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Sun, May

Power of the Purse 2019 To Benefit Every Woman's Place October 10th

Muskegon Metro Area News

To break character a little is a way to draw a little attention to something that can often be a difficult subject to address.  When that difficult topic happens to be the abuse of women, it takes a little more of an effort.  For years now, in Muskegon, the men of the community have broken character, away from their day jobs and their normal demeanor to strut the runway in front of the community with designer purses that come in from donors all over the area and are combined with some incredible opportunities.  Is it a night of silly fun?  Yep.  Is it an effort on the part of all to raise a few bucks and a lot of awareness about domestic violence and the organization in Muskegon that's been at the forefront of the cause since 1975, Every Woman's Place.  

The work of Every Woman's Place goes so far in Muskegon.  They work to offer safe shelter, counselling, advocacy and supportive services to women and children surviving sexual and domestic violence.  Services also include parenting education, sexual assault crisis intervention, information and referrals and and a 24 hour crisis line.  And all of this is free to those who need the services.  Over the course of the year, the program relies on some fundraiser events like Power of the Purse, Cheers and Chocolate and more.  They also work to secure grants and donations in other ways to continue the essential and vital work they do for all they serve.

This year, the fun is set to take place at the Fricano Event Center on Muskegon Lake on October 10th.  300 plus guests will be in attendance...15 or more purse models will be competing for top bids and the food and drink will be second to none as always at a Fricano's event!  There will be silent auctions going on as well as music and more.  The highlight though....the runway.  Some guys embrace it....some nervously stroll up and down it, others....well others think they are on a Broadway stage and go all out!  Women leave with top notch designer handbags and the guys leave knowing that while they let their guard down, hey did their part to help women in crisis.

This year, Subaru of Muskegon, part of the My Auto Family has stepped up to be the headline sponsor of the event.  Elisa Hopper of Every Woman's Place and Maria Secord of My Subaru joined Andy O....who by the way....continues to show up Norton Shores Mayor Gary Nelund in the battle of U of M vs. MSU purses year after year...to talk about this years event.  Take a listen.  

[outdated video removed]

Fun huh?  Does it have a bit of the "town follies" feel?  It sure does, and it's such an incredible thing to be a part of.  When we hear about domestic violence or sexual trauma...we all stand there, shaking our heads and asking "What can I do?"  Well, here's your sign.  You can be a part of an event like this.  You can make a small donation to Every Woman's Place.  You can learn the signs of domestic violence and you can advocate for those who are victims.  We hope to see you at the Fricano Event Center October 10th for Power of the Purse.  You an learn more about Every Woman's Place by visiting https://www.everywomansplace.org/