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Thu, May
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Back in February, on our blog, Positively Muskegon we introduced you to Gavin and Kamden Cross who were out to help our area pet shelters out with some of the things that newly adopted pets need when they finally find their forever home.  Things like a nice new collar, a new leash, maybe some toys and treats to make that transition from the shelter to their forever home a little easier for their new start.


We met up with them at the Mona Shores Middle School to find out what was the driving force behind their mission and how they learned so young that making a difference in some small way is important in every community and that their contributions matter.  We also gave out some links for people to be able to help with the cause if they wanted to and yes, we gave Gavin and Kamden a first taste of being out front when it comes to taking charge of a purpose and they grabbed it all and ran with it.

Well, their drive was completed.  They found...as most do that the generosity of the community, friends and family was above average as was the kindness of strangers from near and far.  The did far more than their expected 100 items they were trying to raise and they also found a hand from some pretty big names in the pet world.  

We met up with Gavin and Kamden via the digital studio at the Muskegon Channel to talk about their work in helping our area pets.  Take a listen.


It just takes belief and the desire to get started.  Gavin and Kamden are super awesome kids and they are showing us all by example that any project, large or small makes a difference and that your act of kindness won't go unnoticed.  Sure, we couldn't get their next project out of them just yet....but....we're banking on the fact that they will come up with another incredible project, focused on the needs of others soon, and we'll be happy to help tell their story again!  

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