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The Mercy Health Project in Muskegon County has been a partner with The Muskegon Channel since day one, and even before with Positively Muskegon.  We've been very proud to bring you stories and support the work they do in their community outreach in Muskegon which is extensive, although you may not exactly know their work by name.  While "The Health Project" itself may not stand out, the groups and programs they stand behind certainly will and without their support, might not even exist.


Let's talk about things like "Drug Free Muskegon County", "Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative (ALI)", "Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program" and more.  These are the names you are probably more familiar with and have interacted with.  These are call community led coalitions that are part of The Health Project of Mercy Health.  Muskegon is not alone in the philanthropic reach of Mercy Health's arm of community investment.  In the communities served by Trinity Health, parent company of Mercy Health it's nearly a Billion dollar return to programs and projects like these that work to improve the overall health of the community in which they work, because after all, not all healing takes place in a hospital.  health projectClick Here to Begin the Grant Process With The Health Project

As The Health Project continues to serve Muskegon and the surrounding area, the request has been made to learn about new organizations and causes that are here in town and looking to make a difference.  The window is open until April 13th for the CBBI Grant Initiative (Community Benefit Board Initiative Grants) and Stevi Riel, Executive Director of The Muskegon Health Project invited Andy O down to talk a little about the current programs, the level of commitment that Mercy makes to the communities they serve and how your organization can begin the process of working with Mercy with one of their grants.  The deadline for letters of intent is March 13th, but due to some scheduling issues of getting our story out, there has been an extension made for that, so please take a listen to our chat and act promptly to be included.


The door is open and Mercy Health is looking.  Every group we've worked with through The Health Project has been incredible.  From the "fun, with a message" at the Knowsmoke Zombie Walk directed at young people to their programs designed to help those in need of assistance with medications, education and more, The Health Project is truly a community leader and incredible arm of Mercy Health for all of us.  Please, if you know of someone or a group who can benefit from their assistance, make some contact today and see about working with The Health Project. To visit The Health Project's Webiste, Click on the photo below.

mercy health photo lead