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Orchard View Adult Education is an AMAZING resource for those who would be considered "non traditional' students.  For some, the setting of a school wasn't ideal, or maybe it was a learning disability that was unknown and discouraged them from completing their diploma.  Maybe it was a life circumstance like the need to go to work or raise a child that took someone away from the ability to complete their education.  There are any number of things that can get in the way, and in days gone by, those who couldn't complete the K-12 process the way others do...well, we all know how that worked out.  It was generally a hill often hard to climb for anyone.  

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Today, the approach to education has changed and the shame and stigma of that classic mold not being completed as it should be isn't seen as it was.  Hey, sometimes life is hard and the path has to make some twists and turns.  That doesn't mean that when things are back to a little more normal that anyone should be denied a diploma or GED.  That's where Orchard View Adult Education Comes in.

Offering specialized focus on the student and customizing a learning experience for them is the key to their success.  No matter where the students are on their educational path, OV Adult Ed will access there needs and custom tailor a program with the support they need to get past the hard parts and give them the self confidence along with the paperwork that says that they did it!  Their campus out off Apple Avenue is still open and embracing students, but not long ago their Downtown Muskegon location had some changes and that left their students in the area in a bit of a lurch.

To the rescue came Muskegon Community College in the beautiful new Strurrus Center right across for Hackley Park which not only had the room to welcome the teachers and students, but they also have the technology in place to make the move in quick and above all....the students working on getting those basics done, they get a first hand look daily at just what the future can hold for them if they choose to continue on to a certificate or degree program with MCC.  This is an amazing win for all involved and getting the word out about the new Downtown Muskegon location is what spurred the call from Stephanie Agard to come down and learn a little more.

We did just that.  We met with Stephanie, Elizabeth DiRitio and Amber Silvis who are teachers with OV Adult Ed and Ashley Battle from Muskegon Community College and we talked about this amazing meet up of educational opportunity....take a listen.


Don't let the stigma of "what was" stand in your way.  Orchard View Adult Education is right there to help you every step of the way!  So, no matter the circumstance that kept you from completing high school or how long it's been, now is the time to grab life by the tail and finish it up.  There is help every step of the way and you will not find a better opportunity anywhere from people.  Visit to get started.