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  • Default Helvetica Segoe Georgia Times learn the family business, you get to know all the in's and outs of it, you grow a little on your own and then you spread your wings because you realize you can "fix anything that creates a stitch" and you've quietly built yourself a little empire in Muskegon providing a service that is essential, but most don't realize they need until it's the very last second and they are in a pinch.  Over the years, you grow to not only have a shop in a quiet little unsuspecting area, but you're travelling the region and country doing what you do and keeping sewing machines...all kinds of them, from home use to industrial applications up and running.  

This is the story of Wildig Services of Muskegon.  Family owned and operated, Wildig services is located out on Apple Ave. by the corner of Maple Island and while they have spent their time fixing up what failed for those who like to use a sewing machine for business or pleasure, they have also been incredibly resourceful in their business by building up their own stock of sewing machines.  Some came in on trade, some came in broken past repair....some were just let go because of an upgrade but all of them have very specialized parts that you can't just run into a store and get, so...the smart thing to do was to hang on to what you have to help with what you need!  Not everything in society today is disposable like we all think. sowildVisit SoWild Custom Interiors on Facebook

So, with their years in business... the Willdig's have piled up over 1500 sewing machines.  All makes and models.  Some antique, some fairly new.  Some still in good working order and some are even ready to be run with a foot pedal should the right customer come along and want that option.  Their shop is quaint and they have also expanded in recent years to offer custom upholstering for cars and boats at their Apple Ave. location with their SoWild Custom Interiors, along with some more current sewing machines for sale...but the real story is what you find at their storage facility. 

Shelves....stacks and and square feet of floor covered in sewing machines.  It's such a site to see that when there was a Facebook post with a snapshot of one small area of the sewing machines...we reached out to see if we could come tell the story.  Sarah Wildig graciously agreed to let us show up with the camera and show you what's going on.  Take a look, and listen.



Wow!  It's a bit of a quirky story, sure...who would think of such a collection?  Smart, resourceful and practical when it comes to having what you need for your business!  As Sarah said though...they are looking to liquidate the collection and are deciding on how.  An open house maybe or possibly one buyer?  Time will tell, but our thanks for now go out to the Wildigs for a fun story...a very unique business in Muskegon and for keeping us "in stitches" of all kinds for years!  You can call their shop if you like.  231-788-6127 and if you need a sewing machine looked at, think of a local, family run small business that would be happy to see ya!