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The Greater Muskegon Women's Club Unveils a New Sculpture

Muskegon Metro Area News

Muskegon County has so many hidden gems. With the downtown hub becoming the place to be these little-known places are becoming more popular. One of those places are the Greater Women’s Club.

The Womens Club has been a part of Muskegon since the 19th century when it was first established. The Women’s Club started out as a place for women to meet and become educated in educate, public speaking and the government to name just a few. 
Today the Women’s Club puts on multiple events for the community throughout the year as well as loaning out their building to other non-profits for their meetings and events. The Greater Women’s Club also is used for weddings and parties. While this building is beautiful and has been kept as close to the original as possible it is in major need for a new roof.
This need for a new roof is what brought us to the Womens Center. On Wednesday the 20th of November the Women’s club held a dedication tea. Artist Daniel Muellerleile was approached and had been asked to donate a sculpture that could be auctioned off to help raise money for the roof. Daniel agreed, Brad McGinnis of Megawall Corp purchased the sculpture names The Lover’s Tree and donated it back to the Women’s Club so that the community can love and view it.
Pat Camp invited us down for the event.  Take a listen!
You can also learn more about the Greater Muskegon Women's Club by clicking on the banner below to visit their website at http://www.muskegonwomansclub.org/ and click donate.
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