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The Walk to End Alzheimer's - A Special Series With Kelly DeVos - Part 4 The Final Chapter

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Here we are.  It's the final segment of our conversations with Kelly DeVos.  Kelly is an Event Chair with the Walk to End Alzheimer's which is coming up September 21st at Heritage Landing.  It's an event to raise awareness and some funding for the fight against this horrible disease.  It's also a time for those who suffer and those who care for them a chance to get together and find some support and comfort in knowing they are not alone.  

walk to end alzClick Here for the Muskegon Walk to End Alzheimer's

Kelly has been absolutely incredible in sharing her story.  Her father has Alzheimer's Disease and as we've heard her story from the first signs and diagnosis, we're now at the point where the disease has progressed to the point where home care for her dad is no longer an option.  It was 5 years of her dad living with her as a single mother, career woman and advocate for the fight.  The tension of agitation from Alzheimer's is building...memory loss is getting worse and physical limitations are growing.  It was time for some professional, monitored care, which means it was time for Kelly to let go a little. 

In our final talk, hear from Kelly the struggles of letting go as well as her feelings of relief to a degree.  How do you process the feelings of having to give up some care for the best her dad, but getting a little of your own life back?  We also talk about where her dad is now and how the constant care is helping her dad.  We also talk a little about her feelings of the possibility of the disease and it's generational tendencies.  Yes, we confront Kelly's own fears about Alzheimer's.

Take a listen to our final installment of Tuesday's with Kelly.  We've also added the first three below this weeks final chapter in case you've not seen what we've talked about so far.  These are intimate, honest conversations.  There are some moments of laughter, some of tears and the whole thing is a deeper conversation about Alzheimer's Disease than you'll probably hear anywhere else.  Kelly is a remarkable story teller.  Take a listen.


Powerful words and emotion.  It's been an incredible journey to share with Kelly, to share this story of an all consuming disease without many answers, no cure and an increasing number of those afflicted.  There will be a time, in the very near future, that much like cancer...we will all know someone who's been touched by Alzheimer's Disease.  While there might not be an answer yet, the hope is the first survivor of Alzheimer's has already been born, and the work will continue and intensify until the day it's eradicated.  

Our most sincere thanks to Kelly for her willingness to share so openly and honestly.  What would be the impossible for some, Kelly faced with the attitude that if she reaches one person who's dealing with the circumstances she is and has, she's made a difference.  This all stemmed from Andy O being asked to be the Spokesmen for the Alzheimer's Association in Muskegon and for the Walk to End Alzheimer's, but it's pretty clear to see....Kelly is the real spokesmen....or spokeswoman if you will, and the power to make a difference in the lives of people doesn't come from the loudest voice or the face most recognized, it comes from those who can share their experience, strength and hope from living it and healing is a gift anyone holds, if only they are willing to share. 

You can see the rest of Kelly's story by clicking on the first three segments which you'll find below. 

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To visit the Alzheimer's Association's website, please...click on the photo below.


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