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Rotary in any community has a simple creed.  Service above self.  The idea from their website is that Rotary is where neighbors, friends  and problem solvers, join leaders to take action to create lasting change.  Not a bad set of standards at all in a world where we are increasingly drawn into our own little silos more and more.  There are currently about 1.2 million Rotarians in 35,000 clubs who actively work to improve their communities and the people in them.  From working to end Polio, to helping provide clean water, Rotary digs into some heavy tasks all to make the world a better place. 

The White Lake Rotary is made up of members from Whitehall and Montague.  They have worked tirelessly to make improvements around the area.  New band shell to name one, and of course other areas that need a hand from community minded people who want to see better things happen.  Their meetings are held in a picturesque setting and like a lot of other Rotaries...they are a great place to connect.  To meet others who'd like to do the same you do when it comes to something good. 

There is a great night of fun coming up to benefit the group.  It's going to be November 2nd at the newly renovated Playhouse at White Lake and it's got two levels of fun!  Country artist Matt Williams is coming from Nashville to play.  If you really want to do it up, you can get the $100 ticket that includes food, a silent auction a concert and more.  If you're just in for the concert, you can get a ticket for the show only for $25.  For the premium to a member of the Rotary or maybe stop in to the White Lake Chamber.  If a ticket for the concert will suit ya you can find a link for that in the picture to the right!

Amy VanLoon and Jeff Johnson are members of White Lake Rotary and they joined Andy O to talk about the event, the White Lake Rotary Group itself and how you can be a part.  Take a listen.

[outdated video removed]

A great night out and a great chance to see the newly renovated Playhouse!  It really is remarkable inside and an awesome venue to see something in.  Head up to Whitehall for a fun night with some purpose behind it on November 2nd and maybe find a spot for yourself among the Rotary bunch.  It's a great way to get involved and make a difference.  To learn more about White Lake Rotary, visit their Facebook page at