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Senior Community Day in Muskegon August 9th at Orchard View High School

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It's a one stop spot for all things important to the senior citizen community.  It's also a chance for seniors to get together and catch up on what's new, what's going on and maybe get a little info on somethings that are interesting, informative and enlightening when it comes to health, security, lifestyle  and more.  It's happening at Orchard View High School on August 9th and it's free to all who'd like to come courtesy of the Senior Marketing Group of Muskegon. 

The event gets under way bright and early Friday the 9th at 9 a.m. with registration and some touring of the event.  Vendor booths will be open from 9-1 showcasing great products and services all tailored to the needs of the aging community.  There will also be complimentary screenings for things like blood pressure, veins, hearing checks, balance checks and more.  Maybe even a manicure.....fancy!  Some points of interest might be their break out sessions.  Floral arrangement....bird watching...a session on care giver burn out to address how those caring for someone with a terminal illness has to cope with all they are feeling.  How to stay young for the first 100 years?  They will be talking about that!  Veterans needs...insurance dealing with Medicare and Medicaid and more.  It's open to seniors...adults and anyone who'd like to know more about these topics.

It all wraps up with a couple of speakers at the end where everyone will gather and some fun prizes will be given out along with raffles and more!  It's a day packed with so much and it's all put on, for free, by the Senior Marketing Group who work to help business that serve older adults connect with them to develop relationships and provide what they need the most.

Lisa Luckey is with the Senior Marketing Group, we met up at The Day Spring Assisted Living Center to talk about all that's to come if you can make it out, take a listen.   

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So much to do and see, and a free lunch!  This is a splendid day focusing on seniors and their needs.  It's also a great way to get out of the house for a while, spend a little time socializing and picking up some info on things.  It's a free event so, make plans to head on out to Orchard View High School and enjoy the fun and info! Visit https://www.smgmuskegon.com/ for more information.

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