable VW Camper Bus driving around with some beautiful flowers in the back. Lily’s Flower Truck Is the most amazing addition to our community.

Kassy and her husband wanted to create a mobile business but didn’t know exactly what they were looking for until they can across a photo online of a similar truck and knew this was it. Kassy and her husband also knew that they wanted to involve their daughter somehow and what better way than to name their new truck after her.
Like I previously mentioned Lily’s flower truck is a mobile flower business. They park the truck in different locations around town. If you would like to know exactly where Lily’s Flower Truck will be parked you can follow them on Instagram or Facebook, if you do not have either accounts you can most likely find them on Western Market in front of the Chalets on most Saturdays during the summer months.
Click on the video to hear their story and see firsthand how adorable Lily’s Flower Truck is.


For more information, follow Lily's Flower Truck on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LilysFlowerTruck/ .