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Mon, May

Mission for Area People - Musicians Against Poverty October 19th

Muskegon Metro Area News

Mission for Area People of Muskegon County is gearing up for a Fall fundraiser that will help with their incredible outreach for those in our community who need a hand with the essentials that are sometimes just not able to be met because of one reason or another. 

Maybe it's a food insecurity situation.  Maybe it's some help with medical expenses or clothing.  It might be a hand with back to school needs or filling the gap with rent.  Life is difficult, we all know that, and Mission for Area People is there and ready to help serve those who need a little help to keep from falling through the cracks.  It's a very humble outreach and the work they do for he people they serve comes before any flashy buildings or any of that.  The spare space at a local church is where they operate from and the focus remains on human need instead of attention for the organization. 

Humble as they may be, attention does need to come along once in a while to help them fund the work they do.  There are a number of ways people help.  Donations of non perishable food, clothing....especially men's clothing, maybe some cash donations from the public or companies who want to give back.  School supplies, Christmas things.. they all add up and they go so very far.  There also comes a time a couple times a year when it's good to get everyone together to learn a little more about the mission and have some fun while they are at it and October 19th is that time this Fall!!

Fricano's Event Center is the place to be October 19th for Musicians Against Poverty.  It will be a 60's themed event with music from "Side B" all night long.  A delicious pizza buffet as only Fricano's knows how to throw one, photo booth cash bar and more.  An evening filled with fun, food and purpose to help MAP continue the work they do for so many friends and neighbors in town.  

Diane Stubbs is the Executive Director of Mission for Area People and she invited Andy O out to learn a little about this seasons event and to get the update on all things MAP.  Take a listen!

[outdated video removed]

Andy does as much as he can for charity stuff in town, but please...don't let cat out of the bag that MAP is close to the top of his favorites.  It doesn't take cup coolers, hand me outs, billboards and splashy pomp to do the work being done by MAP.  It takes caring people with good hearts and the willingness to sacrifice a little for others and that is what MAP is all about.  Hope to see you at the event on October 19th and if you can't make it, fovisit https://missionforareapeople.org/ and do what you can to help MAP help those who need a hand here in Muskegon.  You'll be glad you did...promise.