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You can easily see what Jerry Grady has been doing the last 10 or so years, just by taking a quick look at his website, Watershed Wildlife and YouTube Channel.
Photos of landscapes and wildlife, especially waterfowl, all from the White Lake area. There is also an aerial drone video of our lakeshore, giving a spectacular “big picture” view of our local sand dune resources. And then, Jerry’s newest specialty -- trail cams, at many Muskegon County locations. (With permission, of course). There you will definitely see some wild life! I mean wildlife. All kinds of animals going about their business at night and during the day, all the while being quietly filmed for our viewing pleasure. A doe and her baby softly stepping in the night, eyes glowing. Glimpses of a fox. Two raccoons having a loud dispute. Close-ups of wood ducks swimming in a creek, and more.
Jerry’s home and setting shows a love of nature. He and wife, Jan, live in a geodesic house, a dome house, with an attached year-round greenhouse filled with shelves of plants of all different species and sizes, right in the middle of a serene forested and flower-filled lot. Nature all around.
Jerry has combined his love for nature and his photography skills to serve an important agenda. By showing people what we have, he hopes to encourage folks to respect and conserve "our rural nature." 
From his website: “Without a clear understanding of what we are, we run the risk of becoming something less.”  You can visit Jerry's website at