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Muskegon County Veterans Millage Renewal August 6th - Please Vote

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August 6th Muskegon County residents are being asked to renew a millage for our area Veterans.  It will be the only millage proposal on the ballot and it's not asking for a penny more than we're already paying to continue the service provided for our Veterans, and it's not increased since 1994. 


HUH?  In a time of endless questions about government spending....how can anyone keep any department running that efficiently, increase services provided and set the standard for all other Veterans service centers in the state?  Because making sure that our Veterans are taken care of is paramount, and Muskegon always does what's right when it comes to Veterans. veterans affairs logoFollow the MKG CO. Vets on Facebook for More Info

We're no strangers to the Muskegon County Veterans Service Center and it's director Mike Baauw.   The work that goes on there, from the simplest, but truly essential of things to the food pantry to navigating the difficult VA system, to programs like housing assistance, employment assistance, counselling services, energy assistance, peer to peer counselling, PTSD help for Veterans and families and more...it all happens because of the Muskegon County Veterans Service Center's dedication to making sure those who served are afforded everything they were promised and if possible...a little more, because people care. 

100% of the millage goes to the Veterans Service Center.  Quite often, when anything having to do with any form or money comes up the red flags go up immediately about the old "switc-a-roo" or how it's some veiled attempt at funding some other governemental endeavor.  Rest assured.  If there is anything left over from the current millage, or the renewal, it stays dedicated to the Muskegon County Veterans Center and will not go elsewhere.  Period.  End of story.

Now, you must be thinking...ok...so how much is the millage.  If your house is valued at $100,000.00, you are being asked for $3.85 a year.  Let me spell that out for you.  Three Dollars and Eighty Five Cents.  That's about the cost of a gallon of gas.  You can't even buy a tube of lipstick on Amazon for that price, we checked.  It's a pittance and with what we've seen on a national level when it comes to funding things for those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice...$3.85 is a microscopic token of appreciation for our freedoms.

Mike Baauw and I sat down to go over the bullet points.  Take a listen.  



A latte will cost you more than being there for our Muskegon County Veterans.  Our voters see and understand how efficently this service is run as do all of the supporting agencies who help it function without a hitch.  We set the standard for exellence in Muskegon for Veterans and their families and we can keep it up without an additional penny being asked for.  August 6th... please vote, and please remember those who served.  

You can read the brochure below or, if you'd like...click on it to visit the Muskegon County Veterans Service Center website.


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