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Have you heard about these little things called the Little Free Library? Well let me tell you.. The Little Free Library is a non-profit focused to put books into hands that may not otherwise have had the access to them. These Little Free Library’s are meant to inspire the love of reading in all ages. When you visit a location you are able to pick a book out to take home, you can choose to keep it, bring it back or exchange it for another.  

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I know that we have a few of these amazing library's around Muskegon county. Orchard View has one at the OVEE, OVE and OVM schools. You can also find one on Palmer Ave downtown Muskegon. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsay who is the one behind the newest Lazy Oak Little Free Library here is Muskegon located at the end on Lazy Oak Trail. on the turnaround in the cul-de-sac. Lindsay had said that she loves the idea and knew that she wanted to add one in her neighborhood. With the help of her husband and a filing cabinet from Ikea the Lazy Oak Little Tree Little Free Library was formed. Lindsay says that she wanted everyone of all ages to feel welcome to come and visit. You are able to take/leave a book, donate a bookmark or even leave a note of thanks or an uplifting message for the next person.

If you are able please go and visit one of these amazing fixtures in our community. Below is a short video that I took of the chat that I had with Lindsay. You can also click on the photo to the right to see some of the books that you can find at this location.


If you would like to have more information about Little Free Library’s, where they are or maybe how you can add one into your community you can find that information by clicking below!

lfl org