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We were given the great honor to be invited to help out on Veterans Day of being asked to accompany The Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, Zaneta Adams on a tour of West Michigan to meet Veterans and find out from them first hand what their needs are and how her office can assist them. Making sure that what's in place to help those who were willing to protect our great freedoms are being used to their full potential and that every benefit they are entitled to, they are aware of and that they know that if they are not aware of them... there is someone there to help them understand how to access the help they have coming.  

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If the name Zaneta Adams rings a bell, that's a good thing.  Zaneta is from Muskegon and is the founder of WINC - For all Woman Veterans.  We first met Zaneta when she founded the organization based on helping female Veterans and we helped share her story of her time in the military and how she saw the need for women post service to get the assistance they needed on multiple levels.  It's an amazing organization that's gone from Muskegon to a national platform and it was also one of the steps that brought Zaneta to her current post with the State of Michigan working to make sure that our Veterans and their families needs are met.  It's a very personal mission for Zantea as she had to navigate a very large and very complex system on her own at one point, and as her previous career as an attorney advocating for others seeking the same. 

She's driven and very conscious of her role in making sure that what's available for those who have earned benefits know what's there.  She's also determined to make sure she's listening.  Quite often, when people don't know what's not there, and they feel intimidated by seeking help for whatever reason, they tend to seek other means, or just forget what they are looking for.  She's currently visiting areas all over the state of Michigan to reach out personally to hear directly what's needed and let people know that the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is there for them and that what once might be considered an agency too big to care, is right there to help guide anyone who comes asking. 

It was a full day of visiting places all over West Michigan.  The roads didn't make matters much easier on Zaneta or the crew, but in the end, we all took away some incredible knowledge.  Got to meet some true American heroes and hopefully, got some knowledge in to the hands of those who so richly deserve the help from the State of Michigan for their sacrifice.  

We've put together a special recap of our day.  Please, take a look.


It's all there for you if you served of if you are a dependent on someone who did.  We are very thankful to Director Adams for giving us this chance to be a part of such an incredible day and if you'd like to know more please, by all means, visit the Michigan Veterans Affairs at and let them help you find everything available to you in thanks of your commitment to all of us.