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Thu, May
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We're all living day to day at the moment for the most part and our immediate needs...ya, they are pretty much all we're thinking about.  It's a time when there are no a whole lot of answers and there are more questions piling up than can even be addressed.  Nothing seems "normal", but, there are some things that are very stable, there are people who are steadfast in their commitment to what they do and there are ways they can reach out to you and help even though you can't stop in for a visit.


Meet Jason Ryan.  Jason is a local small business owner.  He's a State Farm Insurance agent and contacted us the other day wanting to help out our efforts with a sponsorship of our media properties.  Like any other sponsor, we're so very thankful and we're here with Jason today to welcome him and see what we can learn about his business in these extraordinary times and how he, and State Farm are stepping up to help their current and future clients meet the needs they will face when it comes to insurance for life's most unexpected developments.  sf auto insuranceConnect With Jason Ryan State Farm on Facebook

Not only is State Farm in good shape to "weather the storm" they are helping their customers in so many ways.  Working with those who might be unable to pay at the moment by stretching out some of those payments to being willing to meet up with you on the phone, maybe a video chat or when this all settles down, one on one to make sure you've got the adequate protection for your needs and explaining in great detail the nuts and bolts of insurance and how it works.

This it especially important right now, because in Michigan, in July there are changes coming to the "no-fault" auto insurance laws that will require some pretty big decisions on anyone driving a vehicle.  Your choice in the matter will directly effect what you pay for a premium monthly, but more over, it could REALLY effect the long term of your life if you don't have the proper coverage.  Jason says that he's happy to explain it to anyone, but we do go over it in some great detail here. Take a listen to our chat.



Does the term "Like a Good Neighbor" ring a bell? It should.  What a great guy filled with knowledge about his business and how he can make it work best for those he serves!  A talk with Jason today sure felt like a little "normal" in a time of chaos.  Which, in reality...is exactly what you'd expect from an insurance agent.  Steadfast in their commitment to their customers, their community and making their products work best for those they serve. 

Don't let our momentary interruption in life catch you off guard when it comes to the needs we will all certainly face when it comes to needing a hand from a great insurance agent with a great insurance company behind them.  You can visit Jason's website by clicking on the photo below or call 231-744-5355, and let him help you from there.  Our many thanks to Jason and his whole team for helping keep us working here at The Muskegon Channel.


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