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Mon, May

Macaroni Kid Grand Haven-Spring Lake-Muskegon

Muskegon Metro Area News

Do you have or know of someone with a child? Chances are that that child LOVES macaroni in some form. That is exactly what the founders of Macaroni thought of when they named the very first Macaroni Kid website.

Today Sarah Boucher is a Publisher of one of the 500+ pages to date. Our local Macaroni Kid page covers Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Muskegon. This page covers free or nearly free children friendly events in all of the counties mentioned. If you are looking for tips about how to get your children to more vegetables, Sarah has you covered. If you are looking for insider information on how to travel with your family without spending a whole lot of money because who doesn't love saving money, Sarah has you covered there as well.

Gaberielle Butterfield sat down with Sarah Boucher at the Coffee Factory in Muskegon to find out more about our local Macaroni Kid page.

 Our local Macaroni Kid site also covers local students / children who are doing amazing things. The most recent article is about a senior from West Michigan Christian who is traveling to Rwanda with a group of students whom are participating in what they are calling a “service learning experience”.If you are looking for more information, visit https://grandhaven.macaronikid.com . You can also contact Sarah here https://grandhaven.macaronikid.com/contact-us