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Sun, May

Muskegon Heights Academy's Pool Re-Opened

Muskegon Metro Area News

Seven and a half years ago the pool at Muskegon Heights Academy was ordered to be closed due to budget. Lots of effort put into place in the recent years and now the pool is officially re-opened.

The pool will be officially ready for students after Christmas break, students involved in exploratories who pass 100% of their classes can immediately sign up. Following in the 2nd semester, they have plans for swim lesson in gym class, including kindergarten through sixth grade, catering to every students within the school system. Future plans includes swim lessons, water aerobics, membership for the public and perhaps even rent it out to other schools. Gaberielle Butterfield spoke with Superintendent Rane’ Garcia to learn about the events that leads to the reopening and their plans for the future. Also Featuring a "water report" from Teacher Scott Warsaw, play the video to learn more.




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