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Wed, Jul

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Muskegon is not just a place of the past anymore. There are more and more business popping up all over especially in the down town area. I have the great pleasure of bringing you an exclusive with what is going to be one of the hottest new establishments downtown. 
Burl and Sprig is the perfect marriage between rugged aged wisdom and the new centric that is oh so hot right now. Burl and Sprig is the trademarked brand baby of the West Michigan Rum Company. When you walk into the doors of their new bar also named Burl and Sprig you are going to be amazed with the atmosphere that was meticulously though out. Owners Cody and Peter had picked and designed everything. A lot of the supplies used to bring the space together is from right here in Muskegon. bsBurl and Sprig on Facebook
Cody and Pete want you to have the full experience so they are not stopping with their bar, they are carrying it over to everything that will be available on the menu as well. Talking with these men you can see the excitement and the passion for everything that they are doing, starting with their rum. I don’t know if you now this but San Francisco holds the Worlds Spirits Competition. This is a long running and prestigious competition. In 2019 Cody and Pete entered a rum that was aged 23 years called Migration and won a Double Gold metal. The men also entered an 8 year aged rum called Touche that won a silver. Along with these rums you will also be able to purchase one of a kind cocktails hand crafted by professional mixologists with all of its ingredients crafted on site right in front of you. From the words of co owner Cody, it’s a “Rum-centric" experience from beginning to end. From hand carved ice chunks to the forced carbon infused, white chocolate truffle top cocktails, this new addition is sure to empress even the novice of connoisseurs. I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to their soft opening at the end of this, beginning of next month. 


To learn a little more, click on the West Michigan Rum Company Logo below!  Our very best wishes to the new company in Muskegon.

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